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New hangar interface is completely yuck. New battle modes yuck. Seed chips yuck. Rewards without paying for pass are yuck. Player base is still low. This patch aint helping. Too much ado about NOTHING.

the update in be it and well some nice little addition ^^ 

but I would really like to have the predator and hunter in the hangar to be able to use them in open space and have fun

Here we go - dragged my self out of Open Space since credit farm… I mean seed chips have been disabled for a while.


So let’s begin with the big points:

Seed Chips

This system certainly shows promise although with the severe impact on the game’s stability I’m not certain if they’ll be here for the long term.

Seed chips overall appear to aim to increase the average power curve in PvE modes (Open Space, PvE and Skirmish) to allow for ease of access to rarer materials (Cortical colums for example) for more casual players. Of course PvP sectors are a mess as a result, but this has always been the case with Open Space PvP as the limitations posed by the stats of a singular ship are more clearly defined in such engagements even prior to seed chips.



The power curve of the seed chips feels far too aggressive currently with the different between having no seed chips and fully kitted out ones being clear as day

Stat gains should have a maximum value that can be attained from combined seed chips so as to provent overly dominant damage gains
-This if done properly should give back some of the challenge to the Experimental Destroyer fight (Wood Louse) and add to the “Free hunter” fight

Lower rank seed chips should have higher stat caps than higher rank equivalents
-Although this is taking the mindset of Warframe’s rivens into mind, this would allow for lower rank ships to be brought into higher rank engagements/scenarioes without losing capability due to rank differences

The rarity of red and yellow seed chips feels unwarranted

-The majority of the special effects are vastly underwhelming with a few outliers. This combined with the reduced stat potential makes yellow and red seed chips feel inferior to blues or greys.


Marten & Hammerhead

I personally have not been very invested in obtaining either of these ships early so what feedback I have is very limited. Hammerhead’s unique design is a pleasant change but looks like it may cause issues in the long run when dealing with tighter areas of maps such as during the race at ‘Monolith remains’. The battle station at a glance seems inferior to the Waz’gots equivalent although with a much smaller hitbox, it also is much more visible off radar due to the lights on it.The weapons I have not seen in action without seed chips nor the portal at all, although the portal looks like it could be more of a gimmic module that you’d use for fun than something for tactical advantage as enemies can follow you.


Marten I feel by default I will value as federation recon ships are extremely useful in objective based game modes since they can move from point to point so fast, which even further makes me believe it’s unique special module will be far less useful in the long run than microwarp even if it can be used to get out of tight situations. If the portal is able to be collapsed by an ECM stun then I feel like it will see no use in higher end PvP, as ECMs are so common. The crafting cost for both ships is seemingly tolerable although with the diminishing amount of resource sectors available my views on this may change, the only thing that annoys me  yet again is the presence of a unique crafting resource obtained from an event. We now have:

All of these ships are yet to see a permanent release to the game  exclusively because of unique crafting resources for them being from events. The issue of event resources is made worse in Dyrnwynn’s case as it is arguably the strongest ECM in the game.


The Invasion

This event is very, very quickly shifting from fun straight to suffering incarnate. Every single sector the cyber’s have attacked so far have been lost. There is no distinct view on how influence is gained or lost by each faction, there is no distinct view on if beacon activity changes anything, there is no distinct view on if player activity shifts influence. For all we know this event is rigged. The Destroyer spawns so far have been a mess and although it was fun the first two spawns it has rapidly shifted to a slog fest as so many players see it as “not worth the effort” making the task of killing the Destroyer infinitely more annoying.


The OBSCENE PRESENCE of AI ECMs is driving me insane. BEING STUNNED 8 TIMES CONSECUTIVELY JUST MOVING AROUND THE SECTOR IS NOT FUN. Killing people through station protection because EVERY ECM IN THE GAME HAS MORIARTY VIRUS AND USE IT EXCLUSIVELY ON DESTROYERS is even more fun. Funny to think friendly fire was formerly seen as griefing and a bannable offense in this game at one point.


I think you can see where my view of this as “suffering incarnate” is coming from as a Destroyer pilot.


Gold Dragon

It shows up every year. I ignore it every year.


New Foundation

 New foundation is what moon race should have been. It’s something you can do passively while checking off daily tasks without missing out, you don’t have to make sure you hit every single OS mission, every single PvP task and every mono mission. It shouldn’t have to feel like a job just trying to get a single stage done a day.

The rewards seem nice thus far, getting one of the craftable ships (I’ve already aired my griefs with this being a thing already) is nice with the skins serving the typical points of being down to the pilot if they believe they look good or not. Rewards being every 3 stages is much nicer feeling than moon race where rewards felt lackluster most of the time and too far apart.


