Star Conflict 1.6.2 Evolution. To the Pinnacle





Ellydium destroyer “Ze’Ta”


“Ellydium” corporation proudly presents the second stage of the path to perfection and the pinnacle of the evolution of ships! Now the Ellydium destroyer “Ze’Ta” is available for modifications of 12-14 ranks!


The ship was designed using the latest advances in the development of crystalline technology. Incredible offensive and defensive power make the destroyer almost invincible!


The ship’s unique feature is a remotely controlled special crystalline swarm, created under the personal guidance of doctors Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. This is a true weapon of retribution! Mankind’s sword of vengeance, forged by employees of the corporation “Ellydium”!




The resource “Crystal Neuron” is required to open the new nodes of the ship. 

  • A functional unit of the crystallid neural network.

You can build a “Crystal Neuron” from the special resources “Vitreous Dendrite” and “Crystal Axon”.  


Resource “Vitreous Dendrite”

  • Significantly branched outgrowths that deal with the information collected by the crystal neuron.
  • Used in the manufacture of the resource “Crystal Neuron”
  • Can be obtained in special operations “Destroyer” and “Defiler”    

Resource “Crystal Axon”

  • A long appendix that deals with crystal neurons communicating with each other.
  • Used in the manufacture of the resource “Crystal Neuron”
  • Can be obtained in the special operations “Return to Eden”

The number of resources extracted in Special Operations will increase as our scientists improve the technology for extracting Dendrites and Axons from the remains of crystallids. Once the scientists have mastered the technology of crystalline neural networks, the need for crystal neurons will disappear and they will be replaced with standard resources.


“Vitreous Dendrite” and “Crystal Axon” can be bought or sold in the “Trade” tab.


The second special module of the destroyer “Balanced Swarm”
Launches a crystalline swarm, which operates in several modes:
Defence mode

  • The swarm surrounds the destroyer and boosts its damage resistance and hull regeneration.

Attack mode

  • The swarm pursues a target captured by the destroyer and deals damage to it.

Hunt mode

  • The swarm scatters into several groups that attack nearby enemies. 

Active Module “Devastator beam"


For the Ellydium destroyer.

  • Highlights targets within range and deals damage. Generates clouds of particles that deal damage to and around the highlighted ships.

Transport module “Jump system Kapkan”


For the Ellydium destroyer.

  • The ship jumps forward. 
  • All those who were near it find themselves trapped for a few seconds and cannot move.

Happy Cosmonautics Day! 

We wish all our pilots a happy “Cosmonautics Day”! 58 years ago, the first manned flight into space took place. In honour of this event, information screens on space stations were updated and there are satellites instead of drones in space. Pilots can complete the special Cosmonautics Day achievement and take advantage of special holiday rockets.
Festive stickers


New unique holiday stickers have become available. The stickers will be available for a limited time!

  • The tourist
  • Friendship horizon
  • Fetch
  • Welcome to space
  • Let’s go!
  • Space nursery

 Get all the stickers in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Holiday Bundle #12”.




We have prepared holiday stickers available in the “Cosmonautics Day” bundle for all pilots:

  • Hello, people!
  • Stars are no toys!
  • Sweet space
  • Stars await
  • Beep-beep-beep
  • Space conqueror

 A special container with the festive stickers “Cosmonautics Day” can be purchased in the “Bundles” tab.


Decorate your fleet during the holidays! Let’s win together!


Festive painting of Endeavour and Spiral ships


Pilots! In honour of Cosmonautics Day, the ships Endeavour and Spiral get unique colouring schemes, available only in the bundle “Cosmonautics Day”. Ship components “Lost technology” Spiral and Endeavour can be obtained in a special container bundle “Star Conqueror. The container is sold for galactic standards.


Collect the legendary ships in a special holiday painting!


Please note that the Cosmonautics Day and Star Conqueror bundles will be available to players for a limited time


Star Conflict: Tai’Kin. Deluxe bundle



Attention, pilots! Special bundle “Tai’Kin. Elite bundle” will be available for a limited time from 08-00 MSK April 11 to May 13! Do not miss the chance to get a ship at a special price!


