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In the Monolith mission enemy can track you even when fully cloaked. Bug or by design?

23 minutes ago, niripas said:

In the Monolith mission enemy can track you even when fully cloaked. Bug or by design?

By design, presumably.

The AI enemies know exactly where you are and what modules you use. But they won’t shoot until you drop your cloak.( or, when they get within 1km)

No hot fix for the issues with AI ships included in your group within PvE Missions, sad.  Included are the 2 bug reports on the issue, including the one closed by Skula1975 earlier this evening/morning.

New PvE

Whats the deal with the payoff for this mission. I’ve run it a few times and don’t think I’ll ever run it again, its a waste of time.

  1. Objectives are unclear to most people and the mission is more confusing than difficult.

  2. The enemies spend most of their time derping around and don’t even pay attention to you.

  3. Why are the “Cyber Saw” enemies labled “Cyber Saw” when they don’t even use plasma webs the way “Cyber Saw” from Ariadne’s Thread do. The same could go for several other enemy names. This entire PvE mission seems like a hackjob in the conference room. What was the topic of discussion there? How to reuse stuff we already have? I imagine the meeting went something like this:

Guy 1 - Quick, we need something to keep the players busy!

Guy 2 - We could add a new PvE…

Guy 1 - Sounds like a good idea, but a lot of work - we need to keep them busy right now, before they all leave again.

Guy 3 - What if we made a PvE… but we didn’t?

Guy 1&2 - What do you mean, Guy 3?

Guy 3 - We take assets that we already have from other PvE missions that aren’t even remotely related to eachother and are from all 5 ship factions, and we stick them all together and present it as if its an actual mission.

Guy 4 - What about retention time?

Guy 1 - You’re right. We need to make the mission something they would come back to, but how do we do that if the mission is utter sh*t?

Guy 2 - We could make it pay so little that they have to run it 3 times to get the same payout as any other mission.

Guy 1 - I like where this idea is going. Let’s do it!

  1. What the F*CK is that payment?? The payout seems to be the same in each tier, and for that matter there seems to not be a tier restriction, seeing as people can fly together on rank 8 and rank 17… This is PvP MM all over again… It seems to average around 300,000 credits per run. You can get 3x or more credits from a standard 8 minute mission…

  2. Unpolished garbage. Overall this mission blows. None of the assets are remotely related, names don’t match the ship that displays it, weapons don’t match, colors and aesthetics are from completely different things and look gross together, f*cking even the ships the enemies fly come from all factions, there’s even an alien ship in there with Thar’Ga abilities. What is this? Someone’s failed science experiment on how to grow cancer that they forgot about and left it there until a tumor the size of f*cking Manhattan formed?
    Sector Conquest

Players can now move to the location their corporation owns, for free What does this mean? Nobody I’ve asked has figured this out yet. We even found an unclaimed sector and tried moving our claimed sector there but couldn’t get anything to happen. Has this even been implemented yet?

Awards in SecCon are doubled, except for iridium Hah nice, still doubt I’ll see people there, not a whole lot of use for the game mode right now.



Reduced power consumption for afterburners Increased ship turn speed This ship turns so quick it breaks the aiming prediction marker and the ship starts rubber banding on everyone else’s screen.

Object NY18:

Increased power consumption for afterburners What? Ok? I get that it’s a guard and guards aren’t supposed to use afterburners all the time, but the way most people play it is as a strafe simulator… It’ll make it easier to kill them for sure, but they didn’t really have much else going for them other than stupidly high strafe.

Hull durability reduced by 7% Still has a confusingly higher hull than shield tank though…


‘Ignis’ blaster:

Damage increased by 10% Nice, but I don’t think anyone is going to use this gun yet except for drawing crude representations of genitals on the station walls.

Maximum range increased by 5% Nice, but I don’t think anyone is going to use this gun yet except for drawing crude representations of genitals on the station walls.

Focusing Laser:

Range reduced by 20% F*cking finally, this gun is absolute cancer, especially in Sector Conquest when you get hit from across the map by it.

Damage reduced by 5% 5% really isn’t a lot. This thing can still melt a tank in a few seconds, even without gunship equipment active.

Deconstructor cannon:

Damage reduced by 15% Nice, but it still does xxxx loads to the point it can drop a command with a dedicated build for Diffusion Shield in a few strikes.

Front blaster:

Damage reduced by 10% Sure, but it can still aim-bot lock onto cloaked tacklers from any range. Why exactly is this in the game?

