Star Conflict 1.5.1 Journey


Welcome to ‘Ellydium Theta’, pilot. I’m Selena Galo, your instructor from the United Mercenary Centre. You already know that the metropolitan areas are destroyed as a result of the Alien invasion. Whole star systems were lost. Almost everywhere we see post-war chaos and devastation. In addition, portal storms disrupted the work of many gates. Communications are unstable. Flights between systems are dangerous.


A couple of days ago, Ellydium scientists managed the impossible.A huge section of space with the Leviathan, where a station is located, fell out of the Alien space into the real world — the Continuum of Reality, as they call it. The Aliens tried to destroy the station at the last moment. But Festus Morten’s detachment arrived just in time and helped us to survive! Now we are repairing Morten’s damaged dreadnoughts.


Unfortunately, not everyone survived. Here, we have preserved stability, law and order. But there’s no time to rest. I have special assignments for you…



New player progress system



All pilots — both beginners and experienced veterans, who thoroughly know all the features of the game, will constantly improve their rank. Progress through the ranks will happen in the form of a story campaign, covering a variety of game modes. Reaching a new level gives the pilot additional opportunities — new game modes, more powerful ships, weapons, modules. By raising his level the pilot also gets access to new locations in the ‘Open Space’ mode.


Pilot’s progress level increases after reaching a certain amount of experience. There are 25 levels available. Experience can be obtained in the following ways:


Develop your fleet!

  • Upgrade all ships to the maximum level. For each new ship level, the pilot receives 20 experience points  

  • Activate as many available nodes as possible in the Ellydium ship development tree. For each unlocked node, the pilot receives 20 experience points

Upgrade active modules, weapons and modifiers!

  • For obtaining an Mk1 module, the pilot receives 5 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk2, the pilot receives 10 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk3, the pilot receives 15 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk4, the pilot receives 20 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk5, the pilot receives 25 experience

You can only get experience for each new module once.

Earn achievements!

  • Earn experience for each achievement unlocked in the game. The amount of experience is indicated in the achievement’s description.


By raising his level the pilot gets access to new ships and tech:

  • At level 1 the pilot can use ships from rank 1 to 10 inclusive

  • At level 5, the pilot can use ships up to rank 15 inclusive

  • At level 10, the pilot can use ships of rank 17 inclusive


Galaxy map



Now pilots get into game modes through the interface of the general Galaxy Map.

  • The global map is accessed with the button ‘To battle’

  • The global map shows the main available systems.

  • When approaching the system, available locations are unlocked

  • The map now shows all active and new tasks

  • The player can quickly fly to the available locations through the map.

  • Ships no longer require fuel for flights between locations

  • To quickly move between locations, you need iridium





Now all players must complete special UMC assignments to reach new levels. Assignments are united by a common plot. As the tasks are completed, the player visits locations of the ‘Open Space’ mode.


The plot of the campaign begins right after Ellydium Corporation managed to force out the aliens from the zone where the Ellydium-Theta station is located.

It would seem that ‘Ellidium’ is at the peak of its success. But it is at this moment that the corporation sends a large-scale request to the UMC for urgent and high-paying work.

The UMC accepts the order and sends base an advanced reconnaissance unit to the ‘Ellydium Theta’ base, while it’s assembling the main forces. As part of this reconnaissance unit, you are a high-class mercenary pilot. Adventures begin!


New task system

Now all the tasks are located on a single screen, located on the Galaxy Map.

  • For convenience, the tasks are grouped by tabs.

  • All tasks related to the plot and progress are in the tab ‘Campaign’.Their completion is required to obtain new levels.

  • The ‘Contracts’ tab is similar to an electronic bulletin board, where the tasks related to the Open Space are posted.Here are the tasks that allow you to extract valuable Cargo.

  • ‘Repeatable tasks’ allow you to receive valuable reagents and even earn Galactic Standards!

  • Finally, on the ‘Resources for Ships’ tab, you can select the tasks that will help you get the rarest components for the production of ships.


New hero June Lamarr



Senior Researcher, Ellydium Corporation. Protege of Dr. Dimeni.

When the corporation made a breakthrough in Alien technologies, Lamarr’s department was one of many to be directed to study the effect of radiation of transformed crystals on the human psyche and flesh. Due to her firm conviction that untested technologies should not fall into the wrong hands, June managed to completely eliminate the leaks from her laboratory. And this is in a situation where the black market was paying ridiculous money for any information, and the Ellydium Internal Security Service was uncovering bought-off employees one after another.

Dimeni noticed the talented girl, and her further career is classified.


Atlas of Technology

  • Information about all ships, weapons and modules can now be viewed in a special tab.

  • The tab is available when double-clicking on the pilot’s progress bar

  • The tab displays all ships, weapons and modules that the pilot has already received in the game

  • By clicking on inactive weapons and modules, you will see additional information on where and how to find these weapons or modules.



In this update, the system for extracting resources and rewards for completed tasks has changed.

