Star Conflict 1.5.5



Pilots! It’s time to play space football in a special sports arena! Special ships with a unique sports harpoon are at your disposal! Every game is played until 5 goals! Let the strongest win!





Sports is money. Especially in difficult times, when law and order barely exist. People need to relax. Top managers of the corporation ‘Sci-Tech Universal’ jointly invested capital in the revival of the once popular game ‘Spaceball’.


In the system ‘Velorum’ they bought a complex of enterprises for collecting and cleaning water and in an extremely short time built the ultramodern ‘Golden Sci Arena’, ready to receive thousands of spectators and provide live broadcasts to all systems of the fringe sectors. 


And most importantly, all pilots can take part in the matches. Let’s play! Let the strongest win! 


UMC fact sheet


Sci-Tech Universal is a relatively young corporation demonstrating rapid growth. The main interest of Sci-Tech is the development and production of all kinds of equipment. From household appliances to warp-jump engines. In addition to manufacturing products for the consumer market, Sci-tech often fulfills orders from such giants as the 5th Squadron, CMS, Undock Unlimited and Ellydium.


Sci-Tech is based in several systems purchased from the CMS, on the border with former disputed territories. Like Ellydium, Sci-Tech Universal is interested in Alien technologies, but not as successfully yet. There are unconfirmed rumours that Sci-Tech helps pirates remove jump inhibitors so that they can visit restricted systems.


Mode features:

  • Spaceball is available from July 5 to July 19 
  • Games will be held from 00:00 - 04:00 UTC, 11:00-15:00 UTC and 17:00 - 21:00 UTC
  • There are two teams with three players in each team
  • All players fly special sports ships equipped with a harpoon
  • The match lasts until 5 goals


  • Temporarily changed the reward for SecCon battles at ranks 13-17 from monocrystals to electrum 
  • SecCon is now affected by the protective aura, it provides protection from damage from afar (the more distance between ships, the less damage will be done).


  • Tweaked difficulty for a number of missions 
  • Improved several missions 
  • Added health display for a number of major targets 

Active modules
Sensor DDoS

  • Active time reduced to 9 seconds.
  • Increased cooldown time by 3 seconds. 

Added a number of weapons to vendors:

  • ‘Gauss Cannon’ R4-8
  • ‘Pulse Laser’ R4-8
  • ‘Pulse Laser’ R7-11
  • ‘Heavy Blaster’ R6-10
  • ‘RF Blaster’ R6-10
  • ‘Positron Cannon’ R4-8
  • ‘Shrapnel Cannon’ R6-10
  • ‘Coil Mortar’ R5-9
  • ‘Flux Phaser’ R5-9


  • Improved game interface
  • Improved starting equipment of rank 1-7 ships, now it is more diverse and includes unique modules and weapons.
  • Initial tasks for pilot access upgrade have been removed. From level 1 to level 15 the upgrade is automatic as soon as you accumulate enough experience. Conditions for levels 15 to 25 remain the same.   


  • Attention! If your account has negative balance of Galactic Standards, you need to use your Gaijin Online to log into the game.

Bug fixes

  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Fixed some bugs leading to unjustified loss of Station Protection 
  • Fixed a bug with the ability to destroy the ships of players under Station Protection
  • Fixed a bug with ranks of some blueprints
  • Fixed confusion in the names of several aerographies
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong debuff time from ‘Sensor DDoS’
  • Fixed a bug with the sight of the remote disintegrator
  • Fixed a bug with the absence of the Waz’Got Combat Station in Atlas
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to complete the task ‘Intelligent Selection’
  • Fixed a bug with the orientation of one of the engines of transport ships
  • Fixed a bug with repairing Premium ships



An important update has been uploaded to game servers:



  • Fixed a bug with negative balance for some players.

Attention! If your account has negative balance of Galactic Standards, you need to use your Gaijin Online to log into the game.


As compensation for possible losses during maintenance on the servers, we announce ‘Golden Battles’ for the weekend. Also, all pilots who log into the game within a week starting from July 6, will receive a premium license for 7 days. Watch this space!

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a complete list of fixes. Changes aimed at the development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.