Active modules

Energy systems destabilizer:

Range reduced to 3,500 km Nice.

Active time reduced by 25% Nice.

Waz’Got battle station:

Reduced station durability Nice, but by how much? If it’s some stupid 1% drop in hull or something…

Reduced weapon damage Increased recharge time Increased energy consumption during activation Nice, but by how much? What about any changes to the monstrosity of a slowing field that is for some reason larger than a tackler’s dedicated ROLE SPECIFIC slowing field?


PvP battles no longer have ship rank restrictions for squads So you’re telling me I can now enter PvP in a squad with someone on rank 1 while flying a rank 17 instead of only being able to enter PvP with someone on a rank 1 while flying a rank 17 through your broke AF MM system? For what purpose?

PvE missions have the following restrictions:

the squad leader always has the highest rank W- Wh- th- it was already like this…

the least experienced pilot’s rank is not more than 2 positions below the leader’s rank W- th- this was already like this too… Stop embracing these broken systems and try fixing them instead!


New ships added to Atlas:

Project 1011 Spike Singularity Zhen Why were these not added when they were added to the game…?

Added a name search option Why was this also not added at the start? Where’s the search by name option in the warehouse?


Campaign missions in Open Space are now available from rank 3 Open Space is dangerous now. Who in their right mind is going to waste time trying to run these missions on a rank 3 ship? Even the mission that wanted you to complete it only using a Lynx still allowed you to run it on rank 15… Did that even count as a campaign mission? I’m level 19 (f*ck these rank up missions btw – x3 “All Mine” medals in rank 15+? Are you mental? That’s a quick way to f*ck up your W/L if you aren’t careful. Most of these rank up missions practically ask you to abandon your team and the battle so you can do your own thing to finish them.) and I haven’t even completed that one yet.

Increased the strength of hard AI opponents in ‘Custom Battle’ What for? T5 bots can already insta-gibb most things. Try looking in the general direction of an enemy team and see how your ship fairs against a team of +50% damage Mk4 100% accurate x6 beam cannons… I would understand this being added to the t5 bots in Sector Conquest but why custom battle and nothing else? How many people even use custom battle other than testing with other humans or getting screenshots?

You guys didn’t even mention you added allied bots to PvE. Good move as far as I’m concerned, it’ll cut down on queue times, but they’re so stupid. They don’t even shoot the enemies, they just sit afk at spawn… At least they draw a bit of aggression from the enemies, but at that rate just make the mission 1 player and lower the difficulty by 75%. They usually end up just drawing the enemies so far away that you have to wait for them to just self destruct in missions such as Fire Support and Defense Contract.

Also your Google 2 Step Verification system for the store page is still broke AF and desynced with google. Its not just me who has it desynced. If you guys want people to buy your stuff, make sure they’re allowed to login so they can buy it…

how convenient I linked SC to Steam so I can skip 2 step, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play the game either

In the Atlas I would like to have a ‘Search by Location’ function as well. It would make OS module farming much easier if I knew what else was missing from any particular location.

If i understand the squad changes correctly it means the following:


As group you can now FINALLY start a PVP map regardless of which rank you are. No more “You have to have at least one ship of the same rank of that of the group leader’s highest rank” 


As group you can now play PvE with people of different ranks as long as your group members have a ship that isn’t more than 2 ranks lower than your highest ship.


This is by far the greatest change i’ve seen in a long time. FINALLY i don’t need to take a xxxx ship with me just to play a mission with a friend who’s using a rank i only have xxxx ships in. I can finally simply take my 1 rank less ship and play with that. Meaning you can now play with a rank 7 ship if your host has a rank 9 ship.

The game launcher opens up in two windows for some resason. At first everything seems to be alright: launcher window opens as usual, then a few moments later a second one appears, even if I don’t click the ‘play’ button or even after I logged in the game.

2 hours ago, SINaka said:

The game launcher opens up in two windows for some resason. At first everything seems to be alright: launcher window opens as usual, then a few moments later a second one appears, even if I don’t click the ‘play’ button or even after I logged in the game.


Problem seems to be resolved. Thanks.

Alright, now for some constructive(ahem) criticism on the new mission:

Operation ‘Monolith’ is basically an alternative to Ariadne’s Thread, much like Fire Support is an alternative to Defence Contract, the mission scopes are the same, but the tactics may differ.

