Star Conflict 1.6.0d



Star Conflict universe turns 7!
On February 1, our game universe turns 7 years old and we are extremely happy to celebrate the anniversary with you!


These days, the game developer Targem Games, with one of its divisions being Star Gem Inc., the developer of the Star Conflict project turns 17 years old. We wish the company new heights and new games! 


In honour of the game’s birthday, we prepared gifts:

  • A special holiday pattern is available once again.
  • New unique festive stickers in honour of the 7th anniversary of the game have become available. The stickers will be available for a limited time!
    • Orbit-7
    • Seventh tooth
    • Sevenfeet
    • Cocktail stick
    • Happy container
  • Unique stickers in honour of the 17th anniversary of the company “Targem Games”, the developer of the game “Star Conflict”. The stickers will be available for a limited time!
    • Seventeen carats
    • Seventeenth round
    • Source crystal
    • Sector seventeen
    • Starcake

Get all the stickers and the festive pattern in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Festive bundle #7” and “Festive bundle #17


Special festive rockets
In addition, we decided to launch fireworks in the Fringe Sectors, of course, with your help. Now for some time you can admire the fireworks in the game and thoroughly celebrate in game modes. 


A special achievement, which can be obtained only during the holiday.
For the most distinguished, we have prepared a special achievement, which can be obtained only during the holiday.

  • Deal damage with a special anniversary battery of rockets

Special patterns free for all pilots!


Pilots! The time for presents is not over yet! As we promised earlier, all pilots get a special present in January!

  • All players who have spent more than 1000 hours in the game get a unique animated pattern“New Year 2019”, as well as patterns“New Year’s Fireworks” and “Festive”.
  • All players who have spent from 100 to 1000 hours in the game get a unique pattern “New Year’s Fireworks” and a pattern “Festive”.
  • All players who spent less than 100 hours in the game get a unique “Festive” pattern.

The presents are automatically sent to player accounts. Game time was calculated at the time of the Star Conflict 1.6.0d launch


Deadly Sector Conquest battles!


Pilots! UMC announces the start of the deadly Sector Conquest battles. At the time of the event, the number of possible respawns in SecCon is limited by the number of ships taken into battle. If you lose the ship during the battle, you will not be able to fly it again. 


Deadly battles will start on January 31.



  • Corporations get the opportunity to own three dreadnoughts at the same time
  • 3 new maps added
  • Added SecCon battle practice to “Custom battle”
  • Added a daily task with a reward of 5 monocrystals

PvP and Versus AI modes


  • “Versus AI” mode is now available for ranks 1-17
  • The Skirmish button has been renamed PvP Arena and is available from rank 5
  • The button “Versus AI” has been renamed to “Skirmish”
  • PvP quests can now be completed by playing “Versus AI”
  • “Custom battle” and “Brawls” are available from rank 5.

UMC missions

  • The mission “Ariadne’s Thread” is once again available to players

Weapons and modules
Crystalline swarm
Now the swarm, too far removed from the destroyer, is destroyed
Before the destruction, some time is given to reduce the distance to the destroyer

  • The “Crew” button is moved to the combat slots
  • The “Atlas” button has been moved to the previous “Crew” button position
  • The “Leaderboards” button is renamed to “Achievements” and combines the achievements, medals and leaderboard screens
  • The buttons “Atlas”, “Achievements”, “Medals” are removed from your own profile window
  • In other pilots’ profile windows the leaderboards, medals and achievements are combined in the button “Achievements”
  • Some buttons, such as “Custom battle”, “Brawls” and “Map” in the mode selection window were swapped for better grouping by PvP and PvE activities.


  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Improved a number of visual effects
  • Improved a number of PvE missions 

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability of game servers 
  • Fixed a bug with radar destroyers and certain equipment 
  • Fixed a container error on the map “New Eden Station” 
  • Fixed a loss of input focus when trading and manufacturing 
  • Fixed a target lock icon bug
  • Fixed the lack of icons of some effects in “Conquest” mode 
  • Fixed the damage dealt in the profile of some pilots 
  • Fixed a bug with identical icons of different versions of some guns 
  • Fixed the influence of the level of installed weapons on the damage of the special module “Cluster missile”