PvE changes

These feel nice and give a nice shift in balance from the old monotonous missions and shifts everything into an Ariadne’s thread style. The only gripe I have with this change is you no longer can swap ships between stages, so if you spawn in a Destroyer and wish to change to a Covert Ops for the next stage of the mission you now have to find a way to kill yourself to change ship. Why would I point this out? Different ships are good for different situations and being locked into one; or in my case being locked to a Destroyer - feels too restrictive, however there would be no way to do this without drastically changing pacing or adding new features. Other than ship change gripes, the change overall is nice, has good flow, provides lore and breathes challenge back into formerly trivial content with Seed Chips also giving players the confidence to go to higher levels more often.


Open Space additions

-Open Space races are fantastic but are far too hard to find, perhaps give a small  map icon showing where races can spawn

-Pirate Destroyers are seemingly  missing from Open Space still  with no reported spawns thus far (in the discord or to allies)

This was very disappointing to me especially as I had my fingers crossed hoping to see new Destroyers teased via this addition.

-Mining is a perfect addition. My only gripe is drones keep trying to mine for me and other players can sabotage my asteroids.

-New sectors are nice but some feel too empty. Temple of last hope in particular seems very empty and none of these sectors have designated module drops or anything other unique.



Bug in the Anthill

This game mode has potential. Currently aliens are _ far too strong _ with the Biomorph being an outright win guaranteed as it’s basically a recon with the EHP of a pre-nerf Destroyer. The biomorph feels like it should simply be another fighter variant instead of a interceptor as a beefy interceptor is simply too hard to kill, especially with the reduced controlling effect duration, absurd resistances and game mode bonuses to hull and shield. The fighter is also super strong but not outright unbeatable and the Predator and Hunter being the only two where humans stand a chance.


Hangar UI

The new hangar UI feels like a downgrade personally. The module and weapon icons are far too blown up and shows how low resolution the icons are for most modules, modifiers and weapons and the crew icon is far too discrete. Where it is currently is a little difficult to find when uninformed. The stat on the left side is a positive addition although the ship card shown when moused over doesn’t show crews/implants currently.


In Summary this update with the crashes excluded feels very good. The new events are nice (for now) and have a large amount of player investment and the new ships aren’t seemingly overpowered or far too hard to obtain like Custodian. The only balance changes I have an issue with are the alleged nerf to beam cannon range with the rest seeming logical.







What was the reason for removal of item presets? It’s sad that item presets were removed, I really liked that feature and it was the best QoL update in this year…


About chips, all of them except module cooldown are offence ones, also, the bonuses break everything, they are stupidly strong.

Loading presets caused unloading of chips for free instead of using credits/gs, they should be back soon™.

HammerHead is underwhelming.

Special Module “Autonomous Combat Station” isn’t autonomous, Isn’t for Combat. Take too long to be deployed and the Options are bad.

Weapon’s positioning is bad. Too much Blind Spot.

HammerHead is in Paper.

Mobile Barrier prevent your allies from firing from inside.

Mobile Portal is pointless and don’t help since enemies can use too.

Weapon “Drone Operator RepK-2” is another Barrel Cycled Firing Explosive Weapon.

Since everyone is finding ways to complain…


There aren’t enough aliens in OS yet. They need to capture more sectors and build bigger bases.


Oh and that cyber damage field in the captured sectors is mighty annoying.


I do agree that the new hangar interface is huge and “yucky” but it does make everything super easy to find. I just liked it better back when everything was in the same spot and small and I could actually see my ship.


But bee-sides this, I’m a big fan of the patch. Chips are hilariously fun when you can manage to find the yellow/red ones. White ones are the real powerhouses though.


The new alien mode is fun too but it’s basically a guaranteed win for the alien (with little to no effort on their part ever.)


I need more chips.



Yes, let’s disable ALL the seed chips in OS, not just the ones that -might- be causing the crashes. Because science!

Well, there’s the wall for now. Also F for the next Destroyer spawn.

Ok so aside from what other people said, I’ve got some more points to make:


The hangar interface is not the best, but it does make things more obvious, along with the option of seeing ship stats without implants.


The credits, mono, iridium and xeno gains have increased without a doubt, at least in OS, where you can get those from asteroids, cybers/aliens and even turrets that randomly spawn in sectors.


Chips are a whole new ordeal which need a lot of tuning, white chips can offer great advantages without drawbacks, blue chips rarely offer a good enough advantage to counteract the drawback, while yellow and red chips have interesting effects yet the base stats are mostly lackluster, getting the max rank is also an issue, so far I’ve never gotten a red chip above rank 13, although I’ve been using a R15 ship, and it does serve as an upper cap, meaning you won’t get R16 or 17 chips.

I doubt the frequent crashes are caused by chips, today I had no crashes at all, yet I’ve spent more time in other sectors, so the issue could be sector-specific, perhaps the game has a harder time handling two large stations and multiple events in sectors where you have more terrain, models, meshes or just assets in general.


