Star Conflict 1.6.4a



Pilots! UMC scientists record a decrease in the wave of abnormal energy. Halloween time is over this year.



Destroyer Ze’ta

  • Revised the ship’s construction cost

Destroyer Black Ghost

  • Currently, the ship is blocked and using it is impossible!
  • This ship is available to players annually only during the “Halloween” event. Stay tuned!

Active module “Main caliber”

  • The weapon is always available to players. For use on other destroyers, you must remove the module from the ship “Black Ghost”

A progressive taxation scale for trade transactions has been introduced.
If the sum of your sales per week is:

  • less than 500 GS, then the sales tax is not applied,
  • less than 2000 GS — the tax will be 10% of the sale,
  • less than 4000 GS — the tax will be 20% of the sale,
  • less than 10000 GS — the tax will be 30% of the sale,
  • over 10000 GS — the tax will be 50% of the sale.

Weekly tournament rewards have been changed.
Now, participants in the tournaments of ranks 7-9 will get:

  • 350 iridium for 3 victories
  • 200 iridium for 2 victories
  • 100 iridium for 1 victory

The tournaments will no longer be held at 04:00 MSK.



  • For outdated resources, a separate tab has been made in the warehouse
  • The Last Man Standing mode has been added to custom battles
  • The GS reward for the task “Veteran” is replaced by a container with a set of resources

Bug fixes

  • Fixed price display in sales announcements
  • Fixed bug of improving the module “Main Caliber”



Pilots! An important update has been uploaded to the servers:



  • The preparation of the game world for the New Year update

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of bugs that occurred during trade transactions
  • Improved stability of game servers

The update’s description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a comprehensive list of all changes. Changes aimed at the development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.