This bundle includes
The special configuration of the Ellydium recon interceptor Tai’Kin with a fully upgraded development tree and all unlocked nodes.
Tai’Kin weapons: 

  • T’Har’Ok beamer R5-9, R8-12 and R11-15
  • Tai’thaq R9-13 and R12-15
  • Tai’al launcher R8-12 and R11-15

Tai’Kin active modules:

  • Active module “Crystal destabilization” R4-8, R7-11, R10-14 and R13-15
  • Active module “Satellite crystal” R7-11, R10-14 and R13-15
  • Active module “Inhibitor crystal” R10-14 and R13-15
  • Active module “Crystal-infiltrator” R10-14 and R13-15
  • Active module “Hologram crystal” R10-14 and R13-15
  • Active module “Harvest crystal” R13-15

Tai’Kin modules and modifiers:

  • Predator’s instinct R4-8, R7-11 and R13-15
  • Camouflage shield refractor R5-9, R8-12 and R11-15
  • Crystal plates R5-9, R9-13 and R11-15
  • Emergency stasis system R5-9, R8-12 and R11-15
  • Combat shield regenerator R5-9, R9-13 and R11-15
  • Static shield regenerator R5-9, R9-13 and R11-15
  • Teleportation sphere R6-10, R9-13 and R12-15
  • Emergency jump R9-13 and R12-15
  • Inhibitor crystal R9-13 and R12-15
  • Warp-targeting R6-10, R9-13 and R12-15
  • Virtual particle condenser R6-10, R9-13 and R12-15

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Unique ship decoration “Night Stalker”
  • Unique title “Apex Predator”
  • Sticker pack “Shields”

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!


The ship Tai’Kin has absorbed all the latest achievements of “Ellydium” science laboratories that reached great heights in the development of Alien tech. The ship turned out incredibly fast and manoeuvrable. 


The development of the ship and its active modules was carried out by Dr Matthew Gilmore, the head of the mysterious and carefully protected Scientific Complex No. 2 of the Ellydium Theta station. And Conrad Dimeni personally oversaw the development. Tai’Kin was the first ship that was able to fully use the unimaginable properties of single bosons to change the space-time. 


Leagues. Operation “Shining”

Mysterious spatial tunnels leading to various locations of space have been detected in the “Shining” zone. Their research has shown that control over them is a very profitable business since portals lead to resource-rich sectors. 


To control the tunnels you need to capture the beacons in the location to which they are currently tied. 


Mercenary teams have begun an active struggle for resources and control over the wormholes. It turned out that the passage through them blocks high-tech equipment, weapons and ships. Pilots will have to fight on the few available ships that can pass through the protective field of wormholes. The list of banned ships and equipment can be found here.


The fight has begun! Only the strongest teams and the best pilots will be able to control the tunnels and get valuable resources!


Available portals:

  • Eastern portal
  • Western portal
  • Southern portal

In the new locations, battles are fought by the rules of the League.
The old leagues cease to exist.
The Leagues button now leads to new Invasion locations.
The new locations have their own game time - 17-00 UTC.



  • Wormhole projector
  • Increased recharge time.
  • Reduced the jump distance.

Sector Conquest

  • When playing with a wing in Sector Conquest, the influence points are equally divided among all participants. 


  • Now the firing angle of the guns of interceptor ships is 360 degrees. 
  • Improved in-game help.
  • Improved content of the Atlas.
  • Improved a number of loading screens. 
  • Improved display of bundles in the store.
  • Improved a number of visual effects.
  • Removed a number of tasks.



Pilots! An important update has been uploaded to the servers:



  •  The Southern portal now opens at 15:00 UTC instead of 19:00 UTC

The update’s description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a comprehensive list of all changes. Changes aimed at the development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.



Pilots! An important update has been uploaded to the servers:


Special modules
Balanced swarm

  • Increased resistance to damage and durability regeneration in defence mode


  • The Western portal now opens at 17:00 UTC instead of 19:00 UTC


  • Interceptor weapons no longer have 360-degree firing angles

The update’s description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a comprehensive list of all changes. The changes aimed at the development of the game world are introduced regularly and may not need the release of an update.

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