Star Conflict 1.7.3 (Discussion)



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My Hammerhead wants it’s precious, precious speed returned.

Cruisers and asteroids don’t seem to spawn at the same frequency, and the new increased mission requirements are annoying.


Changing the Raven from including it’s unique equipment to not was kind of a dink move too.


Story of this entire event : People enter with one ship, leave battle as soon as Level 6 objective is not the right one, and make it 2x as long for everyone else because their ship attracts enemies 20km away that we then have to chase. I’ve been warp gating them out of bounds so the ship explodes, but it’s getting annoying.


Today : Task = Cruiser.



Next day : Task = Asteroids

Objective = AAC ACA


Wow looks like it decided to be nice for once lol



Gonna try be brief because there isn’t much to go over here really and echo some recent topics/discussions on discord regarding this patch and issues in Star Conflict overall.

Balance Pass

  • Le Claire
    • Completely missed the downfall of the weapon. The range isn’t meant to be a strong point of the weapon as a self defence alternative for a LRF - the self damage and pitiful critical modifier are what is holding this weapon down.
  • Focusing Laser
    • Didn’t need a crit damage nerf. It needed it’s aim assistance brought in line with other lasers and a range nerf - nothing more.
  • Implant 3-1 buff
    • Did almost literally nothing. I’ve been over this multiplie times - without giving it a  minor  resistance benefit so you aren’t left at a negative base or  significantly  increasing the regen benefit this implant choice will forever be ignored within legitimate builds.
  • Implant 13-1 buff
    • Was completely unwarranted but given it will help Destroyers somewhat - is welcome
  • Federation Engineer Change
    • Was so minimal it didn’t even come close to achieving the justification. The only reason Federation Engineers had such high speed was to compensate for pitiful EHP pools. Lowering speed without compensating for the faction penalty makes no sense and just widens the margin between competitive and near useless ship choices.
  • Bot changes
    • A change we’ve been asking for years to happen now. Not listed in patch notes is now bots use the stock setups of standard ships - so bots using ships like the  Inquisitor AE, Storm Viking  or Sword S  won’t be using Beam cannons, Railguns or Plasma guns as the stock builds for the ships include their unique weapons.

That Temple Change

It was already common practice before the task requirement increase for players to disconnect as soon as they had destroyed the desired objective or not gotten the objective they wanted to spawn. This change just makes completing the Raven task more of a chore and encourages further mass disconnections from the mission as a result. If the intention of this change was to increase player engagement/retention within the Temple of Last Hope mission - then it achieved the exact opposite.


Phase Shield

Bundled within the “Balance Pass” was a change to Phase Shield which was incorrectly labelled as it affected  all guard special modules  and not just Phase shield - with the change in question being that firing weapons now also disables the speed boost given by special modules. However, one change that happened which is beyond reason - is that  taking damage  no longer stops the speed bonus of  Phase Shield  but does for  every other guard special module.  This is completely counter-intuitive as Phase Shield allows for you to refresh the speed boost constantly whilst other special modules such as  Reaper’s Bastion Shield  or  Custodian’s Protective Barrier 1.0  do not allow you to refresh the speed boost constantly due to the cooldown of the modules.


_ Other topics of note from the recent patches: _

  • Raven no longer gives the unique weapon and module on crafting - prior to the patch it did with those lucky enough to clock the very first task available for 30 minutes on day 1 received them free of extra cost.
  • Ze’ta costs still haven’t been adjusted for the rank 15 branch - it is still by far the most expensive grind in the game with a large amount of the tree not even remotely equating to the value of the resources needed for what you receive in the end (Dead hand, Combat Control).
  • Cortical Colums  no longer drop from the ‘Experimental Destroyer’ also referred to as Pgod - this in turn makes it now physically impossible to grind for Ze’ta resources and puts an effective cap to the potential amount of resources that can possibly be produced by the player base.
  • Artuga maps are practically derelict after the ‘Experimental Destroyer’ stopped spawning every 2 hours - there is no reason to go to these maps anymore.



I think you need to reconsider the mission task design.


Destroying 1 shot enemies as they walk in one by one, random chance of objective after spending 5 minutes doing this, up to 6 incorrect objectives in a row.


People can destroy objective in one shot = people miss out


People disconnect because the mission is so boring.


The temple of last hope mission is not really suitable for grinding a task. People tend to do it once or twice or start as a high level as a challenge, not sitting around at waves 5-11 where you may have no rewards after 10 minutes.