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Saw my first ghost boat in battle today and it’s sick.

-10/10 Halloween event this year but it really should allow you to use the ship year-round. Maybe just remove the spooky stuff during the rest of the year. (green smoke etc)

-Can go 800m/s with environmental speed boost, ghost rush, and gravity scanner with proper modules/implants.

-And without the extra boosts, ghost rush can still get you well over the destroyer warp speed (500m/s).

-It’s also fun being able to rush in and not worry about insane credit costs for repairs. And it’s honestly not that OP of a ship (because it’s a dessy) and since it’s Imperial it’s already C-tier at its best.

-The Main Calibre cannon is interesting, but could use some help. Right now it is entirely out-performed by the Photon Emitter. I’d suggest that it work like the Remote Minelayer in that it can hold 2 “charges” and fire them one at a time. Each charge should be constantly re-loading at a rate of maybe 13 seconds per charge with a 1 second gap between charge firing. This is already double the recharge time of Photon, so it should cause no problems with half the range.


I agree, year round availability is important for purchases.I personally like the main cailiber weapon, and sincerely hope that the rest of the ship becomes a permanent addition to the game, though my suggestion would be to nerf it down to R11… it’s a cosmetic ship first and foremost, but it’s also competitive much like the NY18. Event ships that have to be PURCHASED, really shouldn’t disappear…

Not much to run through since my previous ‘Black Ghost’ thread pretty much covered the ship and just to reiterate:


The community is basically in agreement this ship should be available permanently


Ahem, that out of the way


Witch hunt

Always a fun little event with an achievement tied to it. I personally try my best to stockpile the missiles as much as I can whenever it shows up to screw with people later in the year.


Return of the Invasion

I’ve actually quite missed this although having it in every sector can be a bit obnoxious. 

Only feedback would be return the alient hunter mission when an invasion spawns so the invading ships can be seen permanently.


License changes

This will always be seen as a negative. The regular rate of progression should be boosted to compensate for this.


Small notes out of the way, I can agree on one point about Major calibre in which it should function like Vigilant’s minelayer.


Perhaps have a 3 second cooldown period between charged shells and a 15-20 reload cycle (one shell is 15-20 seconds). This module  is not weak.  It is obscenely strong in close range engagements and immensely satisfying to shoot down an interceptor mid dogfight with.


You just have to keep in mind: this module can be  paired with photon. It isn’t competing, it’s just… *sigh*… it’s basically locking down another module slot on Destroyers.

So now we have Wormhole and Photon as mandatory and when dealing with larger targets frequently, now major calibre.



To me the main problem with the Main caliber is that once activated it will stop rotating like Tempest and you would miss if you were to maneuver or go at a high speed while firing it, although making it still track even when firing could make it even more powerful, a full hit could cripple any interceptor that could try to sneak behind you should be able to react in time, it would also be useful to display it’s shell velocity, and also return that value for photon, which I recall being 1950 m/s, a halo with a booster has a velocity of 1980 m/s, which means you could use halo’s prediction for photon as well, but now that I think of it building that around the Main Caliber could once again increase it’s power.


Another wish I have is for the Main caliber to change it’s looks after the event, right now it looks like an old age turret, but I feel like it should get the sci-fi look once the event is over since you can’t supposedly install it in Black Ghost should it not be available anymore, and it would just look out of place.


Other things about update being some mono tasks and the announcement of changing the Veteran reward from 500 GS to 40 monos and (supposedly) other things is also good, to be fair GS can eventually go out of use if you have all premiums and if you know how to farm(it took me about 18 mins to kill Woodlouse with a bunch of randoms and got almost 7 million credits out of it, so do that every two hours, let’s say three times a day and you get yourself a pretty nice income on top of whatever other farming you can do while it’s not spawned)

Also, nothing in this patch to change up the meta again, which is a bit boring now.

I really hate the random “invasions” in OS. I’m not sure why this was added back as it makes some OS tasks significantly more difficult if you can’t survive to complete the mission, get attacked as soon as you spawn into the map, or have your transport killed because the biomorphs take a good minute to kill if you somehow don’t get killed first; resonating ammo I’ve found hardly makes a difference. Some OS tasks that I can complete with no issue on the first try I now have to make several runs on because of the biomorphs. I know some players can easily kill them, but for the rest of us they’re not a fast kill and they do a lot of damage.

So I posted the new trade tax info in chat and wrote “boooooooooo”. Now I mysteriously “cannot connect to the server”

On 11/8/2019 at 10:23 AM, RennieAshII said:

So I posted the new trade tax info in chat and wrote “boooooooooo”. Now I mysteriously “cannot connect to the server”

Unrelated. You didn’t receive a penalty in last 2 years ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) Maybe check the connection with con_tester?

Aliens in PvP…new bullsh*t. Why not add some dragons? Bots in PvP …old bullsh*t. Black Ghost…why?

20 minutes ago, BruTosGali said:

Aliens in PvP…new bullsh*t. Why not add some dragons? Bots in PvP …old bullsh*t. Black Ghost…why?

Because it’s fun.

(not bots in PvP tho. Those can go to heck.)

1 hour ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Because it’s fun.

(not bots in PvP tho. Those can go to heck.)

Then why don’t they remove them then? Just for fun? Just for a little while, two or three months maybe?See how it goes without them and if its bad then put them back? Is that too much to ask?

Aliens in PvP is actually old too ;p Happens during Halloween time.


Bots? well. They self destruct before you get to kill them. They use beam cannon with +40%dmg and accuracy 100% and vapourise all the interceptors in 3s. Not to mention coming across the GunshipGuard Fighter Thar’gas

A couple of suggestions :


  • Trades that complete when logged out of the game should show in the mail, or at least show us the income for the week/tax rate. Currently have to sell something to check.

  • Buying things with GS should count to a small deduction of “income” ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


  • Notifications should show behind the Timed Contracts/ Regular tasks etc windows - it’s annoying trying to read info/start tasks when notifications are popping over them, and clicking the notifications to make them go away faster closes the window. I guess the other option is to turn off most of the notifications…