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Out of all the balance changes.



  • Range increased by 18%.
  • Damage reduced by 10%

The slow effect on hit is reduced
Due to the short range, the gun can not compete with other laser guns. This proposal will make slowing tacklers competitive against ships with other beam guns.

This is just stupid. Why would you give it back what it had already (the range) and take weaken the most crucial factor (the slow) and bring the damage down to Ion Emitter Level (without its resistance debuff)

Tacklers are currently the most screwed class in the game among with Destroyers that are not Zetas, this does not help them.

TBF they are support ships, not meant to be on the front line killing people like gunships. They are there to assist gunships and the like to kill enemies. As for destroyers, fixing the module destruction issue + lower the regen of zeta would make things a bit more fair, the rest is module balance for that class.

4 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

TBF they are support ships, not meant to be on the front line killing people like gunships. They are there to assist gunships and the like to kill enemies.


Tacklers are supposed to be Hunting Ship, not Support.

They always being able to isolate and take down Interceptors pretty fast. At least that was the original design.




Orienting them into a Support Role is pointless and goes beyond logic from there original design.


Even if Jericho Tackler like the Sword AE now have the ability to hunt Frigates too. (Gordon Launcher / Mine Network).

The Primary Purpose for Tackler is to hunt down Covert Ops and Recon. And let’s say they aren’t exceptional at it for the moment.

Besides the beam disintegrator and slowing projector, the other active modules aren’t amazing, the dawn locator has potential, but it’s limited to low ranks.

I havent seen a tackler killing others properly ever since the gauss days so no, i dont see them as killing machines, at best they can just assist the real damage dealers in the game to make easier kills. 

This update has been a wild ride for me, from getting to use things which were released extremely underpowered to the most aggrovating/annoying revelation to date.

Balance changes  were picked by the community. Most of them were held by sound logic however this one in particular is so beyond counter-intuitive it isn’t funny.


Pirate ammunition

  • Destroyer damage increased to 20%.

Using this ammunition, sacrificing other characteristics, at the moment is not advisable. The shells are designed to deal with destroyers but lose in performance to other shells.

The ammunition; which need I remind you still isn’t available to the public long after the conclusion of moon race, as well as the pirate weapons - is underperforming compared to other munitions. Shock and horror that it’d be useless against anything else when it doesn’t fix fire rate for slower firing weapons, doesn’t increase critical chance for crit builds or reduce spread for weapons with high spread values. It just makes you deal more damage to literally the easiest class to kill right now.

This ammunition had no business being added in the first place and with something else I’m going to actually flip my f**king xxxx over in a little bit, this change shouldn’t have been a bigger bonus against Destroyers. It should have just added a minor stat increase to something else, like 5% critical chance, a minor fire rate boost - heck even decreased heating speed because kinetic doesn’t have one of those yet.


There was a fix to the “lmao you dead” chip aka the virus chip effect so  Wood Louse  aka Experimental Destroyer  aka P R O L A P S E G O D now has some challenge to it, or as much as it can have with Seed chips being so powerful.


And then.

We have the stupidest.
Reveal yet.

Not even by a Dev.


That bug report I made about tripled module Destruction damage which was accepted as a bug on the EN forums?
That bug was reported on the RU forums sometime later.
It’s not a bug it turns out.

The  300% module destruction damage  which has made  all non-Ellydium  Destroyers  LITERAL FODDER. Was an intended Nerf. And it was undocumented. Everyone knew Destroyers were free kills. And then this change was made. Are you happy now Devs? Is your hate-boner for Destroyers adequately erect yet? Because now Destroyers are arguably the weakest they have ever been. Even weaker than when the “Danger Zone” (I’m called the bonus damage field that btw) was first implemented and almost literally killed the class on the PvP Scene.

Congratulations Devs.

You ruined progression for Destroyers.

You ruined mobility for Destroyers.

Now you’ve ruined Destroyer durability. The one advantage they had to compensate for  THEIR MASSIVE F*CKING HITBOX?

Good thing the Ze’ta Deluxe is no longer available right?
Made a quick buck and now F*CKED the entire class harder than ever before. Plama Arc’ing has been an issue since day 1 for the class. I remember Archon at release could only just barely survive a plasma arc. A single plasma arc. And now even the strongest of Destroyers take so much damage at close range you don’t even need a plasma arc. A single EM torp can do over 50k damage if it hits from within the ‘Danger zone’. That’s before the ~25,000 from engines dying from the splash. Before the ~13,000 from the capacity dying to splash. Before the over ~15,000 per module dying to splash.


Are you happy now?


