Star Conflict 1.5.7c


Attention all pilots! This is an urgent message from the UMC. 
The old political structure of the world fell under the overwhelming Alien onslaught. The news coming to us from the metropolises is not comforting. Many hub worlds ceased to exist as such, and the political and economic ties that we are familiar with have completely disintegrated.


In this trying time, it’s more important than ever to unite for all those who survived. The United Mercenary Center Council announces the most important change in payment for completed pilot contracts. 


Loyalty Voucher changes

From this point on, there is no longer any difference in “Loyalty Vouchers” received for assignments and battles. The individual faction “Vouchers” are no more. All “Loyalty Vouchers”, received by pilots, are now unified. They are now called “UMC Loyalty Vouchers”. 

  • All previously acquired “Loyalty Vouchers” were added up on your personal accounts and were not lost.
  • The amount of “Vouchers” for completing tasks remained the same.
  • The maximum limit on “Loyalty Vouchers” has not changed. It’s currently at 1 million.

Changes in game economy

  • We have limited the maximum number of credits on your account 
  • Accounts can no longer have more than 500 million credits.
  • In-game mail messages with over-limit credits can not be opened.
  • The maximum limit for “Loyalty Vouchers” is 3 million.

The excess credits can be exchanged in the game store for unique containers, prepared for the fourth anniversary of the release of Star Conflict. 


Attention! The containers hold components for most of the ships built from parts and the rarest resources of the fringe sectors! 


The containers will be available only for a limited time, from Friday evening on September 7 to Monday on September 10! Due to the festive events, the UMC recommends pilots to start topping up their credit fund.



  • Tasks for unlocking Ellydium ships have been moved to access level 10.  


  • Positions of iridium and synergy indicators in the hangar have been switched 
  • Now, if an item can be obtained by completing a task, you can go to the task window from the item description window.

Working out errors

  • Improved stability of game servers
  • Fixed a number of errors in texts, descriptions
  • Fixed an interface bug with moving a dreadnought to a different location