One interesting thing about the mission that I noticed, not only the secondary objectives are dynamic but it seems like the main one is too, after destroying the Energy Cells, you have to destroy a cargo ship, if you fail to do so you must capture some radar stations to find it, if you succeed you will have to escort a cargo ship to the dock, and defend that dock, in other instances the cargo ship you are supposed to destroy can enter that dock, and then you have to destroy that dock, there is more than one way to win this mission, and I’m not sure it has any influence on the reward, but I can definitely tell they were increased, an example:



I didn’t use premium license, but I did use a premium ship, overall its almost worth farming this.

The enemies are unique to say the least, they use weapons and modules we never see AI use on a basis, some modules are new altogether, or better said, modified versions, the RAD-Atomizer for example, for us its a cone that deals a fixed amount of EM damage, for them, its a green sphere that spawn on top of your ship and deals increasing damage, the problem, they can target and place it on you even if you are invisible, not only by radar but also visually, its most likely a bug, if not, then its a cheap way of preventing camping and pulling people out of invisibility when running away like chickens, the enemies that cause this are the Cyber Saws, and thus they must be a priority.

The healers are about as annoying as they were in the testing phase, but they are not too hard to kill, and they don’t seem to heal such an insane amount of health as they used to, also a priority.

In order to win this mission I recommend you to use a guard, preferably with a close range high damage weapon such as Vulcan or the Heavy Blaster, as most objectives are stationary or not that nimble Anomaly Generator is a good call, there are many low health units swarming you so using pulsar is the best way to deal with them and gain extra resistances, unlike other missions, face-tanking is the way with this one, still rough around the edges but the idea is there.

The new pve map is okay. Somewhat different from the others, it’s got multiple ways fo fight through to the end. The amount of credit reward makes it worth to be completed. So, in general it will fit well into the rest of the pve missions.

I must mention a few things on the negative side tho:

  • FPS drops drastically on this map (just like in pvp). As far as I know, everyone had this issue.

  • The green spheres obscure the view too much. 7-8 of them at the same time with all the other effects is just not right. More transparency would help.

  • The edge of the map is too close and we can wander out and lose ship for it too easily. (In the second half of the mission mostly.) Reorganizing NPC spawn points might help.   

played yesterday a few games late night, with the usual 90% veteran population of that timeframe, games were close, nothing felt terribly unbalanced, and it was visible, that people enjoyed playing all sorts of ships, instead of just the broken few, and actually started to play together, with lots of backs and forths, instead of the usual coward early pressure spawn camp tactics; or the long range and hiding “tactics”


i am really happy about the nerfs, it is also very good to read that squad rules got removed, and i hope people will fly in squad again at some point.


can’t say if everything is perfect now, but this patch was definitely a good balance patch imho. even if the changes probably should have been done eons ago.


i dont care about the pve mission, so nothing to say there. i just whish you would add a second way to obtain things, that drop randomly in open space, getting modules for engineers with this system is the most boring chore ever.


ECMs using Moriarty virus to cause you shoot at teammates is cancer and should not be in the game ENTIRELY. You devs already forgot what initial A1MA caused? This module is no different, only that you don’t shoot by yourself.


3 hours ago, g4borg said:

i just whish you would add a second way to obtain things, that drop randomly in open space, getting modules for engineers with this system is the most boring chore ever.

 Funniest part is that new players (again) get those modules for free when they buy a brand new silver ship.

20 minutes ago, Rob40468 said:



 Funniest part is that new players (again) get those modules for free when they buy a brand new silver ship.

All players get the modules for free upon buying and not just new players .

why so salty, let’s be a  bit more positive, the new pve mission is not only balance but also original and fun to play. There is a lot of lore in the mission too and with the swarm of enemies we don’t really have time to read, I really think they should implement voice acting. Nerf are correct and they fixed some annoying bug, BUT game crashes are even more present than before! I can barely play 1hour before the game start crashing, sometime even less! That and the fact we got ai in pve (which is bad, pls remove that) Other than that i’m looking forward to the upcoming ships!

Great patch in general ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

MM still do some absurd things.

Here we have two 2-man squads or 4 man squad from the same corp in the same team:



Here 3 people with much underranked ships. Those are new players, with their accounts about week old.



Still Front Blasters and Decontructors are everywhere. 15% nerf still doesnt stop for Cutter to 2-3 shoot any of my non-command fighter.

yeah well i forgot to mention, the mm is still the opposite of good.