Star Conflict 1.5.3




Attention to all pilots! The UMC has received a fixed-term contract from the so-called Broker. You need to take part in orbital support of a special operation in the dead Jericho city known as the ‘Monolith Ruins’.


New PvE mission ‘Operation Monolith’



Customers of the Broker, who wishto remain anonymous, pay credits to all pilots who will provide orbital support to ground operations for breaking into the Monolith. According to operational data, someone had organized a secret center for studying alien artifacts in the depths of the Monolith ruins. Including prohibited artifacts obtained from the Morag system. 


The special mercenary group ‘Huron’ must infiltrate the facility, seize the control post and prevent the removal of artifacts and data from the system.


Unfortunately, the data about the artifacts of AAA class in the Monolith Ruins may have fallen into the hands of cybers. According to some reports, they are planning a massive attack on the dead city in the next few hours. 


  • Players can now move to the location their corporation owns, for free
  • Awards in SecCon are doubled, except for iridium


  • Reduced power consumption for afterburners
  • Increased ship turn speed
  • Added new ship bonuses to choose from: increased critical damage and increased maximum speed  

Object NY18    

  • Increased power consumption for afterburners
  • Hull durability reduced by 7%


  • Reduced hull durability
  • Increased shield volume

‘Ignis’ blaster 

  • Damage increased by 10%
  • Maximum range increased by 5%

Doppler laser

  • Damage increased by 15%

Focusing Laser

  • Range reduced by 20%
  • Damage reduced by 5%

Deconstructor cannon

  • Damage reduced by 15%

Front blaster

  • Damage reduced by 10%

Active modules
Energy systems destabilizer

  • Range reduced to 3,500 km
  • Active time reduced by 25%

Waz’Got battle station

  • Reduced station durability
  • Reduced weapon damage 
  • Increased recharge time
  • Increased energy consumption during activation 


  • PvP battles no longer have ship rank restrictions for squads 
  • PvE missions have the following restrictions:
  • the squad leader always has the highest rank
  • the least experienced pilot’s rank is not more than 2 positions below the leader’s rank


  • New ships added to Atlas    

Project 1011

  • Added a name search option


  • Several elements of the interface have been improved
  • Improved a number of texts 
  • Improved the logic of several interface elements 
  • Campaign missions in Open Space are now available from rank 3 
  • Increased the strength of hard AI opponents in ‘Custom Battle’

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of errors in texts and descriptions
  • Fixed an error in the ‘CHASING ECHOES’ rank mission description 
  • Fixed a number of interface bugs
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘Remote disintegrator’ description: removed information on damage dependence on the installed weapons 
  • Fixed a bug in a rank mission to get rank 21
  • Fixed text positioning in some descriptions 
  • Fixed a bug with icon display for the ‘Waz’Got combat station’
  • Fixed a bug with Static Barrier opacity for the Pulsar boss in the PvE mission ‘Blackwood Shipyard’
  • Fixed icon bugs in achievements
  • Fixed a bug with displaying someone else’s system messages 
  • Fixed a bug where some models of disintegrators could adversely affect allies 
  • Fixed a bug with the Singularity starter pack     
  • Fixed a bug with module ‘Universal Shield’

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