Star Conflict 1.6.2b: Last Man Standing


New mode “Last man standing”


Former imperial sectors
System: Pandora
Location: House of the Rising Sun


Mercenaries! The Union of Free Legionnaires announces the start of special competitions, designed to form the elite of the surviving legionnaires. The competitions will be held in the Pandora system, known for its anomalous zones. Those who can hold out in the anomaly the longest and remain alive will be included in the top list of Legionnaires of the fringe sectors! And the best will receive a special prize — the figurine “Last man standing”!


We live together, we die alone!


  •  In the battle, each pilot only has to watch his own back.
  • The player can fly into battle on his ship, selected in the hangar before the start of the fight.
  • The spawn point is chosen randomly.
  • When the ship is destroyed, you can’t take it into battle again. 
  • The space available for flying gets smaller over time because of the anomaly.
  • Pilots can find temporary boosts on the map.
  • Your task is to stay alive as long as possible.

The brawl will be available to players from April 29 to May 13. Other brawls will be disabled for this period. 


The brawl is available:

  • 00:03–07:00 MSK
  • 14:00–18:00 MSK
  • 20:00–24:00 MSK


  • Disabled the display of enabled and locked ship slots in the Hangar.
  • Added the option to make notes in the lists of pilots.
  • The capacity of the lists has been increased to 500 positions per list.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where holograms would shoot rockets.
  • Fixed a bug where the module “Patron active defence” in detonation mode moved the ally together with the bomb