Star Conflict 1.4.9: Engineer Evolved. The final stage



Cryptogram ASDFF07-1729742
 Head of the security at Ellydium Alpha, Arlette Sokal
To:  Top secret! Ellydium Corporation board of directors
Subject:  Confrontation

We finally managed to identify a saboteur who led to us losing so many ships. This is Jackson Garcia, one of the key scientists on Ellydium Theta. The problem is that this Jackson managed to sneak out at the last moment on one of our fastest ships. I plan to include mercenaries in the search. We need him dead or alive.

It looks like someone activated beacons on one of our old bases once again. If you do not take urgent measures, Aliens will soon flood the entire Velorum. Our own forces for the operation are not enough. We’ll have to pay mercenaries again for their work.

The damn Revenants are surely responsible for all the latest incidents. It’s time to pay them back for everything. We are planning a large-scale attack on their facilities in the Ydra system. Our eggheads hope to penetrate into the central hub through the internal network of system objects and gain access to the internal documents of the Revenants. 

Head of the security at Ellydium Alpha, Arlette Sokal

Cryptogram АIDA77-172741
From: Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
Subject:  Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! It’s time to show all the power of Ellydium technologies. The final stage of evolution of the project Evolution  engineering frigate Waz’Got has begun. Now the pilots will be able to use all the incredible opportunities in combat, made possible by the power of science!

Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni

Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got. The fifth stage of evolution

The newest state-of-the-art engineering frigate ‘Waz’Got’ is the quintessence of scientific thought and the result of the collective work of all the employees and scientists of the Ellydium Theta station. The frigate’s incredible capabilities will provide its allies with reliable support and will give a chance of victory in battle even over superior enemy forces.

Currently, the ship is available for modification from rank 5 to 15.  The ship receives an additional special module, the possibility of building a unique Ellydum combat platform and a special CPU modifier.

Repair Drone Operator
Launches drones accompanying the ship. When activated, the drone is sent to the selected point and transformed into a repair kit. Allies can pick it up to restore their own hull and hulls of nearby allies and get a bonus to damage resistance.

Waz’Got Battle station
When activated, the module builds an autonomous battle station. In its basic version, the station is equipped with a combat laser. Then the station is gradually upgraded. At each stage, you can choose one of the options for equipping the station. The choice is made by pressing the activation button again during the upgrade process.

The station is equipped with weapons, modules and does not have a static shield. Away from the owner of the station is passive and persista for several seconds. The owner can repair the station at the expense of own energy.

Stage 1. Default weapon: long-range gun
              Option 1: rocket launcher 
              Option 2: close-range laser
              Option 3: close-range plasma gun

Stage 2. Default alpha-module: plasma turrets
              Option 1: self-repair module
              Option 2: damage resistance module

Stage 3: Default beta-module: slowing field
              Option 1: repair ally hulls 
              Option 2: restore ally shields 
              Option 3: recover ally energy
              Option 4: increase ally ship speed and rate of fire

Cooling distributor
CPU modifier
Compatibility: Engineering frigate
Reduces weapon heating rate at the cost of reduced damage

Missions for destroyer and Ellydium ships production



Attention, pilots! Getting resources for production of destroyers and Ellydium Corporation ship cabins has become easier!

  • A new Broker job is available that lets you get resources needed for the production of Ellydium ship cabins
  • Increased the reward for Broker mission ‘Destroyer resources’
  • Additional resources in the ready-made packs for Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin and Waz’Got

Arlette Sokal tasks

Sokal offers all pilots the opportunity to get the necessary resources to build the cabin of the Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got. Complete any 3 tasks every day and you will receive an updated reward — a pack ‘Waz’Got resources’, which contains 5 parts for the ship.
By completing the previous and new special assignments of the ‘Ellydium’ corporation, you can additionally earn not only xenocrystals, but also composite blocks! All parts of the cabin of the Waz’Got ship can now be made from composite blocks.

‘Provocateur’ System
      Reduced duration from 7 to 6 seconds
Radiation converter
      Reduced duration from 5 to 4 seconds
      Reduced cooldown from 30 to 24 seconds


Developer Commentary _ _

We wanted this ship to have high survivability, but the power of its modules made it too effective.

Reduced special module effect duration by 1 second
Slightly reduced efficiency of the special module shield
Capacitor modifier
      Reduced module efficiency
      Increased recharge speed
Quantum Railgun
      Damage reduced by 10%

Reduced hull durability
Disintegrator modifier
      Reduced effect on enemy weapons by 33%
      Reduced rate of fire effect duration by 2 seconds
Dual-channel repeater
      Reduced effect on weapons by 33%
Boson Cannon
      Damage reduced by 12%


Developer Commentary _ _

The ships are conceived as unique, but turned out to be not only unique but also strong, sometimes much more effective than their counterparts. Therefore, we tried to preserve the uniqueness of their modules, but also reduce their strength a little.

