Star Conflict 1.6.11 Strike of the Empire


Pilots! The New Empire is ready to hand over the blueprints of the “Gungnir” frigate to UMC so that all mercenaries can experience the power of imperial technology.


Rank 16 long-range Empire frigate “Gungnir”



The newest long-range frigate Gungnir just left Sparta shipyard. With excellent characteristics, it has become a great addition to the Imperial fleet.


As we know, Spartan scientists studied the ruins of the Warden outpost in the Felony system for a long time. It was the secret projects of the Order of Emperor that allowed them to complete the development in the shortest possible time. One of the features of Gungnir was the ability to land on various objects for the purpose of firing its disintegrator. This powerful weapon shoots at the target twice and leaves no chance of survival.


However, Sparta’s generals decided that Gungnir was perfect for ground operations. Thus, separate detachments of frigates were sent to artillery units and used as heavy weapons to shell enemy fortifications.


Having carried out tests in real battles, Sparta sold blueprints to the UMC, and now mercenaries will be able to test the latest tech.

Artillery beam disintegrator

  • Special module
  • The ship lands on the surface. Landing increases hull resistance to all types of damage. After landing, a high-precision beam disintegrator is activated, each shot of which, in addition to the main shot, additionally deals thermal damage to frigates and destroyers. Take-off makes you invulnerable for a short time.



Le Claire cannon

  • Thermal weapon
  • Thermal double-barrelled close-range weapon. Fires unstable plasma clots that explode upon contact with the enemy.

Barrier blast

  • Active module
  • The next disintegrator charge slows down the enemy.
  • Incompatible with the modules “Weapon Overcharge” and “Tachyon Charge”.

TY-7 optics system

  • CPU modifier
  • Allows you to change the zoom level of the disintegrator. Increases view range.

To build a ship, you need special resources:

Vertical takeoff engine assembly.

  • Used to build the Gungnir ship.
  • Can be obtained by completing the “Battle for Gungnir” task
  • Available for trading

Vertical takeoff engine systems.

  • Used to build the “Vertical takeoff engine assembly”.
  • Can be obtained by capturing some locations in Sector Battle (“Dreadnought debris”, “Threshold”, “Control Post”, “Processing rig”)
  • Not available for trading

A number of corporations received logo stickers

  • Skill and Style
  • Syndicate
  • The Liu family


  • “Remove all modules” button now removes modules but does not remove Seed-chips
  • Now “Dual-channel repeater”, “Boson cannon”, “Disintegrator modifier”, “Harmonic drive”, “Quantum Railgun” and “Reserve generator” can be found in Open Space

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of issues in Ukrainian localization
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue in calculating the rating “A New Threat”
  • Fixed the inability to accept the license agreement at low screen resolutions


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