The Invasion is slightly out of control, it’s tough to tell how much you’re helping with the tasks, as it takes the effort of multiple people to even halt the progress of taking the sector, some tasks aren’t even properly self-explanatory, took me a few days to realize that the “deliver x thing to the station” means taking an item that doesn’t have the same name, to the allied station in the sector, not the hangar (in retrospect, it would’ve made more sense). We’ve got yet to see what happens if the alien destroyer is not stopped, I believe it will start a capture in another sector that is not necessarily neighboring ones that are already captured, there is also the whole discrepancy with sectors which require a higher clearance level are more likely to be taken as they aren’t accessible to as many players(rip Jericho).


The situation with the presets is still unclear, if they are to be brought back, can we hopefully expect a rework? Will they be able to also remember Elly ship nodes and crew implants? They don’t cost anything to change, and also the option of taking modules from installed ships which aren’t in the combat slots for example.


All in all, great update, even if it was OS centered, it definitely brought a lot more life to it and reason to spend time in there than just doing mono tasks and occasionally hunting MCs.

Well my 2 cents

New ships : underwhelming as they do not offer anything that many other ships can’t do better while sporting subpar stats and modules.
Pass : It’s good rewards for the money but keeping that away from F2P people especially during christmas seems pretty stingy.

Invasion : Seems like a cheesy way to stop sector conquest players from earning good amounts of resources without straight up nerfing them.

(Since the aliens are basically unstoppable and spreading so fast)

New brawl : A literal mess, no fun and unbalanced, nobody wants to not be the alien so 90% of players are not motivated to play.

New maps : Some are cool, some are just annoying - all I got to say about that.
Seed chips : Cool idea, literally takes away any balance from all pve content and essentially whoever has the better seed chips and Rank 17 chips scores highest,

but makes pve more fun than it was before tbh.

UI changes : I hate any changes made to UI and I was super pissed when the icons were changed, I will never become a fan of this sort of thing but I can get used to it.

Best update I remember.
10/10, would update again.
I won’t go into detail, considering it would be copypasting changelog here.


Only thing is I hope that asteroid mining heat info was less seizure inducing.


Might need to specify: I play OS most of the time, so idk what’s up in other game modes.

I hope we get an event rollback now I guess. We’ve lost numerous sectors to server instability both in Conquest and Open Space and time zones are just making this impossible to fight off.

The new Ze’Ta deluxe bundle seems nice but $108 is pretty pricy… and that’s even 40% off. I’d be interested if it was like $60.

Improved client stability…  yes i noticed that i watched 30 minutes unable to conect.

Returned loadout saving to the Hangar…  thank god finally yes

Improved hangar design… What Where? is still the worst kind of eye cancer.



and do these stupid seed chips finally work in open space again? currently it didn’t look like it to me, and i have better things to do than hit a stupid alien for 3 hours. no idea which drunk Russian thought, hey we bring total op chips and 20 hours of alien raids with hunter and destroyer yay … oh and if the scrap cheap servers from china with the fire rate of 5000% can no longer cope it doesn’t matter …

wait i have another great idea, how about giant tentacles aliens, and we all need extra dlc chastity belts to protect our xxxx.

53 minutes ago, Cavi1 said:

Improved client stability…  yes i noticed that i watched 30 minutes unable to conect.

Returned loadout saving to the Hangar…  thank god finally yes

Improved hangar design… What Where? is still the worst kind of eye cancer.



and do these stupid seed chips finally work in open space again? currently it didn’t look like it to me, and i have better things to do than hit a stupid alien for 3 hours. no idea which drunk Russian thought, hey we bring total op chips and 20 hours of alien raids with hunter and destroyer yay … oh and if the scrap cheap servers from china with the fire rate of 5000% can no longer cope it doesn’t matter …

wait i have another great idea, how about giant tentacles aliens, and we all need extra dlc chastity belts to protect our xxxx.

The game no longer crashes every time it hangs for a few seconds on loading for me now

Module icons were sharpened and made a higher resolution, crews/implants are now shown on the stat card to the left of the screen and the weapon icon was made slightly less  w i d e although some missile icons are still horrificly low resolution

Seed chips have been re-enabled in open space

So far for undocumented changes:

Free hunter credit gain has been nerfed down from 1.75m to 500k base
Free hunter had it’s durability bumped up, it is now comparable to the Experimental Destroyer although it can still be slaughtered blindingly fast with seed chips

Experimental Destroyer aka “Wood louse” now drops a seed chip on kill
The seed chip is seemingly always yellow or red
Credit gain is untouched

The amount of enemies spawned on average at every health gate for Wood louse is lowered drastically

Saw on average 4 max down from 8-10

hmm well who had too much vodka for christmas? right the developers russians in moscow! i mean hey the alien destroyer is now 1000 times stronger and does a little more damage yay. 1 emiter does an unbelievable 0.01% damage to the destroyer, insane you only need the whole player base and 20 hours to kill the thing. I also have an idea, do the gravity xxxx and increase the range of the allien dung fly to 50k. believe me then the whole thing is a lot more fun, real people what a great update.

