Star Conflict 1.5.1с



Pilots! Today we learned that crystallids had infected our technology. Any weapons are now dangerous for pilots! Engineers are trying to cure the gun from a mysterious alien plague, but this requires time. They put forward a theory that victory over the virus depends on your merit. It’s all in your claws!



Weekly Tournaments

Remembering the ancient Earth saying ‘A ship is as good as its name’ — we focused on the tournament aspect. The name of your team will better match its quality.


Holiday stickers



Specifically for this holiday we have prepared special holiday stickers, formerly owned by an actual trucker from space. They say the stickers help when escorting caravans!

  • Take it easy!

  • I’ll cover you

  • Kick me

  • Bandaids won’t help

  • Take it slow

  • Beware of Biomorphs


And also completely new stickers, available in the pack ‘Sarcastic container’

  • Smile!

  • Baby on board

  • I hate Aliens

  • My favourite day

  • Peace!

  • No sleeping!


Special containers with holiday stickers ‘Space Trucker Bundle’ and ‘Sarcastic container’ can be purchased in the ‘Bundles’ tab.


Decorate your fleet during the holidays! Together we can win!


Biomorph ships


Pilots! Biomorphs infected technological developments of all sides of conflict. Besides weapons the greatest changes happened to Katana and Styx ships. We encourage pilots to be extremely careful when using them!




New taunts

  • Especially for the holiday all the pilots were given new taunts

  • I accept your surrender.

  • I won, you lost. Get over it.

  • Your ship has run into a problem and stopped working.

  • Sorry!It hurts me better!

  • If you mess with me, you’ll need a bigger gun than that, sunshine!

  • Oops, I didn’t see you there.

  • Hah, death by a girl… How humiliating.

  • Were you shooting at me? BwaaHaaHaa!

  • Thank you for the free synergy, bro! Can I ask you for more?




  • Speed boost increased to 15%

  • Shield increased by 1500 pts.

  • Gunship module group recharge boost increased to 25%



Front Blaster

  • Damage reduced by 10%

  • Range reduced by 10%

  • Maneuverability boost reduced by 10%

Deconstructing gun

  • Damage reduced by 5%



  • Improved game client stability

  • ‘Apocalypse missile’ is removed from sale and is only available in the Workshop in version R13-15

  • Improved in-game help

  • Added the ability to purchase ships from the atlas


Bug fixes

  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions

  • Fixed several map bugs

  • Fixed a number of errors with displaying tasks in the interface

  • Fixed a bug with missing items in the atlas

  • Fixed a bug with the module ‘Trojan’ Uprising in PvE missions

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect experience level of some pilots

  • Fixed a bug with mission progress reset

  • Fixed a bug with constant background noise at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’

  • Fixed an enemy / ally relationship error for some objects in open space

  • Fixed a bug with super-large screen resolutions

  • Fixed a bug when reviewing the description of a special module

  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Quantum Defence’ module in open space

  • Fixed a display error with accepting temporary tasks

  • Fixed an error of re-acceptance of the rank test

  • Fixed a bug with the icon for ‘Drone Marker 10’

  • Fixed a bug with dealing damage to allies

  • Fixed a bug with the quest ‘Patrol’

  • Fixed bug with duplicators being lost under certain conditions

  • Fixed a bug with the absence of ‘Patrol’ assignments for some pilots

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