Star Conflict 1.6.1 Return to Eden


Pilots! The UMC, on behalf of Ellydium, announces a special contract for the protection of a special scientific expedition to all mercenaries. The contract is valid for groups of 10 to 12 pilots. The pilots’ task is to cover the Dreadnought “Defiant” for the time necessary for scientists to obtain scientific data on the new species of aliens — the Devourer. Act together with the team of the dreadnought, that previously met with the monster and survived! Good luck!


New raid “Return to Eden”


After the latest Ellydium dreadnought “Defiant” managed to return to its base at the “Pilgrim-11” complex, the data it received were processed by the specialists of the corporation. It turned out that in the first experimental flight the dreadnought faced a new kind of crystallid, called the “Devourer”, for its incredible size, features and firepower. It seems that we saw a sample of new alien technologies. Perhaps it is a kind of fusion of crystallids and biones. The scientists of the Ellydium Corporation cannot stand aside and are assembling a new Expedition to the Devourer’s habitat. 


Special rewards for the special operation “Return to Eden”


Pilots! The head of Ellydium corporation’s security service Arlette Sokal announces an additional reward for the best mercenaries participating in the special operation “Return to Eden”.


All pilots who participated in the special operation will appear on the leaderboard. If the pilot manages to exceed his previous result in subsequent attempts, then his best score in the leaderboard is updated. 

  • Those pilots who will rank from 1 to 120 in the leaderboard will receive 1000 galactic standards.
  • Those pilots who will rank from 1 to 12 in the leaderboard will also receive 1000 monocrystals and 1000 xenocrystals!

The rewards will be automatically awarded to pilots as of the leaderboard at 09-00 MSK on February 28.


We will publish intermediate results in the official “VK” and “Facebook” communities. Follow the news!


Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Pilots, the Star Conflict team wishes you a happy holiday — Valentine’s Day! May happiness, love and luck always help you in battle!


Festive achievements
Especially for the holiday, we have prepared unique achievements for all pilots:

  • Achievement “Deadly Kiss”. Destroy or help destroy one ship by ramming. Achievement is available until 09-00 MSK February 20.
  • Achievement “Close Contact”. Destroy or help destroy one ship by ramming on the ship “Thar’Ga”. Achievement is available until 09-00 MSK February 20.



New unique holiday stickers have become available. The stickers will be available for a limited time!

  • Dopamine
  • Gentle matter
  • Superstar bear
  • Love abduction
  • Alien friend

Get all the stickers in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Holiday Bundle #14” 


New DLC with rank 8 destroyers


We continue releasing bundles with destroyers. This time you will get bundles with the ships Invincible, Procyon and Archon.


**The bundle “Star Conflict: Empire destroyer Invincible” includes:

  • Rank 8 Empire destroyer “Invincible” 
  • Unique destroyer weapon: 
    • Meson cannon
  • Special weapons for suppressor destroyers:
    • Multiphase shield
    • “Tempest” launcher
    • Blaster turret
    • Pyro emitter

The Invincible line of ships was created during the second war for the Bartle sector and has been constantly improved since then. True “workhorses” of the Imperial Spacefleet were used everywhere for fire support in offensive operations. Military doctrines changed, the fleet was updated, but Invincible always remained in the ranks. In many years of production and operation, more than forty different models and countless modifications of the destroyer were created. The latest model of Invincible is deservedly considered the strongest link in the modern fleet of the Empire.


The bundle “Star Conflict: Federation destroyer Procyon” includes 

  • Rank 8 Federation destroyer “Procyon” 
  • Unique destroyer weapon: 
    • “Halo” launcher
  • Special weapons for suppressor destroyers:
    • Multiphase shield
    • Wormhole projector
    • Plasma turret
    • Emitter: Repelling Beam

Only six months after the bankruptcy of Sol-X Inc it turned out that the corporation was spying on Federation shipyards for the Empire. By that time, the most valuable database with all the information about the Federation ships was sold at an auction. The private investor who bought it was soon discovered to have died under strange circumstances. The fate of the Sol-X database is unknown. More recently, the corporation Procyon, previously unknown to anyone, introduced the destroyer of the same name. Despite the fact that most experts are inclined to believe that Procyon was created precisely because of the Sol-X databases, the authorities were not able to present the corporation with any charges. With its high-tech destroyer, the corporation won the state tender without any problems.


The bundle “Star Conflict: Jericho destroyer Archon” includes: 

  • Rank 8 Jericho destroyer “Archon” 
  • Unique destroyer weapon:
    • Coilgun 
  • Special weapons for suppressor destroyers:
    • Multiphase shield
    • Gravitational lens
    • Photon emitter
    • “Tempest” launcher

Archon destroyer was first used in a battle with Aliens in the year 4616 by the Mendes family. The appearance of the prototype on the battlefield caused heated debate. The destroyer’s design was too reminiscent of the work of the great master Arthur Liu, who died in the crash of “Monolith”. The surviving members of the Liu family accused Mendes of theft. However, the Family Council, struck by the power of the destroyer, did not listen to them. Following the demarche of the Mendes family and their exile to quarantine sectors, Archon became the basis for the strike power of their fleet. 


Deadly Sector Conquest battles continue!

  • Team size in battles increased to 12 pilots. The maximum wing size remains the same — 8 people. 
  • Reduced the maximum weapon range on all ships participating in Sector Conquest.

Game modes

  • The number of pilots in the team is increased to 8

Changed the conditions of the task “Special upgrades (daily)”
Added new tasks:

  • On earning effectiveness in Invasion as part of a wing
  • A new task for the new raid

Damage assignments now work only in PvP, PvE, Versus AI, and Invasion modes        



  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Removed “Abandon ship” option
  • Corporate iridium icon received the symbol “C”
  • Achievement for completion of the three missions renamed to “Cutthroat” 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed repair costs
  • Improved stability of game servers
  • Improved client stability
  • Fixed the construction of the second corporation dreadnought
  • Fixed errors in the conditions of a number of tasks


An important update was installed on the game servers:

  • Fixed technical problems with the statistics server

The update’s description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a comprehensive list of all changes. Changes aimed at the development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.

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