Star Conflict 1.6.0 Rise of Giants



We wish all pilots a Merry Christmas and present a great winter update for Star Conflict! The game now has a new PvE-mission “The price of trust”. We significantly changed the system of PvE missions and their availability. Added a new location “Pilgrim-11” for PvP battles. And most importantly — very soon all pilots will be able to get the incredible “Ellydium” destroyer!


New PvE system “UMC Missions”

As promised, we are significantly changing and expanding the system of PvE missions in the game.  Now, missions for ranks 1-17 will have multiple dynamic difficulty levels from 1 to infinity. Players initially have access only to the first difficulty level. Subsequent levels will become available as you progress through the previous ones. Enemies in the missions become stronger with each level. Mission level is selected by players on the ship selection screen. Players will also be able to get stronger as part of the PvE missions, by buying their own special bonuses that only work in PvE.

  • All pilots completing PvE missions get a special valuable resource “Insignia”
  • The earned Insignia can be used to increase mission levels
  • The earned Insignia can be used to enhance your defences and power in PvE missions. 

PvE Mission of ranks 6-17 and above are now called “Deadly Challenges”. They are not covered by the new system. 


The new PvE Missions will be constantly available for some time after launch, and then they will be added to the general list of available missions.

  • There is a limit for the new PvE resource — Insignia. The set limit of 200 units is sufficient for players to reach the 80th progress level. As soon as we make sure that everything works as intended, the limits will be adjusted.
  • Infinite PvE missions are tied less to player skill and more to the time they spend. This should give players a sense of progress, similar to classic RPGs.
  • The respawn system in all PvE has also been reworked. Now, in each PvE players will only have a limited number of respawns. We will closely monitor whether the current number of respawns is sufficient and tune them, if necessary. 
  • In contrast to the infinite PvE, we added deadly challenges, which are designed for experienced players. Their difficulty is much higher, and the reward is increased.
  • In special operations, the number of respawns per player is set to 10. This is the average number of player respawns in battle.

New PvE-mission “The price of trust”


This is an urgent message from the UMC. The security service of Ellydium Corporation has just placed a contract for all experienced mercenaries. 


The dreadnought “Defiant” requires urgent repairs. Immediately after the dreadnought’s breakdown, its captain Red Bacon turned for help to his old acquaintance Landao, a well-known adventurer who managed to unite scattered gangs of opportunists and create his own small free republic among the forgotten rocks of the Raider Range. As a result, virtually all of the dreadnought’s command was captured by Landao’s pirates. And the ship itself is stuck in the system. 


The UMC is forced to attract all available pilots and mercenaries to repel the attack. You have to urgently arrive in the Kayeed system in the Raider Range area, protect the dreadnought and repel the attack. Due to Landao’s treachery, Ellydium came very close to losing the experimental dreadnought. 


This is probably just the beginning. Someone very influential and prepared wants to take possession of the dreadnought at any cost. 


New location “Pilgrim-11”


You’ve never seen the corporation “Ellydium” like this!
Welcome to the multifunctional complex “Pilgrim-11”. It includes an advanced laboratory that works in the field of agriculture, renewable natural resources and environmentally friendly fuels. Despite the shaky situation in the galaxy, Ellydium boldly looks forward, creating a better future for each of us.
Please note that the planet has a mild climate and flora and fauna are highly developed. All this creates an extremely favourable environment for living. There is a residential area next to the laboratory, as well as recreation and rehabilitation centres. Hydroponic factories are located on the surface of the planet.
Let’s move on to the next…
— Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
— Of course. Your opinion is very important to us.
— What is the dreadnought doing here? Does “Ellydium” have ships of this class!?
— No comments. Please let’s go to the next gallery.


Ellydium destroyer “Ze’Ta”



Corporation “Ellydium” proudly presents its main achievement — the latest destroyer, built by scientists at the station “Ellydium Theta”. The ship was designed using the latest advances in the development of crystalline technology. Incredible offensive and defensive power make the destroyer any team’s trump card in any battle. The vessel can provide fire support in both offensive and defensive operations.


The ship’s unique feature is a remotely controlled special crystalline swarm, created under the personal guidance of doctors Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. This is a true weapon of retribution! Mankind’s sword of vengeance, forged by employees of the corporation “Ellydium”!


The ship will be available to all players from January 4. Until them, all pilots can prepare the resources necessary to get the ship among the first.


 You can learn more about all the features of the Ellydium destroyer “Ze’Ta” from the news on the official website of the game.


Special UMC tasks for monocrystals and xenocrystals!

Mercenaries! Holidays are coming. It’s time to complete special tasks and get additional resources needed to build Ellydium ships.  

  • The tasks can be completed once per day
  • As a reward, pilots will receive monocrystals and xenocrystals
  • The tasks will be available for a limited time. You will learn about the end of the event from the news on the official website of the project.

