Star Conflict 1.5.4


Pilots! The UMC presents the latest long-range rank 17 frigate developed by Jericho to all mercenaries. Together with the ship all pilots will also get new weapons and active modules.




Long-range Jericho Frigate ‘Executor’ Rank 17


The Council of Families rarely exhibits anger, but if you fall into disgrace, be prepared to see one of the executioners on your radars, and they will carry out the sentence. For people like these, progressive Jericho minds designed the ship Executor.


The sentence passed by the Family Council is usually a death sentence, and none of the convicts seek to meet with the executioner. Therefore, the ship is equipped to catch the offender, slow him down, stretch the moment of agony and of awareness of the act, give him a couple of seconds for repentance as a gesture of mercy, and then quickly destroy him.


The new ship can be assembled with the help of a special resource — ‘ship components’

  • You are only going to need the original components of the ship you want to build
  • These parts can be obtained by completing tasks from the UMC
  • Ship parts can be obtained in special container-bundles
  • Bundles with ship parts can be purchased immediately. To do this, click on the ‘Buy’ button under the ship icon




New weapon ‘Cryolaser’

  • Role: Long-range
  • Compatibility: Executor
  • When the laser beam hits, the target loses speed and maneuverability.

Special modules
New module ‘Cluster missile’

  • Role: Long-range
  • Compatibility: Executor
  • Launches a pilot-controlled missile. If the missile misses the target, it is divided into several warheads homing onto the nearest target within the range of the homing system.

Active modules
New module ‘Ammunition stabilizer’

  • Role: Long-range
  • Compatibility: Executor
  • Increases guided torpedo damage. Torpedoes become immune to interference and automatic missile defense systems.

New module ‘Disrupting shot’

  • Role: Long-range
  • Compatibility: Executor
  • Torpedo hit reduces the target’s rate of fire and increases its module reloading time.


  • Wings can now get into a battle against mercenaries, if there are at least five mercenaries in the battle.


  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Message of the day size for corporations is increased to 1024 characters
  • Ships under the influence of radar invisibility can no longer capture beacons
  • Improved PvE mission Operation ‘Monolith’

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the description of the implant ‘Beta-catalyst Armadillo II’
  • Fixed the description of the special module ‘Provocateur’ System
  • Removed obsolete interface elements
  • Bow EM laser has been moved to the category of EM weapons



An important update has been uploaded to game servers: 

  • Fixed a bug where some long-range frigate modules could not be mounted on the Executor ship
  • Fixed bugs in the mission ‘Operation Monolith’
  • Fixed erroneous appearance of xenochip tasks
  • Fixed errors in the description of the module ‘Ammunition stabilization’
  • Improved stability of the client and the game world.

Good luck in your combat missions!


The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a complete list of fixes. Changes aimed at the development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.

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