Star Conflict 1.8.5 Asteroid conqueror (Discussion)


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For all the people confused about how to mine asteroids now, I think I figured it out, video will come out later today.


Edit: Here you go:


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Welcome to the[Star Conflict 1.8.5.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/40610-star-conflict-185-asteroid-conqueror/)discussion topic!

Just a quick question - when I earlier asked about how many parts are needed I got a 500 as an answer. When now checked in game it’s 1500. Isn’t it a typo?

Nah, that’s me having difficulties reading 750 and 250 without enough coffee in my bloodstream


So the main thing for this update - because we’re mostly going to be spending  an excessive amount of time on it.



As per my warning yesterday - mining has been massively nerfed.

  • Brute force mining is no longer possible
  • Individual ores take much longer to mine compared to the previous system
  • This system is extremely hostile to colour blind players
  • There is no indiciator regarding heating  at all

So what has happened instead? Well everyone has gone looking how to participate in the system with the least amount of effort possible.

  • Plasma turret for Destroyers guarantees the maximum extraction with  one mole component per
  • Hybrid missile for Destroyers guarantees the maxiumum extraction with  one mole component per
  • singular  Attack drone for all ships but Destroyers guarantees the maximum extraction with  one mole component per
  • Thi’lith beam with 65-76rpm guarantees the maximum extraction with one mole component per
  • A f*cking Autonomous Battlestation placed at 1.9km or greater will guarantee the maximum extraction with one mole component per

There is also seemingly a low chance for every asteroid destroyed (seemingly under 10%) for a mole component drop which stacks with the guaranteed drop at the maximum extraction. Cool and all but - you need 1,500 of these pieces of sh*t. Currently no matter how you approach it you will be getting:
A single mole component.

Per minute.

On average.


1,500 components.

1,500 minutes.


Excuse me?


Hmmm… I think someone miscalculated the mole parts needed for the cabins. That’s a looooooot. Hopefully missions or whatnot during the event will net you more then 1 per asteroid, like damn.



edit: Tried mining. I love the new system, but one part per asteroid is… tough. There should be daily missions or something that give more parts. As of the current rate of part mining, it would take over a day solid of real-time mining ***IF YOU GET PERFECT EXTRACTIONS EVERY TIME*** to get the mole.

Amount of parts is one problem. Good luck with everyone trying to mine asteroids at the same time.


So, the mining is dead. Anything else that few meta solutions seem worthless. The “color” is not only extremely bad indication, it also takes too much time to update after shot so you can’t even know what is happening, also explosion weapons create cloud of debris that somehow makes the color invisible. I tried to mine ~7 asteroids and so far, I had cases where the asteroid collapsed when it was almost cooled down(black) and many where the color update was extremely inconsistent. The percentage before was not perfect but was a very good indication of what is happening and allowed to have fun with unconventional weapons. Now when there is color instead and it updates for over half a second it’s better to take the attack drone and rule the wolds instead of trying to fight with these stupid delays.

You have a point regarding explosive weapons. There are actually several weapons that make seeing the heat level impossible due to the particle clouds.

Does anyone intend to make a how-to for every player level so everyone has a chance to participate in the grind effectively?

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Does anyone intend to make a how-to for every player level so everyone has a chance to participate in the grind effectively?

Check derp’s post. Has all the info you’d need

I was hoping for someone to expand on it but i guess its good enough as it is.

Wasn’t the special module for the Mole (Repair Drones) supposed to have 4 max drones?

Or do you get the extra 2 after performing certain actions like the Waz’Got?

That’s funny about the delay you saw. I found the colour system is much more instantaneous feedback - but you need to be able to distinguish between a bright red glow and a slightly less bright red glow.

With the percent system, I found the numbers updated far too slowly to accurately reach the red zone.


Number system - I normally get only medium rewards

Colour system - pretty soon I was able to get 90% the highest rewards.


40 hours minimum of mining 1500 asteroids with players in sector also mining - that’s a big ask. You can probably make real money in that time and buy the DLC instead ;p


I don’t know if spacial scanner still gives a 2nd chance with overheating, but it doesn’t say in the description anymore?

Yesterday there were so many asteroids it was hard to decipher them from the enemies while doing my os missions. Today I was on a lot of os maps and I did not see a single asteroid. What is even weirder is I did not see a single player as well. I have v set to toggle and all the enemies show up just fine. Spatial scanner is not showing any roids either. 1500 is a lot of parts for something to mine that’s non existent. Not sure why the asteroids were deleted or greatly reduced. I can only assume to make the emission a lot harder.


I wanted to destroy one and see how many parts it dropped before deciding to buy the pack or not. Its not even a ship I want anyways. I think we have too many engies as it is. It would be nice to have a new tackler. Preferably a new elly one. I would drain my Wallet to max out a new elly tackler.


ATM it seems the only way to get this new ship is to buy it. Even if you have no life its gonna be hard with no asteroids to mine.

Mister Death has a point with the asteroids. There were a lot of sectors where they appeared everywhere and now they only seem to appear in very specific places.


I’ve hit a few instances where there were exactly zero asteroids, and after a few minutes of none spawning I had to re-launch to get to an instance with asteroids.


Also please for the love of all things good and right in the world boost the mole part drop rate.



1 hour ago, RennieAshII said:

that’s a big ask. You can probably make real money in that time and buy the DLC instead ;p

Honestly I just spent the 8$ on the 10-day mining booster. I’m already over half way to the mole, so I’ll abuse the remaining 8 days after I get the ship tomorrow lol. Might have enough parts saved up to sell a whole nother mole to some lucky pilot.

Well either RNGesus really hates me or the rate seems to be really low. Was yesterday in a short session of ~30 mins where i found maybe 10 Astros and none of them did drop a single Mole part what gives me kinda the “meh don´t care about the event” vibe if a combination of “disapearing Astros in combination with a low drop rate” is at play here with the knowledge that i was in the “sweet spot” of the Astros. As others have stated other Pilots seem not to be around either what makes it even more strange that the sectors have no Astros or just 2-3 in them if you are happen to find some. Even the sectors where a couple of them are basicly next to each other feel like there where some removed.


Don´t really know if this is intentioned or some overlook in the code but it´s strange that it happens exactly when the update has droped…

So I thought I’d give this a fair go. I just spent 2.5 hours mining in real world conditions and got… 19 components.


1500/19 = ~79 x 2.5 hours = GFY


I could just buy the thing, but you know, I feel that that would send a bad message.The changes to asteroid mechanics make it very Not Fun, as it’s hard to tell when you’re overloading it, underloading it, or even doing it right, and if I reward the makers for making the game less fun, what am I then incentivizing? I want to spend money to enhance my game experience, not avoid it.


As excited as I was when I first read the announcement, given that the Mole has a number of elements that I’ve been craving for some time, I think I’m giving this one a pass. I’d have had more respect, and would have been more likely to spend cash to buy it if they had just made it a straight DLC rather than dangling this absurd carrot in front of me.

There will be a mini patch to correct a few things, hold tight.

well i rather have the number on how the asteroid is overheated… the new system is weird and mostly i destroy the asteroid without loot or it just destroys itself without loot… so the numeric overheating helped me much more… now 8 of 10 asteroids give me nothing and before it was 1 of 10 that gave me nothing… so i dont like this overheating look of the asteroid not 1 bit ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)