2 hours ago, _minimum_ said:


A cheap one hit wonder module doesnt make them a killer, they derive their strength from debuffing their targets and thats it, if it works it works, a simple r14 implant can go a long way there, not to mention other countermeasures. The best you can do is kite or single out targets and hope they dont overwhelm you with potential burst damage, no matter what build youre using.


1 hour ago, TheDerpNukem said:


I’m pretty sure nobody is going to use the ammo outside of specific conquest builds design to battle zeta or the likes of it. I do agree that the module destruction is too much, it might even be a deciding factor for that class to make them viable again, well, at least a bit more useful in terms of survival chances.

Soo many ad hominem tries in there, quite amusing if i may say so ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

  1. Tacklers aren’t support - it’s easy to have a high impact on the field just by ignoring the objective and killing off any interceptors or fighters that are easy pickings

  2. Minimum, you are far from a reliable source of strategy - whenever I see you on field you typically are running setups that make you a “free kill” and often play far too aggressive for what ships you have

  3. Orca doesn’t represent the  whole  of his corporation. I know Orca, I’ve fought him, I’ve fought on his side - he is competent unlike AoWar’s reputation.

  4. Tacklers can easily be played solo - if you’re having problems staying alive when in PvP using a tackler then likely you should re-asses the situation and spawn in a different ship. If there are masses of recons on field and you know they have a Microlocator/harvest crystal then it was your mistake in spawning in a tackler.

  5. Standard tacklers are far from unusable. Hyena, Lion. Lion MkII, Lance Bartle, Tiger II all have access to equipment that are highly influential on the battle field.


Consider not attacking other users personally let alone a user tagged with Developer.

25 minutes ago, _minimum_ said:

detonation items continue to damage myself (and the enemy of course i hope so at least) but not the allies which is an obvious proove the code is made with the nose

This is intentional to not allow killing your own team mates, the game knows the concept of team damage, it is just disabled on purpose in every mode but Portals.


42 minutes ago, _minimum_ said:

are you part of these people constantly losing and blaming others ? accusing them to cheat when you are not yourself well equiped ? and then insulting them and then ignoring them on chat ?

Are you talking about yourself, accusing others of cheating?



44 minutes ago, _minimum_ said:

nahahaha please derp _ FAR TOO AGRESSIVE ?? naah impossible sorry , strictly impossible , i am the essence of cowardism._
_i also can proove tacklers can be killers , top killers , but depends what is your objective , make tons of kills or win the game ?

Oh, minimum is not really playing aggressive, but an ez kill. Sure a tackler can be a killer and win a game, but not really in your hands.



Could we go back to the main Subject, the Feedback about the Patch 1.6.6 please?

1 hour ago, Rakza said:

Could we go back to the main Subject, the Feedback about the Patch 1.6.6 please? 

  orca1911(Posted 1 hour ago) 

sigh* starts polishing the hammer* 


Oh darn not cat meat please x) i don’t want to die :x


3 hours ago, Rakza said:

Could we go back to the main Subject, the Feedback about the Patch 1.6.6 please?

I mean there isn’t much more to be said.
The new threat event has been in a loop since they made it easier to fend off invasions and there has been no offensives to take back captured sectors since Warden’s Outpost on the 4th of January.
The RU community woke up finally that Destroyers are in a horrible spot, the list of event exclusive items is growing and there are no T6 Destroyers coming so Ze’ta remains the only Destroyer with 5 seed chip slots.

The ‘drama’ is a neato way to burn time while we wait on Dev blogs/updates because holy f*ck this event is getting old.

I really want to see some normal numbers on that module destruction damage, with it some downsizing of the regen capabilities of zeta, one cant go without the other on this one.

14 minutes ago, TheDerpNukem said:

The ‘drama’ is a neato way to burn time while we wait on Dev blogs/updates because holy f*ck this event is getting old.


I can still ask Devs to bring back Aliens in PVP if you really want some Drama.

Well as it stands right now Destroyers need less buffing more a complete overhaul.
The ‘Danger zone’ broke so much it wasn’t funny, modules being destructible has been the cause of 4 or 5 seperate bugs over the years and total EHP values have shifted so much you could make a rollercoaster out of the resultant graph.

1.6.7 : Time to defend the universe! But:









Thank you, I worked hard to upgrade that chip to +250% damage, now it is +68%

Points of this update:
-New seed chip stats
Taget lock time
Thermal resistance

Kinetic resistance
Shield regeneration speed

Shield resistance to all damages
-Old seed chips were nerfed
Major ones hit were blue chips with +damage -spread, strongest right now is +damage -range
Destroyers are dead
Destroyers are dead
Destroyers are dead
Destroyers are dead
Destroyers are dead
Empire Engineer is coming finally

A new unique ship is coming

This discussion was quite nice, another one will be opened soon™, stay tuned and dont open your own discussion topics.