  • Minerals can be found in Open Space and received as a reward for completing assignments

  • Monocrystals can be obtained for repeatable tasks in the game

  • [Containers with weekly cargo](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33224-cache-contents-list/) can now be obtained for completing PvE missions. While the task is active, you can get the specified container up to 3 times

  • Resources for obtaining destroyers and other high-level resources can be obtained as a reward for completing special assignments


In post-battle trophy search, you can now find:

  • Credits

  • Parts for production of ships, at all ranks, starting from the 4th

  • Beryllium

  • Electrum


Information on how to obtain new modules can be found in the atlas of technology:

  • Some modules are now available for purchase

  • Part of the modules can be picked up after the destruction of enemies in open space


Trophies from destroyed enemies in open space

When you destroy an enemy in open space, you can get a container or a module. This loot is visible and can be picked up only by the pilot who destroyed this enemy.

If the pilot’s ship with loot in the cargo bay is shot down, its contents are visible and available for other players to pick up.



With the update 1.5.1 xenochips are removed from the game. New modules can now be obtained and upgraded by other methods described in the Atlas of Technology. An announcement of new events from the UMC is expected in the very near future. Follow the news!


New ships

Pilots now have access to ships of ranks 16 and 17. Starting today, all pilots will have the opportunity to collect the first of the ships, Wolfhound and Granite of rank 16.

By completing game assignments, you can get resources to build ships Wolfhound and Granite.


Federation gunship ‘Wolfhound’

Rank 16


Wolfhound is a balanced vessel that has excellent characteristics. It quickly gained popularity. These ships often take part in daring attacks on the New Eden and other objects. It is rumored that Helion Inc. is behind the attacks — a notorious private military company that hails from the Federation. However, no evidence of this has yet been found.


Special module ‘Archangel’

Releases several missile salvos in a short time. Simultaneously increases the rate of fire and energy regeneration, maximum speed, strafe speed and rotation.


‘Ignis’ blaster

Projectiles can set fire to enemies. Enemies near the fire also take damage.


Active module ‘Vulnerability Analyzer’

When activated, increases main weapon rate of fire and damage dealt to ships with a damaged hull.


Hull modifier ‘Wounded Beast Protocol’

When hull strength falls below a certain level, speed, maneuverability, energy recovery and rate of fire increase.


Imperial command fighter ‘Granite’

Rank 16


Granite received its name in honour of the granite stones of memory, in which the names of those who gave their lives for the Emperor are engraved. Like those stones, these ships bear the memory of the fallen. At the beginning of their journey, they were simple and unpretentious support machines. But every fight and every death made their own adjustments to their design. Engineers of Martian Laboratories created new designs, based on pilot reports and their combat experience.


Special module ‘Diffusion Shield’

Surrounds the ship with a shield

The ship is covered by an impenetrable shield. The shield absorbs all damage, but consumes 1 energy per every damage point. If the energy ends, the shield disappears.




Weapon ‘Energy discharger’

Each shot costs energy. When a target is hit, the activated special module’s effect is extended for each accurate shot


Active module ‘Anti-Sabotage 2.1’

Any effect aimed at disrupting control of the ship and imposed during the period of the module’s operation is blocked. But the remaining module active time is reduced.


CPU modifier ‘Satisfaction algorithm’

If a friendly or a hostile ship dies nearby, allies’ rate of fire temporarily increases.


New locations

Zone ‘Excavation area #6

System: Morag


Pilots always wrote and told stories about precursors. At any major station, one could find a drunkard ready to swear by Bartle that he had seen their ships with his own eyes and, of course, he knew where the great treasure was hidden.

That’s why when one of the little-known captains came to Ellydium with the story of a ‘precursor ship’ he had found, no one believed him.The captain assured that his whole crew had died and that he was the only one who knew how to get to the treasure. When he was detained and searched by the guards, and artifacts of a previously unknown civilization were discovered among his belongings, only then Ellydium seriously reacted to his words.

The only thing the captain did not mention then, is how his team had died. As it turned out later… they killed each other.

A research facility, a whole city was built near the mysterious crash site on one of the satellites of the gas giant МОА-2011-BLG-322. More than three thousand people are engaged in research — the ancient ship is literally being disassembled. Someone believes that this is a precursor ship, others think that is a vessel of another previously unknown race.

Even after the active portals of Shining were seen near the moon, the leadership did not stop the work. They only attracted UMC mercenaries to protect the perimeter.


Zone ‘PB #42

System: Vior


For decades, the planet PB-42 was considered to be unpromising. All measurements showed that there were no minerals on it, and its remote position made it completely useless in the strategic plan. This is exactly what enabled the ‘Ellydium’ corporation to easily buy out the rights to develop it from the Federation. Officially, Ellydium started measurements of the Signal on the planet, in an attempt to understand the communications of Crystallids. But soon after the founding of their research base, the planet began to shake with the most powerful seismic tremors. Iridium began to ooze out of the giant breaks and crevices that formed. Even approximate evaluations showed that this deposit turned out to be the largest in history.