Huh I see they changed the EULA

Has anyone noticed problems with ordinary container farming?


After spending some time trying to fight off invaders, I noticed that while seed chips and assignment items dropped fine(probably, it’s possible they only dropped when I got the assist, not the kill), when I went to another zone for a few hours nothing would drop. I eventually went back to hanger and returned on my second choice Engineering ship, and got the usual ~10% container drop rate.


I suspect(though with the limited data set, it’s not much more than a guess) that the problem, if one exists, might be with the red seed chip effects: A Polonium Chip of Leaks, which has an effect that causes a radiation cloud when enemies are destroyed nearby, or an Investing Chip of Series, which creates an item granting a damage bonus when enemies are destroyed nearby.


I curious if anyone else has had a comparable or contrasting experience using that kind of red chip. It’s entirely possible that I was just really unlucky. For several hours. On one particular ship. I’ll do further testing when I wake up, but if anyone else is capable of testing with similar red chip effects, bonus item dropping or radiation cloud generating, more data is always appreciated.

Well. Here we are. We’ve seen almost all sides of the “event” and enough time has passed for hardcore players to get a Marten or Hammerhead without a New Foundation pass or trading.


This whole, invasion event. It’s getting really old. Really quiick. It takes  weeks  to defend a sector from cybers but last night when Warden’s Outpost Ruins was fought for it took _ less than an hour to reclaim it _. What is even the point defending sectors if all it takes it 40-50 minutes to take it back when the game says we can?

NPCs in attacked sectors make no sense. It’s just the generic police units from Dreamland but with no elites. The Special Forces or Military Police units that spawn when you get Danger level 5? None of them there. The most powerful police units have better things to do than fend off an alien invasion - like breaking the knee caps of some poor Engineer who accidentally caught an escort ship in the splash of their eclipse launcher.

New Foundation from my point right now - having done stage 40 earlier today with no pass. It felt kind of unrewarding. All the stuff that actually looked worth grinding for was pass only - even the free premium ship this time was pass only. Free players got a couple of skins, some neat looking Decors and the stage 40 decor doesn’t even work. Literally. I know it’s supposed to be the police lights from OS but right now it’s not visible at all on most ships.

Seed chips have lost their effect for me. I have a full setup of min-maxed rank 15 chips for spark capable of 900,000 DPS against Aliens. It’s okay I guess, I can waltz through a sector now and commit genocide by clicking on some random points on the screen but my old favourite ships in the lower ranks? I can’t pull anything that could bring them up to par. Rank 8 and 9 have two Seed chip slots. Two. Rank 8 and 9 seed chip effects are far from powerful and getting decently rolled stat variants is  obscenely  rare. I spent quite some time in Sanctuary defending it when I was refining my Spark setup and there was not a single seed chip below Rank 13 I stopped and thought to myself:  “yeah I can make a build around this - I could take some underpowered weapon and make it amazing”. I can’t do that for low rank ships. It’s just not possible.


Pirate fort raid coming back was nice I guess. First two stages are mostly the same with enemies just being stupider now since they got the “”""""“new”""""""" Ai which just does hit and runs constantly. It never actually stops to attack you. It just keeps running in straight lines. Even the Pirate Baron is a wash because of this quote en quote new Ai because it doesn’t actually attack you. The whole danger of the Pirate Baron was he came at you with those slow and deadly singularity cannons and you had to dodge them or perish. Now you can just strafe a little bit, deny the tractor beam and keep DPS’ing like there was nothing ever there.


The OS Destroyer almost everyone has given up on. The last kill I attended the server got so unstable whole wings were kicked consistently within the last 5% of it’s health. Some people just lost out on loot because of instability. Now the current version has been up for 4 days and barely lost any significant HP.
Wood Louse/Prolapse God/Experimental Destroyer has lost any and all challenge it ever held. The Destroyer bugs combined with Seed chips just make it a complete wash over, with the only threat being the “every now and then you might be stunned into a tempest missile”, how scary. It’s not even a boss at this point. It’s an elite mob. Not even elitte, a heavy. Traulers pose more of a threat than it does because more than one can stunlock you for minutes on end with nothing you can do.


All I can say is - this update looked interactive at first. But after being “involved” with it for so long, and tolerating the suffering of ECMs,Destroyer bugs and consequential events which you feel you have 0 implact on. I’m feeling the burn. Might be time to take a break.