Thar’Ga and Tai’Kin
Changed the maximum number of evolution points on rank 15


Developer Commentary _ _

On ranks 13-15, these ships received additional slots for modification compared to conventional ships, which made all other ships uncompetitive, so we brought the potential power of Ellydium closer to standard performance.

Lowered spread reduction of kinetic and electromagnetic projectiles in the corresponding node to 33.3%
Kinetic and electromagnetic projectile speed in the corresponding node has been reduced to 35%
Combat Reconstructor
      Effect duration increased to 8 seconds
      Increased damage by 15%
Return Crystal
      Hull repair increased by 3.5 times
      Preparation time increased
      Maneuverability during preparation is limited
      Hull repair increased
      Power consumption is increased by 2 times
      Host damage reduced by 45%
Jump Crystals
      Power consumption increased by 3 times
      Host damage increased by 3 times
Quantum leap
      Power consumption increased by 80%


Developer Commentary _ _

Thar’Ga’s effect on weapon resistance has been made standard. But we also slightly strengthened the Combat Reconstructor. As for Tai’Kin, activation of its modules now has an adequate price, and the camouflage shield refractor further reduces the maneuverability so that the pilot can choose between being quick and invisible.

Resonance laser
      Damage reduced by 10%
      Damage reduced by 7%
      Reduced rate of fire
Missile slot ammunition
      Active time increased to 40 seconds
      Recharge increased to 15 seconds for Federation and Imperial destroyers
      Recharge increased to 8 seconds for Jericho destroyers


Developer Commentary _ _

Ammunition for missile slot has been reworked a bit, so that the player more thoughtfully used this resource, while the other pilots could have more chances in the fight against the destroyer. Weapons of destroyers were also modified.

Weapons and modules
Static barrier
      Active time increased to 30 seconds
      Cooldown time increased by 7 times
      Power consumption increased by 90%
Jump Drive
      Power consumption increased by 4 times
      Host damage increased by 70%
Heavy repair drone
      Active time increased to 30 seconds
Warp vortex
      Power consumption increased by 3.5 times
      Host damage increased by 2.4 times
Camouflage shield refractor
      Maneuverability reduction increased by 65%
WL13 projector
      Damage reduced by 5%
      Damage increased by 10%
      Spread reduced by 12% 
Ion emitter
      Increased damage by 10%
Assault Railgun
      Increased damage by 7.5%


Developer Commentary _ _

Some classic types of guns were improved to make life easier for beginners

Simplified the ability to fly in squads for up to 4 pilots
Modified several effects
Increased capacity of friends lists, follow list and black list
Removed ‘Sell All’ button
The life of a message with excess synergy is set at 1 hour
Increased the radius of the bonuses picked up in battle

Bug fixes
Improved server stability
Fixed minor interface bugs
Fixed a bug with ‘Crystal Predator’
Fixed a bug in PvE settings for ‘Ariadne’s Thread’
Fixed a bug in Alien scout behaviour in Open Space
Fixed identical resource names ‘Waz’Got lightweight armor plates’ and ‘Tai’Kin Lightweight armored plates’
Fixed a bug of transport ship’s burning effect
Fixed a bug with the absence of indication for some mission target objects
Fixed a bug with mission progress reset
      Changed mission conditions for Thar’Ga special modules

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/34972-star-conflict-149-engineer-evolved-the-final-stage-discussion/)



Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. Changes were made to ‘Sector Conquest’ mode, balance of Waz’Got frigate and several bugs were fixed.



Protective sphere

  • The module effectiveness is weakened by half

Scavenger drones

  • Decreased repairing hulls from the missile explosion to 10%


  • Damage reduced by 10%


  • Damage reduced by 7%

Damage from drones of all special modules is reduced by 20%

Hull repairing from Scavenger drones and Alien satellites is reduced to 40% of the damage drones inflict

Node on 9 rank to increase the regeneration rate for shields is reduced to 20%


Sector Conquest

  • Now all battles in a region begin at the same time
  • A wing is now matched with an enemy of the same level
    • Independent pilots in this battle can have a higher level of ships
    • If the battle only has independent pilots, the teams are matched by ship level
  • The minimum team composition is now four pilots
    • Vacant pilot spots are filled with AI


  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • Added new description for Waz’Got battle station
  • Improved stability of game servers
  • Added sound effects for some repair / regeneration actions
  • Updated game credits
  • Improved shield effects

Bug fixes

  • The description of ‘Static Field’
  • Fixed a bug with displaying resources when crafting a ship
  • Fixed a client crash when using ‘Waz’Got Battle Station’ in raids



Hotfix #1


  • Incoming shield and hull regeneration reduced to 50%


  • Improved matchmaking system in PvP and in ‘Sector Conquest’ mode
  • Improved game world stability
  • Fixed minor bugs in game client

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all fixes. Changes aimed at development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.