Star Conflict 1.9.1 Spaceball Time



Golden Sci Arena has hosted more than a hundred incendiary competitions in everyone’s favourite spaceball. Seeing the amazing success of the games, the big businesses coming to the sports industry and the interest of spectators in spaceball, Sci Tech Universal decided to organize the first spaceball tournament! Anyone can show their spaceball skills in front of thousands of spectators. The company’s top managers together with their scientists have developed a unique award that can be installed on your ship! The true title of the legendary spaceballer and eternal glory! This is what awaits those who win this trophy! It’s all in your hands!


The open Spaceball tournament 



The second open Spaceball tournament will take place from June 29 to July 12. All pilots who participated in the tournament will appear on the leaderboard.


  • All mercenaries, who take places from 1 to 10 in the leaderboard will get 500 monocrystals, 1000 GS and unique decor “Spaceballer Trophy 2021” and unique portrait “Hector Arnoldinho”.

  • All pilots who take places from 11 to 24 in the leaderboards will get 1000 GS and unique decor “Spaceball trophy 2021” and unique portrait “Hector Arnoldinho”.

  • All mercenaries, who take places from 25 to 40 in the leaderboard will get 500 GS , unique decor “Spaceballer Trophy 2021” and unique portrait “Hector Arnoldinho”.


Brawl schedule changes



You can take part in brawls for a limited time:

  • 00:00 - 01:00 MSK

  • 04:00 - 05:00 MSK

  • 12:00 - 13:00 MSK

  • 18:00-19:00 MSK

  • 20:00 - 21:00 MSK

  • 22:00 - 23:00 MSK


Brawl modes change every day:

  • Beetle in the anthill — available on Mondays

  • Survival — starts on Tuesdays

  • Last man standing — starts on Wednesdays

  • Combat recon — available on Thursdays

  • Beacon capture — starts on Fridays

  • Spaceball — available on Saturdays and Sundays


You can start the brawl with a special button in the ”Battle” interface.






  • “Weapon upgrade”node for +15% damage increased replaced with “+15% additional damage bonus” node

  • “Additional bonus “Defense” for +30 pts. resistance to thermal damage and the node “Weapon upgrade by +10% to damage” have been rearranged between each other

  • Increased lateral displacement and lateral acceleration speed by 20%



  • Significantly increased collision damage




Accelerator gun

  • Added maximum projectile flight speed to the weapon’s description


Phase suppressor 

  • Added shield and hull regeneration reduction parameter to the weapon’s description


Doppler laser

  • Added the maximum damage and damage per second parameters in the weapon’s description.


RF blaster

  • Increased the weapon’s scatter: now the minimum scatter value is 1, while the maximum value is 3.5

  • Cooldown rate during aiming increased from 2 to 3 seconds


Plasma minigun

  • Scatter reduction rate increased to 1.2 seconds


Branching laser

  • Time to overheat increased to 10 seconds

  • Increased cooldown time to 2.8 seconds


Special modules


Return crystal

  • Changed the special module’s description



  • Cooldown speed reduced to 40 seconds


Jump crystals

  • The rate of charge accumulation doesn’t depend on the ship rank and now takes 30 seconds for each charge

Overdrive type “Sting”

  • Added saw and range damage to the description


Shelter shield

  • Reduced resistance reduction when activating 65 pts.


Combat reconstructor:

  • Damage is dealt every 0.25 seconds

  • Removed distance damage dependence


Crystalline swarm

  • Speed bonus reduced to 10% in turret mode


Fast swarm

  • Shield and hull damage resistance reduced to 40 pts. in acceleration mode


Special modules Faith, Hope, Love

  • range increased to 2500 m.


Reflective shield:

  • Charge accumulation increased to 4 seconds




Autonomous Repair Station


  • Range of ranks changed to 8-13

  • added the module of ranks 7-9.


Crystalline Suppressor

  • Speed reduced to 6000 m/sec.

  • Module rotation speed reduced to 90 deg/sec.

  • Host damage increased to 5000 pts.

  • Energy consumption increased to 2995 pts.

  • Reload speed increased to 39 seconds

  • Fixed an error with the hull regeneration to allies in the description



  • Fixed the description of increasing resistance for the number of enemies


Mobile pulsar

  • Now it is immune to damage

  • Active range reduced to 550 m



  • Added a bonus that passively regenerates the hull by 35 pts/sec. for each enemy within a 2000 m. radius


“Pendulum” module

  • Resistance bonus increased to 40 pts.


“Twins” barrier

  • Reload speed reduced to 30 seconds

  • Activation threshold increased to 10%


Energy cube

  • Drone durability increased




“Meteor” accelerator module

  • When flying at a speed of 95% of the maximum, excluding afterburners, the hull receives 90 pts. of resistance to thermal damage


Static shield regenerator

  • Added a note in the module description that the effectiveness of shield regeneration depends on the size of the ship.


Tetroxide Injector

  • The amount of modifiers available for the ship is limited to 1 ptc.


Safety switch

  • Increased resistance bonus to 80 pts.


“Master Sinobi” auto-jump

  • Jump range increased to 2500 m


Ally recharge

  • Range increased to 3000 m


Rapid maneuver stabilizer

  • Activation threshold reduced to 50%


Adaptive maneuver booster

  • Range increased to 1250 m





Recalculated the cost of upgrading the defense and attack levels

This change will allow the pilots who reached the level limit to progress further



Reworked the mechanics of rewards for capturing beacons and portals

The more participants, the less reward an individual participant will have

The reward is granted in proportion to the player’s participation in the capture

The limit on Monocrystal panels increased to 100 pts.


Bug fixes

Fixed the targeting defect of the module “Mass plasma disturbance” on the ship “Blade of Aressa”

The module “Tempest” is now able to deal damage to the host

Fixed a defect that didn’t allow to pick the container on “Colonist-11” map