New DLC with rank 14 destroyers


To celebrate the holidays, we are releasing bundles with the destroyers Vigilant, Tyrant and Sirius 




The bundle “Star Conflict: Empire destroyer Vigilant” includes:

  • Empire rank 14 destroyer Vigilant 
  • Unique destroyer weapon Vacuum resonant laser. 
  • Unique destroyer modules:
    • Active module “Remote minelayer”.
    • CPU modifier ”Vulnerability Detector”. 
  • In addition, pilots will receive special weapons for support class destroyers:
    • Active module “Photon emitter”
    • Active module “Gravitational lens”
  • Colouring scheme “Iceberg”



The bundle “Star Conflict: Jericho destroyer Tyrant” includes:

  • Jericho rank 14 destroyer Tyrant 
  • Unique destroyer weapon “Thermoactive weapon”. 
  • Unique destroyer modules:
    • Active module “Isotope Harvester”. 
    • Shield modifier “Warp stream detector”. 
  • In addition, pilots will receive special weapons for support class destroyers:
    • Active module “Photon emitter”
    • Active module “Gravitational lens”
  • Colouring scheme “Gzhel”



The bundle “Star Conflict: Federation destroyer Sirius” includes:

  • Rank 14 Federation destroyer Sirius  
  • Unique destroyer modules:
    • Active module “Destabilizing field”. 
    • Engine modifier “Augmented cooler”. 
  • In addition, pilots will receive special weapons for support class destroyers:
    • Active module “Photon emitter”
    • Active module “Gravitational lens”
    • Active module “Tempest launcher”
  • Colouring scheme “Liquid metal”

Christmas mood for the entire holiday!


We wish all pilots happy holidays: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! We wish you good luck, health, happiness, success in life and in Star Conflict! 


To create a festive atmosphere, we have prepared a lot of nice little things:

  • Christmas decorations for hangars.
  • Fir-trees have grown instead of beacons! And drones have become New Year’s toys!
  • Festive rockets are now on sale.
  • Some UMC employees and representatives of special services from various factions and corporations that are actively working with mercenaries look extremely elegant and festive these days!

Special festive stickers


Pilots. We have prepared special festive stickers that can be purchased for galactic standards in the in-game store:


The bundle “New Year is coming!” will be available in the game store until December 27. It includes the following stickers:

  • Astropig
  • Squeaker
  • Snoutfather
  • Jetpig
  • Santa 51

The Christmas bundle will be available in the game store from December 27 to January 3. It includes the following stickers: 

  • Santa Sirius
  • Christmas stocking
  • Into the New Year
  • A star is born
  • Deer on vacation

The bundle “Ready for the holiday!”  will be available in the game store from January 3 to January 10. It includes the following stickers:

  • Gingerbread space
  • Snowman-8
  • Astrudolph
  • Frost’s present
  • Right hook

Special patterns free for all pilots!

In January all pilots will get a special present!

  • All players who have spent more than 1000 hours in the game will receive a unique animated pattern“New Year 2019”, as well as patterns“New Year’s Fireworks” and “Festive”.
  • All players who have spent from 100 to 1000 hours in the game will get a unique pattern “New Year’s Fireworks” and a pattern “Festive”
  • All players who spent less than 100 hours in the game will receive a unique “Festive” pattern.

Components for the ships Gargoyle and Dart in post-battle trophy search 


UMC intelligence has intercepted information about components of rare ships in conflict zones. According to our data, pilots can now find components of the ships Gargoyle and Dart in post-battle trophy search

  • Components of the ship Dart can be obtained in battles on ships of rank 11
  • Components of the ship Gargoyle can be obtained in battles on ships of rank 12

Time to prepare the fleet for new victories and build your dream ship!


Cyber Santa bundles Dart and Gargoyle


The Special New Year bundles “Cyber-Santa Dart” and “Cyber Santa Gargoyle” are now available to all players.


The “Cyber Santa” bundles contain unique bonuses to credits and experience. Christmas stickers and the title “Cyber Santa’s Helper”. The bundles can be bought repeatedly. In this case, the active time for the same bonuses stacks. 



  • “Pirate Santa”
  • “Santa’s sled”
  • “Christmas Tree”
  • “Gifts”
  • “Christmas cookie”

And only in these bundles the pilots will receive components of premium ships: rank 11 Jericho fighter Dart and rank 11 Empire frigate Gargoyle! 


Elite Smuggler Bundle


“Elite Smuggler Bundle” is an improved version of the Smuggler Bundle that contains a set of colouring schemes, including a unique pattern “Golden Dragon” for your ship! 



The pattern “Golden Dragon” was designed for those who want to show off their special status. 


Colouring schemes:

  • “Golden Dragon”
  • “Invasion”
  • “Gzhel”
  • “Desert Camo 1”
  • “Summer camo 1”
  • “Desert Camo 3”
  • “Metallic”
  • “Snow 2”
  • “Snow 1”
  • “Ice Crystal”
  • “Iceberg”

Sector Conquest

  • Influence points and rewards for wing-against-wing battles are doubled! 


  • Federation dreadnought received +10% to fleet points
  • Imperial Dreadnought’s shields are boosted by 10%

Experience transfer
Pilots! UMC reports that the exchange rate for free experience and Galactic standards has changed. Now the exchange rate is 1 GS = 600 free experience points!


Free experience can be used to upgrade any ship.


The list of components available for trading has been expanded. You can now buy or sell parts for the production of the following ships:

  • Spiral
  • Gargoyle
  • Granite
  • Project 1011
  • Dyrnwyn
  • Spike
  • Wolfhound
  • Endeavour
  • Zhen
  • Dart
  • Singularity


  • Active module “Patron active defence” can no longer be used more than once every 60 seconds
  • Improved a number of interface elements
  • Added blocking for ships of unsuitable ranks
  • Improved description of ship component containers 
  • The ship Pilgrim is now out of production. Owners of the ship can continue to fly it
  • Ammunition available through the Workshop is now available to any rank 8 ships

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the special module of the ship Brokk
  • Fixed a bug with effects of some ammunition against Aliens
  • Fixed a number of errors in texts, descriptions
  • Fixed placement of mines in the mission “Operation Monolith”