Star Conflict 1.6.06 ⅙




This week you will see truly amazing changes. The owners of Brokk ships suddenly started delivery pizza to the fringe sectors. Professor Lesorticz from the laboratory TG19 of the Ellydium Corporation suggests that this has got something to do with crystallides, continuing their experiments with viral Bione technologies. The infection does not just change the appearance of the ship, but also the behaviour of pilots! We urge you not to be afraid if a pizza or pasta suddenly arrives in battle.
PS The pizza’s very good, you should try it. 


Infected weapons



Today we learned that the crystallides infected technology of all sides of the conflict. Any weaponry is now dangerous for pilots! Engineers are trying to cure the guns of the mysterious infection of aliens, but this takes time. There’s a theory that victory over the virus depends on your professional qualities. Everything’s in your claws!

This year some types of missiles were also infected! Employees from the laboratory TG19 of the corporation “Ellydium” are currently carefully investigating the problem. And they’re asking for more!


Festive stickers


New unique holiday stickers have become available. The stickers will be available for a limited time!

  • Astrocat
  • Furry space
  • Tab-51
  • Lady with an astronaut
  • First tomato velocity
  • Smashing

Get all the stickers in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Holiday Bundle #1/33”.


To celebrate the holiday we have prepared special holiday stickers that previously belonged to a space trucker. They say they help accompany the caravans!

  • Take it easy
  • I’ll cover you
  • Kick me
  • Bandaids won’t help
  • Take it slow
  • Beware of Biomorphs

As well as festive stickers available in the “Sarcastic Container” bundle:

  • Smile!
  • Baby on board
  • I hate Aliens
  • My favourite day
  • Peace!
  • No sleeping!

Special containers with holiday stickers “Space trucker bundle” and “Sarcastic container” can be purchased in the “Bundles” tab.

Decorate your fleet during the holidays! Let’s win together!

Weekly Tournaments
Remembering the ancient earthly wisdom “As you call a boat, so it will float” we paid attention to the tournament aspect. The name of your team will better match its qualitative composition.


Biomorph Ships




Pilots! Biomorphs infected technology of all sides of the conflict. In addition to weapons, the greatest changes were made to the ships Katana and Styx. We urge pilots to be extremely careful when using them!


Now, the Zeta destroyer swarm can not only attack enemy ships but also go to school and college for you, stay at home with children or attend parent meetings.


Game Modes
We liked how you play in the brawls, and we decided to replace other game modes with brawls. Now in all PVP battles, you will play football one week, then a week in “Survival”. Then back to football. Then again to “Survival”…


Open world
Now in the “Open World,” there are cities, towns and villages. We did a complete simulation of the real world. Many NPCs are ready to give you tasks. You can haul goods between cities and attack the caravans of other pilots. A unique neural network controls all the characters in the world. But as soon as we launched the system, the aliens flew into the “Open World” and destroyed everyone.


Now you can put new unique engines “Hover” on your ships. They have proven themselves on the battlefields of another universe. We are confident that all pilots will certainly want to equip their ships with these wonderful engines. At the moment, testing is carried out on Brokk ships infected with crystals.


Now all balance changes will be announced exclusively in the stories published on the official project website. Carefully read into every line! 


Bug fixes
Fixed many bugs in locations. We reshot all the panoramas of all locations without bugs! We are not planning to change anything in the game…  


We wish all players a happy holiday! We hope that you will enjoy the new version of the old game. After all, it is made on the basis of our ideas about your wishes.