Star Conflict 1.6.8 Interstellar Women's Day!



Pilots! In early March, we traditionally celebrate Interstellar Women’s Day. On this festive day, we wish all the girl pilots a happy spring holiday! May it bring you a little spring warmth, sun and love in these cold and harsh space expanses!


Interstellar Women’s Day
Festive achievements
Only on this holiday until March 15 you can earn a special achievement “March 8”! To do this, you need to put the “Heart and Roses” sticker on your ship and use this ship to destroy 8 enemy ships in PvP battles. The achievement will allow you to get the sticker “Loving Heart”.

Festive stickers and colouring schemes


Especially for the holiday, we have prepared the pattern “Rose” and special stickers:

  • Paint “Romantic front”
  • “Rose” paint
  • Sticker “This is universal”
  • Sticker “Deadly decoration”
  • Sticker “Venus’ looking-glass”
  • Sticker “Loves me, loves me not”

You can get all the stickers and the festive pattern in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Galactic Rose”.


Special operations

  • Now the difficulty of special operations dynamically changes as you play and depends on the efficiency of the team in the fight.
  • The reward depends on the difficulty of the special operation that the team managed to achieve.


  • Some Seed-chips no longer fit several weapons. This applies to those chips whose negative effects do not affect the weapons installed on the ship
  • Improved protective effect for a number of Seed-chips

Added a new “North-Eastern Portal”

  • Opens on Saturdays at 16:00 UTC (19:00 MSK)


  • “Manual Piloting Systems” are now available for trading (part required for building Custodian)

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability of game servers
  • Fixed the possibility of destroying a cruiser in PvE missions with a single blow
  • Fixed errors in texts, descriptions
  • Fixed a bug in the procedure for applying the effects of the special module “Virus Attack”

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