Star Conflict 1.8.33 1/33


This week you should expect some stunning changes! Ships, weapons, modules and modifiers, game modes — we changed everything we could! And what we couldn’t change… well, it’s ok, this should do.


  • Polar Bear. Now the ship not only freezes itself, but also allies, enemies, the whole game and turns off the heating in the players’ apartments! Maximum immersion!
  • Plague Doctor now comes twice and throws space debris in the form of satellites at enemies. Because we have to vaccinate against covid!
  • We looked at the silver ships thinking “we should probably do something”, but we didn’t do anything.
  • Now rank 15 crafts will have rank 14 so that no one can blame us for the fact that rank 15 crafts have no unique modules!
  • Now it’s enough for the scout to just crash into a beacon in warp to capture it. “Take it by force” tactics in all its beauty!
  • Now the ECM interceptors will be able to turn off the enemy lights to win!
  • Three of our programmers wanted to make a “destroy all” button on the Relic destroyer, but something went wrong and now we need three more programmers.


  • Have you ever thought about the fact that lasers do not reflect from the glasses on enemy cabins? Now they do. At your ship. Even if it wasn’t you who was shooting.
  • Now when firing the “Bear Claw” shrapnel cannon the ship will growl, and if it has 100% of the hull - then it will purr :3
  • We’ve changed the parameters of the Gauss cannon. Now you can accumulate the charge indefinitely, but be careful - this kind of shot power can break our game locations. And creating new ones is expensive, you know.
  • The weapon “plasma destroyer” now really summons the destroyer to the location.
  • Now if you hit a big phaser projectile with a small one, a cartoon will be shown instead of an explosion.
  • Tai ’thaq weapon. Now if the enemy hull has not been salted and there’s no seasoning, the pseudo-organism colony will not eat it.
  • We looked at the animation of the weapon “Eclipse” which was similar to splashes of water and renamed it as “Aquadiscotheque”.

Modules and modifiers

Dynamic superchargers no longer create tensions in the world.

  • Now seed-chips work in all PvP modes because we received a lot of feedback and questions about it.
  • Now seed-chips don’t work in all PvE modes and in open space, because we got a lot of feedback and requests to get them out of there.
  • Now seed-chips work in all modes, because pirates paid us to advertise them.
  • Now all equipment is considered esports. Even your drill. Show your neighbours who’s the champ!
  • The reflective shield of the Relic now reflects the streams of light, so we thought about it and turned it into a mirror ball. We also added cool music to make it fun.
  • Now pirate weapons when fired reproduce the sound of “Yo-ho-ho!”
  • Now the seed… Oh, wait. No, that’s for the next patchnotes.
  • We received a lot of feedback and conflicting proposals about the balancing. Now all players can edit the parameters of modules and modifiers directly in the game, so that they do as they like.
  • Landing platform. Now, when landing the ship on the platform, you need to ask the dispatcher for permission and wait for confirmation within 3 calendar days. If allowed, you will receive a notification to the address you specified when registering your account. If the weather is no-fly, you need to look for another platform.
  • Players can now ask for the reason for the stop, request documents, and request a badge number when they are affected by the “Slowing projector” module.

Game modes

  • Now the “Beacon capture” will always be in the rotation of the PvP arena. You asked for it. Yes, we saw it.
  • Now the “Spaceball” will always be available in brawls. You didn’t ask for it, but we wanted to do it.
  • Now it is impossible to capture beacons in “portals”.
  • Now, in the case of capturing three beacons in two minutes without causing damage to the enemy in the “Beacon capture” and “4 lives” modes, the pilot will receive the “rapid fire” medal.
  • Now the captain in the “combat recon” mode is selected on the principle “which of the players wears a cooler cap”
  • Now the bomb in the detonation is so beautiful that the pilots flying past it scream “baby, you’re a real bomb!”
  • Now bots in the “conquest” mode are replaced by real players. That’s why we hired professional actors. At the same time, the level of the game and the ships have not changed.
  • Now in a brawl “paper conflict”, sometimes people will pass by. Last time we sat at home for a month and couldn’t come to the office because you were playing this mode.
  • Added a new “You guys want to hang out sometime?” mode. No one’s ever played it. And no one probably will.
  • Now the highest level is always automatically selected in PvE. You can’t lower it because you asked yourself to do something with a constantly lowered difficulty level.

Open world

  • Now it’s closed.

Bug fixes.

  • Our designer fixed his flu.
  • We’ve added a lot of new bugs, just so we have something to fix in the following updates.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Confrontation” program module. Which one? We don’t know, we wrote it just to make the patchnotes look bigger.
  • Fixed the operation of the “Plasma Arc” module. Now the module can’t cut anyone because we have a 12+ game and we don’t support violence.
  • Fixed a bug where “long-range frigates” were not very long-range. Now they can shoot even from another battle.
  • Now the destroyers fly through the warp gate at the speed of light.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the pilot won too often.
  • We fixed something here, corrected something there, the so that everything will be pretty ok, and sometimes will be pretty cool.
  • Fixed a bug in the series of paints “Fury!” Now they curse at the enemy, at the ship’s pilot, and at everybody.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Cluster torpedo” module. Now it explodes as soon as it’s released.
  • Fixed the installation of some modules on ships. Now if you want to put 114 engines, you are only limited by your own monitor, because it will not fit so many of them on the screen.


  • Now you can sell personal belongings in “trade”. Get rid of the rubbish from the basement!
  • We received a lot of feedback regarding the current schedule of activities. Now everything is always on so you don’t have to wait for anything.
  • Now for disabling PvE mode in a sector, the players of the corporation that did this, are forced to fly there and watch everyone suffer.
  • Now, if you have installed a “Guardian of the law” decor you will be ignored by the police during mass clashes in outer space.
  • Work positions for three programmers are now available. Stay tuned for new job opportunities on the official website!
  • Alex, don’t forget to add that we, uh, like, we improved the stability and so on — think of something, you know.


We wish all players a happy holiday! We hope that you will enjoy the new version of the old game. After all, it is made based on your wishes.



Star Conflict Team

Now rewrite the game tasks in the same way, because the claws have already been in the game for 4 years, and they are boring.