Star Conflict 1.6.6 Valentine's Day



Pilots, the Star Conflict team wishes you a happy holiday — Valentine’s Day! May happiness, love and luck always help you in battle!


Festive achievements
Especially for the holiday, we have prepared unique achievements for all pilots:

  • Achievement “Deadly Kiss”. Destroy or help destroy one ship by ramming. Achievement is available until 09-00 MSK February 20.
  • Achievement “Close Contact”. Destroy or help destroy one ship by ramming on the ship “Thar’Ga”. Achievement is available until 09-00 MSK February 20.



Holiday stickers and paint are now available. The bundle will be available for a limited time!

  • “Valentine” pattern
  • Sticker “Dopamine”
  • Sticker “Gentle matter”
  • Sticker “Superstar Bear”
  • Sticker “Love abduction”
  • Sticker “Alien Friend”

Get all the stickers in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Festive Bundle #14”. The cost of the bundle will be automatically reduced if the player already owns stickers from the bundle.



  • Reduced base roll, pitch and strafe by 10%.

Tai’Kin is one of the most manoeuvrable ships in the game, with flexible parameters. It is currently the best scout with the highest degree of mobility superior to Federation scouts.



  • Speed bonus reduced to 10%.

The ship has excessive survival for a fighter due to its high speed and manoeuvrability. The tweak is designed to reduce the speed with which the ship stands out too much.



  • Added the ability to deal additional damage using a ram in the description of the ship and in the display as a bonus.

The ship has unique mechanics for dealing a huge amount of damage with the help of a ram “spear”, but there is no description of this.



  • Hull restoration from the corresponding node is reduced from 1200 units/second up to 800 units/second.

The ability of Ze’Ta to recover effectively, and enhanced by the resistance of the swarms, including during the battle, is very high.


Weapons, ammunition and missiles
Phase Suppressor

  • Damage increased by 10%.

This weapon should be effective against heavy targets (explosive damage, low rate of fire), but in comparison with other specialized weapons, it does much less damage.


Doppler laser

  • Damage reduced by 10%.

At the moment, Spike with this laser in PvP is too distinguished from all other ships in terms of damage; in 2-3 seconds, a Doppler laser under the Orion can, for example, destroy a tackler, or a gunship without invulnerability. Moreover, even without an Orion, the gun has too much damage, which leaves no chance for almost any target. This change allows other covops to at least compete with Spike.



  • Range increased by 18%.
  • Damage reduced by 10%

The slow effect on hit is reduced
Due to the short range, the gun can not compete with other laser guns. This proposal will make slowing tacklers competitive against ships with other beam guns.


Thar’Ga’tok launcher

  • The ratio of the reduction in the spread is tied to the cooling of the gun.

With the full spread, the gun has extremely low efficiency. This change is designed to make the weapon more cost-effective.


Energy discharger

  • Damage reduced by 10%.

The weapon has an average damage per second 10-15% higher than that of other guns, and at the same time has a greater range and speed of the projectile, which gives a strong advantage. In addition, the gun has a strong bonus to extend the operation of the special module. This change is designed to balance the weapon in relation to others in terms of damage.


Recoil-compensated cannon

  • Maximum range reduced
  • Slow bonus reduced from 75% to 68%.

The gun, fully modified for range, greatly interferes with enemy destroyers with low speed. Its standard firing range is 6500 m. In combination with the implant 2-2 and the Horizon modifier, 10408 m is the end result, which is an unreasonably strong advantage.


Aim-assisted cannon

  • Aim assist rate reduced by 15%.

After a hit with this weapon, the target has little chance of getting away from further hits. The change is designed to reduce the excessive effectiveness of the weapon.



  • Now has a lead for allies.

The gun has similar mechanics to Eclipse, but the lack of lead for allies greatly interferes with treating them. This change is designed to increase the relevance of this weapon.



  • Spread is reduced by 33.3%.
  • spread reduction after firing reduced by 33.3%.

In comparison with similar gun mechanics (plasmas, railguns), the turbo phaser has an insufficient projectile velocity. Also, the spread of the gun is high, and the ratio of spread to cooling is too low for a comfortable game. This change is designed to make the rare weapon more enjoyable for the game.


Pirate ammunition

  • Destroyer damage increased to 20%.

Using this ammunition, sacrificing other characteristics, at the moment is not advisable. The shells are designed to deal with destroyers but lose in performance to other shells.


Repair rockets, Inhibitor rockets

  • Flight range reduced from 7001 to 7000 meters.

This change is designed to remove the incorrect digit of the flight range.


Special modules
Legion overcharge

  • Hull resistance bonus increased to 50 units.

Currently, Mjolnir is weaker than the rest of the imperial gunships. Improving one of his unique special modules can help it compete with other gunships.


Scavenger drones

  • Missile damage at low ranks reduced by 20%.

Abusing the special module, Waz’Got almost always killed the enemy coming at it. The change is designed to weaken it because it is available from rank 5 and has the ability to inflict damage to enemies and heal allies constantly and in huge quantities.


