Star Conflict 1.8.4 Cosmonautics Day!



We wish all our pilots a happy “Cosmonautics Day”! 60 years ago, the first manned flight into space took place. In honour of this event, information screens on space stations were updated and there are satellites instead of drones in space. Pilots can complete the special “Cosmonautics Day” achievement and take advantage of special holiday rockets.

New UMC interceptor ECM Salyut-ST



  • Affiliation: UMC
  • Class: Interceptor
  • Role: ECM
  • Ranks: 5 - 15. Depending on the rank selected by the player, the number of available modules varies.


Salyut-ST is another development from the Directorium times. However, unlike the proven Spiral and Endeavour, the ship was not mass-produced at the time and the project was frozen. The reason for this is the rather complex design, the offset centres of gravity and the complex alignment of the engines, which prevented that version of the ship from being able to fight with the known ships on equal terms. This ensured the fact that they were not involved in the battle with the “Fringe” fanatics.


The project received a second life during the second Invasion. In conditions of war and limited resources, it was necessary to adopt a fleet capable of fighting and disorienting the enemy without drawing attention. Salyut-ST executed this task perfectly. Despite the external similarities with objects of the first space conquest, the inner shell of the ship was equipped with the most modern equipment of the Imperial ECM ships, the armouring system was redesigned, and the engines were completely changed.


At the end of the Invasion, the blueprints of this model were kept secret for a long time. Now the ECM has decided to start an open development, and the collectors have already offered a handsome price for such a ship.


The pilot can activate and deactivate nodes in the skill tree. In this case:

  • Ship rank changes.
  • Ship’s parameters change.
  • The set of modules, modifiers and available weapons changes as well.

As its power increases and its rank changes, the ship will change externally - the availability of upgraded equipment transforms it from a museum piece into a modern spaceship!


Special module

By upgrading the ship using the same system, you will gradually gain access to the ship’s unique special modules. Upon reaching a certain level, there will be three of them to choose from:


  • EM wave generator “Faith” - The ship drains the energy from enemy ships in front of it and slows down the rotation of their weapons
  • EM wave generator “Hope” - The speed of the enemies in front of the ship is forcibly increased while their turning speed is reduced
  • EM wave generator “Love” - The work of the weapons and modules, that belong to the enemies in front of the ship, is disrupted. The weapons shoot at their allies, and the modules are disabled and cannot be activated.


You can get the ship right now by completing in-game tasks for which you will receive xenochips. A unique bundle, containing special parts required for the production of the ship, has become available in the in-game store. In addition, the ship is already available as part of DLC bundles. At the end of the xenochips collection event, parts for the production of this ship can be bought or sold in the trade.

The ship is also upgraded with special parts - Monocrystalline plates, which can be obtained by holding the sector in “Conquest” and “Portals” modes. They can also be studied in a workshop, dismantled into monocrystals or sold in trade.

New DLC bundles “Star Conflict: Salyut-ST. Deluxe edition” and “Star Conflict: Salyut-ST”



Pilots! The “Star Conflict: Salyut-ST. Deluxe edition” and “Star Conflict : Salyut-ST” packs are now available in the in-game store. The bundles will be available for purchase until May 11. There are no restrictions on using the “Salyut-ST” ship in the game.


Star Conflict: Salyut-ST. Deluxe edition

This pack includes

  • Fully enhanced ECM interceptor Salyut-ST


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Portrait “Amelie Einhart”
  • Pattern “Orange”
  • Decor “Vostok”
  • A set of unique stickers


Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Stasis generator
  • Repair system sabotage
  • Multiphase shield adapter
  • Energy absorber
  • Vernier engines
  • Emergency barrier
  • Infrared scanner
  • Reinforced beams
  • Crystal plates


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!

Star Conflict: Salyut-ST.

This pack includes

  • ECM interceptor Salyut-ST of rank 5


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Portrait “Amelie Einhart”


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!

Fight and earn xenochips! Build the “Salyut-ST” ship!



A new stage for collecting the special game currency — Xenochips — opens from April 8 to April 28! For a limited time, special items in the in-game store can be bought with xenochips:


Imperial bundle:

  • Decor “Empire”
  • Portrait №116 “Major Typhoon”
  • Metallic Blue 1
  • Metallic Blue 2
  • Metallic Blue 3


Federal bundle

  • Decor “Federation”
  • Portrait №112 “Kay Jet”
  • Metallic purple 1
  • Metallic pink 1
  • Metallic pink 2


Jericho bundle

  • Decor “Jericho”
  • portrait №84 “Sister Edge”
  • “Metallic lavender 1”
  • “Metallic orange 1”
  • “Metallic red 1”


A set of special paints

  • Enclave protective coating
  • Green smoke
  • Lemon smoke
  • Turquoise smoke
  • Pixel camo
  • Sea


“Salyut-ST parts” pack

  • A bundle with components for the “Salyut-ST” ship


Bundles are available for purchase in the game store. Xenochips can be received as a reward for completing special tasks.

Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time, and after the end of the event they will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. Make sure to spend your xenochips before the end of the event!

Festive stickers and colouring scheme


New unique holiday stickers and a new colouring scheme have become available. The pack will be available for a limited time!


  • Sticker “Welcome”
  • Sticker “Space comrade”
  • Sticker “Space food”
  • Sticker “Stars await”
  • Sticker “Fetch!”
  • Sticker “Space conqueror”
  • Paint “Alligator”


You can get all the stickers and the paint in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Festive Bundle №12”. The cost of the bundle will be automatically reduced if the player already owns stickers from the bundle.


Festive painting of “Endeavour” and “Spiral” ships 



Pilots! In honour of Cosmonautics Day, the ships Endeavour and Spiral get unique colouring schemes, available only in the bundle “Cosmonautics Day”. Ship components “Lost technology” Spiral and Endeavour can be obtained in a special container bundle “Star Conqueror”. The container is sold for galactic standards.


Collect the legendary ships in a special holiday painting!


Please note that the Cosmonautics Day and Star Conqueror bundles will be available to players for a limited time

Sector сonquest and portal conquest

Changed queuing rules for certain sectors

  • Fort Muerto - Influence points gain is available only to wings of 5 to 8 people
  • West portal - only a wing of 4 people can queue



  • Improved premium license description
  • The list of blocked modules for e-sports modes has been expanded:
    • Volumetric energy absorber
    • Disaster recovery
    • Mass drone boost
    • “Turing” simulation module
    • Rapid maneuver stabilizer
    • “Swap” teleportation module

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the ability to equip prohibited items when playing in “Portals” mode
  • Fixed the inability to open some containers with limited storage space
  • Fixed a bug in the description of the module ”Vertical takeoff engine assembly”