Star Conflict 1.5.7




Pilots! It’s time to increase your fleet’s might with a new guard frigate developed by the Federation ‘Boremys’. The ship is equipped with a special module. Pilots will also gain access to new weapons and active modules.


Federation guard frigate Boremys (Rank 17)



The war with Aliens ruined many companies of the former Federation, brought death and destruction to remote systems. But those who managed to stay afloat, got their hands on the projects of their broke competitors for next to nothing. For Sci-Tech Universal, a corporation that rose from the ashes of the war, one of such acquisitions was the project Boremys — an improved version of the guard frigate Archelon.


The revitalized project started off slow: there was a lack of parts for production, the ship’s outdated software had no modern alternatives, and the team lacked qualified engineers. Many people simply fled from the fringe systems after the Invasion, and it turned out that there was nobody left around to finish Boremys. To avoid further financial losses, Sci-Tech contemplated abandoning the project. But help came from an unexpected ally.


By oversight, the blueprints of Boremys fell into the hands of a refugee engineer whose studies were cut short because of the war. He worked out the kinks in the schemes and proposed innovative solutions, while the problem with the lack of resources was solved by new investors, who were interested in the ambitious project. This is how project Boremys saw the light.


Special module ‘Defence program Wave’
When the module is active:

  • The ship’s speed is temporarily increased
  • The ship gains additional resistance to all damage types 
  • The ship can’t use its main weapons

When damage is received (ignoring resistances) during the module’s operation:

  • A wave is launched towards the crosshairs, dealing EM damage
  • The wave’s damage decreases over time, and its size increases

Aim-assisted cannon

  • Thermal weapon
  • If one of the projectiles hits the target, the rest of the volley is automatically guided towards the target

Magnetic charge

  • Active module
  • Launches a projectile that pulls the target towards itself when passing close by.

Cooldown priority

  • Engine modifier
  • Reduces module cooldown time. Activating any active or special module reduces the ship’s speed.


You can obtain the components required to build the ship by completing UMC’s tasks.
You can also find them in special container-bundles.


Special UMC tasks are available for a limited time. The event is active from August 23 to September 13. The event’s timing may be changed. Stay tuned!


Game modes

  • ‘Spaceball’ is disabled
  • Weekly tournaments are back


  • Reworked resource requirements for ship manufacturing


  • Removed the auto-afterburners toggle

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with ‘Ellydium Evolution’ progress in PvE
  • Fixed a bug with rank ranges in Special Operations
  • Fixed a bug with Waz’Got battle station construction status display for other players.
  • Fixed a bug with ships arriving in the zone ‘Mining Site’
  • Fixed a bug with module upgrading for Dyrnwyn 
  • Fixed a bug with muted sound after upgrading modules
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Adaptive resonator’
  • Fixed the description of ‘Heir’ algorithm
  • Fixed a number of text strings
  • Dyrnwyn has been added to the Atlas