Shield “Bastion”

  • Increased shield charge to 35000 pts.
  • Increased active time to 8 seconds.
  • Passive resistance increased to 50 pts.
  • Increased cooldown time by 50%.

The Bastion shield has always been extremely ineffective in protecting a ship and often collapses before its expiration with light damage from a single target or accidental damage. This change will allow the Bastion shield to work at full capacity.


Targeting complex “Attila”

  • Speed bonus now affects turns.
  • Speed bonus increased from 15% to 20%.

The special module gives a weak advantage against the background of the Federation energy router. This change will strengthen the destroyer and allow it to compete with Ze’Ta.


Wormhole Stabilizer

  • Portal size increased by 70%.

The wormhole stabilizer portal is currently extremely sensitive to ping since your ship should be facing straight ahead, and if there is any amount of oscillation (mainly if you have ping above ~ 80 or exiting a turn), it is difficult to go through the portal due to its small size. If we make the portal larger, it will become easier to use and will be more lenient to people playing with high ping.


Active modules
‘Triumvirate’ hologram

  • The initial reload of the module was increased from 35 sec to 40 sec and active time was reduced from 18 sec to 13 sec.

The module when upgrading to MK.4 has a recharge of 24 seconds and is active for 18 seconds, which allows you to have 2 holograms almost endlessly. The use of a microlocator did not allow the effective destruction of holograms due to a long recharge.


Satellite crystal

  • Drone turning speed reduced by 15%.
  • Drone acceleration reduced by 10%.

The drone is too hard to shoot down because of its speed (movements), while it constantly slows down the target, making it very vulnerable. This change is designed to increase the chances of destroying a drone before critical damage is received.


Weapon System Inhibitor

  • Cooldown reduced by 25%.

An increase in the frequency of use of this module will make it possible to use it more effectively in small collisions, helping it compete with other ECM modules.


‘Rebellion’ trojan

  • Shield regeneration effect reduced by 25%.
  • Cooldown time increased by 50%.

The module is too effective in conditions when many stationary objects are available at a time, providing significant regeneration of the shield. Stationary objects in the “Sector conquest” mode allow ECM to demonstrate abnormal survival.


Emergency Retreat, Tactical Warp

  • Now you cannot move to battle drones in Conquest mode.

The mechanics of the modules allowed to make warp jumps almost constantly in the conquest mode, without using the support of real allies. This change is designed to change the mechanics for team interaction.


Entropy Generator

  • Damage to ships with a class below the destroyer increased by 40%.
  • Negative effect extended by 33% (for 1 second).

This change is designed to increase the effectiveness of the module, including against light targets.


Pirate Mass Shield Generator

  • Shield regeneration upon activation increased by 30%.

The module was significantly inferior to the ordinary Mass shield generator in its characteristics. This change will increase the effectiveness of the module in relation to its counterpart.


‘Twins’ barrier

  • Active time increased from 5 to 8 seconds.

This module should be an analogue of the patron from Waz’Got, but has too long a recharge and a very short runtime, in comparison with it. The module is little used in engineer builds due to low efficiency. This change is designed to increase its popularity among ordinary engineers.


Radiation converter

  • Module reload increased to 35 sec.

Increased reloading will make it more thoughtful to use the module. In combination with torpedoes in the missile compartment, it allows you to instantly restore 100% of the shield and destroy or seriously damage the enemy.


Remote minelayer

  • Planting distance increased from 3,500 to 4,000 meters.

This module is rarely used, due to low efficiency and a large number of control modules, short range.


Emergency regeneration

  • Shield regeneration increased to 4000, but hull restoration reduced to 2500.

The module has a very low recovery speed. This change will increase a command fighter’s survival chances.


Booster “Conformist” 17

  • Ranks changed to 11-15.

The modifier gives the Boremys frigate great resistance in close combat, and together with the Wave special module, Pulsar and Energy Converter, the ship becomes extremely difficult to destroy. This change is designed to make this ship with the speed of a fighter and the strength of the Jericho guard less universal.


‘Reaper-8’ converter
Level characteristics changed:

  • Mk 1 (white): range increased from 500 m to 750 m, reload reduced from 60 sec up to 45 sec.
  • Mk 2 (green): range increased from 1000 m to 1250 m, recharge reduced from 40 sec up to 36 sec.
  • Mk 3 (blue): cooldown reduced from 30 sec up to 28 sec.

Modifications mk1, mk2 and mk3 are much weaker than mk4. This change will balance module modifications.


Collision Compensator

  • Increased collision damage reduction bonus.

The module receives advantages only in the secondary bonuses that it gives (manoeuvrability and rotation speed), but not in the primary, due to which the module got its name (reduction of collision damage). This module is rarely used and needs some improvement. Also, the rotation bonus is not very noticeable. The change will allow using it more often instead of 2 side engines.


Southwestern Portal opens

  • The portal opens for battles daily at 19:00 MSK
  • Location retention reward — credits


  • You can now choose the type of dreadnought for both teams in the appropriate modes in Custom battle
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the “Waz’Dum” weapon
  • Fixed a bug in the description of the module “Relocation Mechanism”
  • The description of the module “Med evac” has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug in the module “Energy Converter”
  • Improved client stability

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