Star Conflict 1.6.10 Cosmonautics Day!



We wish all our pilots a happy “Cosmonautics Day”! 59 years ago, the first manned flight into space took place. In honour of this event, information screens on space stations were updated and there are satellites instead of drones in space. Pilots can complete the special Cosmonautics Day achievement and take advantage of special holiday rockets.


Event “A New Threat”. Time to attack!
Pilots! It’s time for a decisive offensive! UMC throws all its forces at the return of the enemy’s captured locations!

Take part in events, follow the information on the global map of Open Space, support dreadnoughts attacking Alien bases!

The fate of humanity and the outcome of the war with Aliens depends only on the pilots. We urge players of all levels and ranks to fight back against the Aliens!

Festive stickers and a new colouring scheme


New unique holiday stickers and a new colouring scheme have become available. The bundle will be available for a limited time!

  • “Alligator” colouring scheme
  • Sticker “Intourist”
  • Sticker “Friendship horizon”
  • Sticker “Fetch!”
  • Sticker “Welcome to space”
  • Sticker “Liftoff!”
  • Sticker “Space nursery”

You can get all the stickers and the pattern in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Festive Bundle #12”. The cost of the bundle will be automatically reduced if the player already owns stickers from the bundle.


Festive painting of Endeavour and Spiral ships


Pilots! In honour of Cosmonautics Day, the ships Endeavour and Spiral get unique colouring schemes, available only in the bundle “Cosmonautics Day”. Ship components “Lost technology” Spiral and Endeavour can be obtained in a special container bundle “Star Conqueror. The container is sold for galactic standards.


Collect the legendary ships in a special holiday painting!


Please note that the Cosmonautics Day and Star Conqueror bundles will be available to players for a limited time


Fight and earn xenochips! Get Premium ships!


A new window for collecting the special game currency — Xenochips — opens from April 9 to April 28! For a limited time, a number of Premium class ships can be bought with xenochips:

  • Siegfried
  • Black dragon
  • Crus Q
  • Scimitar
  • Konkistador

Bundles with Premium ship parts are available for purchase in the game store. Xenochips can be received as a reward for completing special tasks.

Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time, and after the end of the event, they will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. Make sure to spend your xenochips before the end of the event!


Star Conflict: Guardians of the Universe. Jellyfish


Pilots! Especially to confront Aliens, we have prepared several special ships, calling them “Guardians of the Universe”. The ships are specifically designed to destroy Aliens.


The ships will only be available at the official project store. The bundles will be available for a limited time. The bundle “Star Conflict: Guardians of the Universe. Jellyfish” is available until April 12.


The appearance of other ships will be announced in the news on the project website. Do not miss it!


This bundle includes

  • Federation interceptor Jellyfish.
  • 3 slots for installing Seed-chips.

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!


Immediately after the start of the new invasion, the Atlantic Alliance ordered the development of a new ship to combat Aliens. The project was executed by the Outpost shipyard. Developed in a few months, Jellyfish can be called one of the best creations of Outpost engineers.


The new plasma web is capable of placing the enemy ship into stasis. This feature allows Jellyfish to destroy any enemy in the shortest possible time. Bite and kill — that’s the motto of this ship!


Several factories are engaged in Jellyfish production at once in order to fulfill huge orders from Federation corporations. Outpost shipyard management contacted UMC and offered its services. Now every mercenary can get the latest covert ops interceptor.


When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.


Balance tweaks

  • Close combat damage ratio reduced to 2.5.

Destroyers (except Ze’Ta)

  • Maximum energy recovery increased by 10%.

Tackler fighters

  • Shield and hull resistances increased by 10 pts.


  • Ship rank upgraded to 13.

Command fighters bonus “Energy consumption of command modules reduced by 20%”

  • Bonus changed to “Command Module cooldown reduced by 15%”

Weapons, missile slot

  • Projectile speed has been increased to 4,500 m/s.
  • Spread reduced to 0.7 degrees.


  • Shield restoration increased from 345 to 500 units.

Plasma Discharger

  • Increased negative effect radius from 1000 to 2000 m.

Gauss Cannon

  • Time to complete overheating increased by 25%

RF Blaster

  • Damage increased by 5%.

“Eclipse” launcher

  • Hull regeneration increased by 25%.

“Halo” launcher

  • The radiation radius is reduced by 20%.
  • Radiation damage increased by 66%

Plasma minigun

  • Projectile speed increased by 24%

Thermal energy burner

  • Minimum projectile speed increased from 2000 to 4500 m/sec.
  • Maximum spread reduced to 1 deg.
  • Minimum T5 gun rank raised to 13

Quantum Railgun

  • Range increased by 600 m.
  • Damage increased by 15%.

Anomaly Generator

  • Maximum allowable beam deviation increased to 8 degrees.

Energy-neutralizing missile

  • Field radius reduced to 600 m.

Special modules
Guided hologram

  • Active time reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Duration of the immobilization effect is reduced to 4 sec.


  • Recovery from 1 drone reduced by 28.5%

Active modules
Mass plasma disturbance

  • Range reduced to 2000 m (by 33%).
  • Cooldown increased to 30 seconds for the MK.4 versions of the module.

ECM modules (side debuff)

  • Side debuff on energy combustion in ECM modules (for example, stasis generator) is no longer stacked.

Engine Deimos 13

  • Module ranks changed to 10-12.

Shield Havoc

  • The zone is charged 1 second faster.
  • Cooldown reduced by 30%.

Antisabotage 2.1

  • Cooldown increased to 47 seconds.

Repelling shield

  • Shield charge increased by 50%.

Relocation mechanism

  • Preparation time reduced to 2.5 seconds.

Static Barrier

  • Added barrier lifetime to the module description.

Multiphase shield (destroyers)

  • Active time increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

Wormhole projector

  • Launcher rotation speed increased from 90 deg/s to 135 deg/s.

Repelling Beam

  • Maximum repulsion speed has been increased to 800 m/sec.

Main caliber

  • The projectile flight speed is now specified.

Crystalline suppressor

  • Launcher rotation speed reduced from 360 deg/s to 180.

Camouflage shroud

  • Cooldown increased by 25%

Penetrating beam

  • Cooldown increased by 25%

Ship modifiers
Combat shield regenerator

  • You can install only 1 modifier.
  • Regeneration efficiency increased by 35%.

Asynchronous Shield Projector

  • Shield regeneration increased by 10%.

Capacitor Power Relay

  • Shield regeneration increased by 10%


  • Added a counter until the end of the current event to the Hangar
  • “Spectrum” field of bots in Sector Conquest has changed, now it reduces radar visibility

Bug fixes

  • Fixed and improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Fixed an issue with accepting user agreement on small screen resolutions
  • Improved stability of game servers
  • Fixed a bug with experience when improving items

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