Star Conflict 1.5.05 1/5




This week you can expect truly stunning changes. Also today it became known that biomorphs infected technological developments of all sides of conflict. Any weapons are now dangerous for pilots! Besides weapons the greatest changes happened to Katana and Styx ships. We encourage pilots to be extremely careful when using them!
The UMC continues its great work on the purification of outer space.
The MM — is a large self-learning organism, which must be constantly adjusted. Do not worry, these changes are far from the last.

  • Ships of ranks 4-14 were changed to rank 15 .Now you will always play with ships of your rank, whatever you choose.
  • Now, if there are not enough players in a team, registered players that are offline can be added.If they do not enter the game within 30 seconds. after the start of the battle, their ships will be controlled by an AI.The name and the ship remain the same. At the end of the battle, this player will automatically like the most effective engineer on the team.

Players were unhappy with white icons on a grey background, so we decided to change their colour.Now they will be blue on a blue background with a blue backlight.
Game Modes
Beacon Capture

  • We have reworked the ‘Beacon Capture’ mode. Now it is better suited to its name. The beacons will have to be captured and towed to your side. You can only do this manually. Gravity modules do not work on beacons.

New Mode

  • We were often asked to introduce a new game mode.And we finally decided to do it. Soon a new contract will be added, according to which the Imperials will need to steal something big, handsome and helpless (the standard Jericho something). Everything will be against the Imperials. Even asteroids will pressure them with their daunting gaze. It’s currently completing the final testing phase in other related programs. But the main thing is that this mode will introduce a new concept of a diparadox contract. And do not ask what it is, we have not figured it out yet.


  • We knew that you were very worried about the absence of the ‘Survival’ mode and were looking forward to his return.But, unfortunately, we can’t make you happy just yet. At the moment, it’s undergoing total freezing in a cryocamera.

Open space
Free space

  • Soon you will be able to fly through space freely and go anywhere on the map.The zone and background will be automatically generated, according to your location. However, do not expect mercy. Other mercenaries will be able to detect your signal, get out of the warp and… say hello. There’s no defence in space, and no aggressive pirates either. By the way, in order to eliminate the problem of quiet peaceful farming, we also removed resources and asteroids.

Aggressive space

  • In the new update, the other factions (NPCs) will now always attack any ships in their zones.Be careful when crossing hazardous areas.

Simple space

  •  Many players are faced with very difficult tasks during the game.We decided to help them a bit. Now, during the campaign, your ships will activate tasks, read and complete them, select and eliminate the desired targets. Also they will level up and go to PvE. In short, the ships will do everything for you. Yes, reach new heights, get kills, overcome difficulties and rejoice at hard-earned victories — they will do it themselves. You will only have to pay their expenses.

According to players, crafting is a long and uninteresting action that brings only disappointment.We have decided to simplify the process.Now can buy the whole ship with all the modules in containers, but the chance to get it in Open Space is much lower than finding a federate in an imperial location with a Jericho gun design.
Due to a huge rework of the game, we decided to finish the destroyers. Their role will change from ‘Suppressor’ to ‘Congratulator’. They will actively congratulate the enemies who joined the battle not on destroyers. And also present them with fireworks from photonics and exploding modules.
New weapons

  • Course weapons were assessed by the community as very strong and effective.We decided to please everyone and make all the guns and modules only shoot forward, including modules of destroyers and dreadnoughts.

Old weapons

  • Since the game has a huge number of new unique guns, we decided that the old ones will now pronounce phrases ‘We never had that back in the day’ and ‘They comin’ here stealin’ our jobs’.

Many players were outraged that more modules could be mounted on premium ships than on silver ones. Therefore, we made it possible to install new modules on all ‘Ellydium’ regardless of classes and without any restrictions. Now the problems of conflict between premium and conventional ships will not be so great.
New module ‘Bright Future’
              Cost: 10000 GS.
Description. Transfers the player’s ship to a far brighter future.Unfortunately, it does not work with organic and intelligent objects, they stay here.
               Recharge time: unknown.We have not caught any of the test samples in the timeline.
New active module ‘Gypsy’
              Cost: a few coins.
              Requires no energy
              Description: takes control of the enemy ship and steals it.
New module ‘Screw this…’
              Cost: crafted (200 electrium, 5000 osmium crystals and just one graphite plate).
Description: while you are in battle, automatically writes angry reviews, primarily about the high cost of its graphite plate.
When you try to delete the game it installs two new copies. In the case of mass deletion of copies — replaces Windows. You may experience some problems and bugs with Linux and Mac OS. Please, in this case, report a bug on the forum in the appropriate section.
Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with a low chance to find ‘Detonation’ mode.It turns out that someone could still find it.
Fixed a bug with low damage of course guns.
Fixed a bug with the dominance of CovOps in PvP. Now they correctly dominate in PvE and in Open Space.
Fixed a bug with the domination of destroyers.We implemented a few months ago, just forgot to report it.
Forgot to fix the bug, because of which we forgot to report that the bug is fixed.Will be fixed in the next updates, if not forgotten.
Congratulations to all our players! We hope that you’re going to like the new version of the old game. After all, it is made based on your wishes.
Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team
We congratulate the conquerors of the universe on April Fools’ Day and announce the contest ‘Believe it or not’.Guess what of the above is true, and what is not, and find out what awaits us in the future.