Star Conflict 1.8.4 Cosmonautics Day! (Discussion)


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Well, it’s early days still (day one specifically) so it’s hard to have accurate impressions of the ship - but I feel like the “Love” special module choice is going to be used against Destroyers exclusively again.

Moriarty has only ever been used against us - so an AoE version of it is just going to suffer the same fate.


Also kind of important patch note missing:

Monocrystal panels were added to the Western Portal and Fort Muerto as rewardswhile Terminal D was changed from Monocrystals to Vitreous Neuropils.


That aside, the launch event for Salyut-ST is what Relic should have had from the get go. Not just an enormous time gate split between updates but a casual grind short of a month or a hardcore grind short of two weeks.

Which speaking of the “grind” - what on earth is going on with those xenochip containers. The Monocrystal Panel blueprint can be learned for Iridium making the 300 chip box a waste of time for those chasing the ship and the Panel container itself just looks like it’d be more worthwhile to convert into monocrystals once you own the ship - as the total aim of 2,400 xenochips to build the ship is a somewhat high bar to reach. Or more specifically, a high bar for casuals since you can very easily hit 100 xenochips a day leaving the approximate maximum for Salyut to be 24 days of an extremely laid back grind.

Speaking for meself, I’m going to be using xenochips to learn the Salyut part. Outfitting the Relic has murdered my iridium stores, and there’s still a load of modules I need to learn for it. As a frequent player and  a mission maven, I expect to have an excess of xenochips by the end anyway, so saving iridium for other projects seems like the best route.

The ad for the holiday sticker bundle is displaying the wrong stickers.  Only 2 of those are in the bundle.  Kind of a shame or else I would have bought it.

B i g g e s t   B u l l s h i t p a t c h   e v e r 


Sector сonquest and portal conquest

Changed queuing rules for certain sectors

  • Fort Muerto - Influence points gain is available only to wings of 5 to 8 people
  • West portal - only a wing of 4 people can queue

Fort Muerto ok ,

but Western Portal

Only Wing with 4 Player, and what does the rest do?

Example: We have 7 players who want to fly 4 in a wing and the rest of them have to watch and cannot fly.

The number of players is already limited and with this action you are tightening the whole thing.

And now don’t say you should take someone from another clan with you.


This is clanwars.

Only groups with players from the same clan should be allowed in the clan war.

You can always recruit that one missing person.