Star Conflict 1.5.8 Halloween in space



Every year at the end of October in the Earth’s calendar, a wave of anomalous energy passes through the Universe. This period is called Halloween according to an old Earth tradition. Fanatics and cultists who worship the Signal believe that the souls of the dead come to our world on Halloween. 


Previously, scientists explained this phenomenon by the fact that it was at this time that the Signal reached its peak. Every year countless laboratories conduct daring experiments to tame the energy of the Signal. A few years ago, one such project of Jericho ended in disaster. After that, all objects with an active signal were assigned the code name W.I.T.Ch. 


The protocol “W.I.T.Ch. Hunt” is now active Mercenaries can earn special rewards for destroying W.I.T.Ches!


“W.I.T.Ch. Hunt” protocol!
UMC dug up special long-discontinued weapons in warehouses. Only these weapons are guaranteed to protect mercenaries from the Infected. Using missiles “MEM Inquisitor”, you must destroy the ships of those mercenaries who are suspected of carrying the alien infection. Infected are among all combat roles — you need to destroy at least one host from each role.
The best mercenaries will get a special achievement and a special title!


Surprise alien attack!


Pilots! We learned that alien activity has suddenly sharply intensified. We associate increased activity with the anomalous energy wave. Be especially careful and cautious these days. Spontaneous portal openings and alien attacks are possible during battles.


Miranda Del Arte’s Special Tasks
The “New Day’s Signa” Brotherhood reminds you: “Signal’s Peak” is approaching: it’s a troubled time when the spirits of the dead come to collect their tribute from the living! Miranda Del Arte offers special assignments for mercenaries! As a reward, you will get monocrystals.


Scary sounds!
Some pilots report hearing extremely spooky sounds and demonic laughter when dockingd with stations. Perhaps this is somehow connected with the W.I.T.Ch. operation. We managed to intercept and record one of these messages:



“Detonation” mode


The Center has received alarming reports that special bombs in the PvP mode “Detonation” look extremely suspicious! We urge all pilots to be as attentive as possible in these dangerous times. 


Strange faces
Some employees of the UMC as well as employees of intelligence representatives and corporations that are actively working with mercenaries, have been looking extremely strange and suspicious recently. Perhaps this is somehow related to Signal’s Peak. But it is also possible that these are just festive costumes.


Special offer! The “Halloween 2018” pack for 666 GS! 

  • Colouring scheme “Pumpkin”!
  • Scary stickers!
  • A spooky 66.6% bonus to experience and credits for 3 days!

Attention! The pack can be purchased an unlimited number of times. In this case, the cost of purchased goods will be deducted from the final price. When you purchase the pack more than once, the bonus time is reset!


The “Halloween” pack will be available to all pilots only during the holiday: from October 25 to November 8. The colouring scheme and stickers will stay with you forever! Available in the game store!


We will continue to inform all pilots about the strange events that are happening these days in the Fringe Sectors. Stay tuned!


Changes to ship crafting resources

Pilots! In this difficult and dangerous time, the UMC engineers continue to work on optimizing the ship manufacturing processes. Today they have prepared particularly important changes.


Very soon, approximately from November 8, such resources as Neodium, Beryllium and Electrum will be removed from the game. Other existing resources will be used for crafting. We have no plans to introduce new resource types.


The changes will affect the following components:

  • Reinforced destroyer structure
  • Stabilized destroyer structure
  • Empire destroyer computing systems
  • Empire destroyer CPU
  • Empire destroyer activator
  • Federation destroyer computing systems
  • Federation destroyer CPU
  • Federation destroyer activator
  • Jericho destroyer computing systems
  • Jericho destroyer CPU
  • Jericho destroyer activator
  • Neodium plate
  • Impure neodium
  • Enriched beryllium
  • Beryllium
  • Enriched electrum
  • Electrum
  • Destroyer exterior structures
  • Destroyer auxiliary structures

These resources will remain active and available for trade in the upcoming two weeks. After that, these resources will be taken out of the game, and components for ship assembly will be revised. 



  • Improved a number of visual effects and interface elements. 
  • Now the Tasks button is locked up to access level 3 inclusive. 
  • The “Crew” and “Storage” tabs are swapped. 
  • Revised the amount of experience required for levelling your ship up
  • Changed the cost of upgrading modules, modifiers and weapons
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
  • Improved the default HUD settings. 
  • The maximum number of credits in your account has been reduced to 440 million.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where achievements for “Skirmish” were awarded in the “Versus AI” mode.