Star Conflict 1.7.3a


Pilots! In today’s update, we add balance changes suggested and tested by players on a dedicated test server of the game.


Turbophaser DN-1

  • Projectile speed increased from 4750 to 6000 m/sec.
  • Cooling time reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

Le Claire cannon

  • Range increased from 2000 to 3000 m.

Focusing Laser

  • Crit size reduced from 100 to 75%.

Special modules and implants

Phase shield

  • The acceleration bonus is reset if the frigate opens fire.

Quick swarm

  • Speed increase reduced from 30 to 25% in boost mode.

Crystalline swarm

  • Speed increase reduced to 20%

Accelerating Shield and Phase Demodulator — Endeavour

  • The number of targets in range is now displayed.

Implant 3-1

  • Shield restoration increased from 40% to 50%.

Implant 13-1

  • The speed of reloading of active modules of the ship increased to 7% when destroying/assisting the destruction of the enemy ship.

Active modules, ship modifiers and other changes

Target Painter

  • Increased target shield and hull resistance reduction

Mass Propulsion Inhibitor
Signature Masking

  • Restricted repeated aura activations (~15 seconds from the end of the aura effect).

Signal router

  • Speed increase reduced from 50% (Rank 17 modifier Mk.4) to 35%.

Engineering frigates of Federation

  • Base speed reduced.


  • Added 5% bonus damage

“Apocalypse” missiles

  • Removed from “Portals” mode

Ranked bonuses for ships in Portals mode

  • Remove bonuses for ships in this mode.

Bots in PvP

  • Ship bonuses reduced by 50%.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of errors in texts, descriptions

The update’s description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a comprehensive list of all changes. Changes aimed at the development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.