Star Conflict 1.5.6




Pilots! UMC presents the latest ECM interceptor built by the Empire to all mercenaries. Together with the ship all pilots will also get new weapons and active modules. 


Imperial ECM interceptor Dyrnwyn (Rank 17)



This parade ship was created even before the war with the Aliens, specially commissioned by the Templars, the organization that conducts all the ceremonies in the Empire.
Designed to accompany VIPs. The shiny and a bit pretentious hull, at least according to Imperial thought, hides deadly electronic suppression systems capable of disabling many enemies, and the improved armaments will be your final argument against any aggressor.


With this update, the new rank 17 ship Dyrnwyn becomes available to all pilots. Complete the UMC’s tasks and get the unique components required for the ship’s assembly. They can also be found in special container-bundles


Special UMC assignments will be available for a limited time. The offer is valid from July 19 to August 9. The timing of the event may be changed. Watch this space!


Guided hologram

  • Special module
  • The ship projects a hologram and becomes invisible and invulnerable. The pilot controls it for a limited time. When approaching the enemy, the hologram disappears, blocking controls of the enemy ship for a few seconds

Plasma Discharger

  • EM Weapon
  • Each shot reduces this weapon’s spread
  • If the target dies, its closest allies lose energy


  • Active module
  • Places a barrier that hides you and your allies from enemies

Passive module ‘Heir Algorithm’

  • CPU modifier
  • The ship’s module cooldown time is reduced if an enemy under any of your negative effects dies nearby

Game Modes


  • Corporations can temporarily disable PvE-mode in locations it owns in SecCon

Operation ‘Monolith’
Improved a number of game mechanics:

  • Destructible engines for transport ships
    • You can now destroy engines of enemy transport ships
    • When the engines are destroyed, the transport’s maximum speed and acceleration are reduced
    • If all 3 engines of the transport are destroyed in the second phase, then in the 4th phase they will be restored.
  • Transports with shields
    • If you allow the enemy transport to reach the docks in the second phase, then in the 4th phase it will have a special powerful shield
    • In order to weaken the shield, you need to use special mines and mine the path in front of the transport.
  • Transport durability
    • If the enemy transport reaches the docks in the second phase, then in the 4th phase it will have as much durability as it did at the end of the second phase instead of 100%
    • If the allied transport reaches the docks in the third phase, then in the 5th phase it will have as much durability as it did at the end of the third phase



Following the results of the trial period, we decided to extend the availability of the ‘Spaceball’ mode. Games will be held from 03:00 - 07:00 (UTC+3), 14:00-18:00 (UTC+3) and 20:00 - 24:00 (UTC+3)… All changes in the mode will be announced at a later date. Follow the news and the change logs.

  • Improved mechanics, environment and interface
  • Victories in spaceball now yield a unique resource that can be used to assemble a spaceball cup
  • Added a pre-start countdown in the first round
  • Added an achievement ‘Champion’ for victories in spaceball
  • Added a goal leaderboard. 
  • Added a message about the goal-scorer


  • Several elements of the interface have been improved
  • Removed the ‘Store’ tab, everything you need can be bought through the ship interface
  • Improved PvE-mode mechanics
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Added ‘Singularity Cannon 5’ to the Atlas 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of bugs on maps
  • Fixed a bug where using the ‘Relocation mechanism’ did not lead to the bomb being dropped 
  • Fixed a bug with placing some objects on the galaxy map 
  • Fixed a bug with the sight of the Remote Disintegrator 
  • Improved server stability
  • Fixed duplicate location names 
  • Fixed a bug with Waz’Got Combat Station construction progress being visible to other pilots
  • Fixed a number of errors in texts
  • Fixed positioning of ships on one of the landing sites in the Jericho hangar
  • Fixed diminishing returns for a number of ECM modules


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