Now in the scientific community no one doubts that the planet is the source of Iridium — one of the legendary ‘Biones’.

Shortly after the ‘Awakening’, connection with the scientific base of Ellydium was lost. None of the rescue missions have ever been successful. What happened to the staff remains a mystery.

The space around the planet has now become extremely dangerous. Not only that the source of Iridium attracted all sorts of pirates, an uncountable number of strange biomorphs appeared along with them in the orbit. Only the most desperate mercenaries manage to break through to the surface of the Awakened Bione.


Location: ‘Ellydium Theta Station’

System: Line

From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it.


Now it’s a location reclaimed from the Aliens. The main stronghold of the Ellydium corporation. An independent base, accepting any ships, popular among traders and travelers.


Preliminary opponent search

Now there is a possibility of preliminary search for opponents for PvP combat

  • The opponent is selected according to the effectiveness shown in battle

  • The corresponding button is added to the interface

  • If an opponent is found, then you will quickly get into battle with him

  • The name of the opponent is not disclosed



Now some new weapons in the game can be improved to the level MkV

  • Blueprints needed for upgrades to the level MkV can be obtained in special bundles in the in-game store

  • Blueprints can be bought or sold from other players on the market

  • Proximity Mortar

  • Now available in the Workshop



Antifriction sphere

  • Now you can install only 1 pc.



  • Added a new musical theme ‘OST Star Conflict - Journey Theme’
  • Improved appearance of a number of objects on maps and hangars

  • A number of elements of the environment have been improved

  • The interface for assembling Ellydium ships has been improved

  • Now restrictions on the use of general and trade chats are applied independently

  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions

  • Modified crew interface

  • Added notification for the purchase of a premium license

  • Improved logic of target selection for Waz’Got Combat Station

  • Improved effects of destroyer lasers

  • Improved behaviour of AI opponents

  • Changed location of mail drones on maps

  • Improved the sound of the ‘Light Coil Mortar’

  • Improved behaviour of free aim for the ship ‘Object NY18’

  • Now direct return to the hangar from open space does not use duplicators


New portraits


All pilots now have access to new portraits. You can change the portrait in the ‘Pilot profile’


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with delivery of credits by mail drones

  • Fixed a bug in the behaviour of destroyed missile installations in some PvE missions

  • Fixed several map bugs.

  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Halo’ device

  • Fixed a bug in the operation of some modules during the death ship holograms

  • Fixed ф bug of the module ‘Inhibitor crystal’

  • Fixed a bug with license agreement display

  • Fixed a bug with Pyro emitter not dealing damage to some objects

  • Fixed a bug of the Imperial dreadnought model

  • Fixed a bug of launching heavy repair drones inside objects

  • Fixed a bug with safe exit from open space on the ship Spiral / MIG-105

  • Fixed a bug with dropping the bomb in Detonation during the move from MIG-105 to Spiral

  • Fixed a bug with dealing damage to self with Scavenger Drones

  • Fixed a bug with missing outposts in the Special Operation ‘Destroyer’

  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Photon emitter’

  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Tempest’ launcher

  • Fixed a number of errors in texts, descriptions

  • Fixed a bug with placing the Waz’Got battle station inside map objects

  • Corrected the behaviour of group window when switching to the corporation screen

  • Fixed PvE mission ‘Defence Contract’

  • Fixed a bug with pilot statistics in the combat results window

  • Fixed a bug with efficiency in battles against Dreadnoughts

  • Fixed a bug with some flights in Open Space

  • Fixed bug with Sk’Rah Launcher sound effects

  • Fixed a bug with shooting some weapons at high speeds

  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of station docks

  • Fixed a bug with display of damage in the pilot profile

  • Fixed a bug with Recoil-compensated cannon when firing back

  • Fixed bug with ‘Radial disintegrator’ at short distances

  • Fixed a bug of the ‘Radial disintegrator’ for some ships under the control of AI

  • Fixed a bug with the absence of models for some modules

  • Fixed a bug where selecting a booster in open space led to the ‘Criminal’ status

  • Fixed a bug with the visual effect of the ‘Inhibitor Beam’.

  • Fixed a bug with stickers on Tormentor class ships.

  • Fixed the info link for the ship Thar’Ga

  • Fixed a bug with spontaneous switching of the control mode of some ships when the map was opened

Hotfix #1



  • Fixed a bug with fleet in A. Gage mission
  • Improved game world stability
  • Fixed minor bugs in text and in game client

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all fixes. Changes aimed at development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.

Hotfix #2


Pilots! Our servers have had an important update.



  • Increased awards for contracts
  • Location PB-42 is not required for the storyline campaign
  • Fixed a mysterious container in open space
  • Improved game world stability
  • Fixed minor bugs in text and in game client

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all fixes. Changes aimed at development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.