Star Conflict 1.4.7: Engineer Evolved. Stage Three (Discussion)

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Cool, hope that the next update will finally give us the special module we were teased for so long, and a way to get them too, preferably for xenochips.

This patch is good, but it brings too little. Still, a plus.



  • I need to know, when will electrum be fully removed from the loot, including electrum boxes from the Store?


  • Do we keep all electrum items in the Storage, once it’s removed?

Now the Wazgot Mark III resembles a Manta ray (they have nasty stings, that can kill), nice variant I like it. With this new outfit comes a set of 4 new drones called ‘Green mist’ : for 2.5s every 12s all allies become imvulnerable to enemy weapons, inlc. explosion damage - nice tactical variant.

For the Wazgot phase 3 we get plus 1 engine socket, plus 1 cpu socket. We also get 2 blueprints for the 2 new Wazgot r10-14 modules [Hull converter 14] and [Engineering regenerator 14], both are hull repair modules, the former is an active module, the latter is a passive cpu slot modifier. And, we get main weapon buffs: damage +10%, heating rate -20% target lock time -35% (for a total of 60pts, only), all that will be well appreciated.

I think this new Wazgot will get more engi-players into tier4 PvP and PvE.

What I like especially is the lock time buff (-35% for only 10pts) and the hull repair engi modules - on the other hand, the decent main weapon buffs rather compensate a lack.


The ‘Find group’ tab now went up to the top bar in the GUI. We got a new sorting in after battle player stats-window: 1st assists, 2nd kills, 3rd effectiveness. We got a Guard weapon nerf and - off cause - some interceptor buffs ![:fighter_light:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/fighter_light.gif “:fighter_light:”)



  • _ Special module drone packages I-V _ should be uncoupled from ranks ==> once unlocked the different special modules I to V should be usable in all ranks of the ship, e.g. Wazgot spec module IV should be usable in a rank 5 Wazgot, once it is unlocked!
  • The skin/look of the Wazgot should be independent from the attached Spec module I-V ==> players could select the skin/look they like independent from rank or type of spec. module! (This is an action space sim - looks matter, e.g. people buy cars not alone by their specs but by their designs, too.)
  • The total costs for all new Mark III (phase 3) nodes is 295pts in total for the new 295pts to spend from rank 11 to rank 13 of the Wazgot development,  that can be called balanced. But it leaves little room for variant builds : slow healer or agile fire-support , for example. This would require an surplus of nodes to choose from in each branch of the development tree (roundel) of the Wazgot (I=r5-8, II=r9-10, III=r11-13, …)

So far i can’t see anything bad about this update, I hope the wait times were fixed together with the credit only spatial issue ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

41 minutes ago, Koromac said:

  • I need to know, when will electrum be fully removed from the loot, including electrum boxes from the Store?


  • Do we keep all electrum items in the Storage, once it’s removed?

Yes - I agree with Koro.

In [Questions to the developers Summer 2017](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33974-questions-to-the-developers-summer-2017/&page=3) the question of Electrum was answered, but in a rather vague way. It still remains unclear if the ressource Electrum only will be gone from rewards, missiions, assignments - or if it will be gone completely from the game that is to say gone from the players storage, also? And when will it be gone either way, what date?


CinnamonFake (Posted August 15)

The parts for r14 destroyers will be available in trading, but electrum will be gone with the event


still no message for vr support?

Its nice to see the the further development of the Waz Got is available but I really dont see the point for all that novel-like introduction. Would have been more neat to just number the new features. The real question here, to me of course, what would be the global cost of the upgrade from rank 8 to 12. How many millions of credits it would require and most of all how many of those ultra rare materials. I’ve been doing on a daily basis the Sokal missions and all I’m getting are materials that have no value plus I’ve reached their limit and all end up in my mailbox to be destroyed. After 3 consecutive weeks I got 2 Alien Engineering Structures and I need a 3rd one to move on to the next level but no avail. The trade is cluttered by the sellers selling exactly the same matterials - obviously because everyone is getting the same, with some exemptions of “rare” parts/materials that the sellers ask for an arm and a leg.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is superb with amazing graphics and huge variety and enjoy playing it immensely. The down side is this “rarity” and “randomness”, and again in my opinon its neither rarirty or randomness but the design is such, that makes the game boring at times. Boring in the sence of constant failure to acquire materials/parts which ultimately leads to disappointment.

Personally, I want to advance in the game - provided the game will allow me - and certainly would like to play all tiers but the goal is top tier. Making advancement easier doesnt mean the players will get bored and quit, on the contrary will encourage them to play even more on the basis they will have a far bigger spectrum of ships to play with. Disappointment makes people leave and not advancement.

1 hour ago, Koromac said:

This patch is good, but it brings too little. Still, a plus.



  • I need to know, when will electrum be fully removed from the loot, including electrum boxes from the Store?


  • Do we keep all electrum items in the Storage, once it’s removed?

Why would electrum be removed at all ? I mean, although I dont have a R14 destroyer, it takes electrum to build. Unless the destroyers will be in a DLC pack to buy in which case persoanlly would like that option BUT if they will be in DLCs, they should also have premium status. Free reapirs, additional synergy/credits gain.

I only want to know when will shutdown the Rank14 Destroyer’s manufacture?

Or not close manufacture this year,but after someday I can’t get part about Destroyers.

So far I like all the changes. Nothing bad in this patch so I approve.


Though there was something else I was waiting for… >;3c

53 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

so I approve.

All for you!  ![:007_3:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_3.png “:007_3:”)

Great patch, only good point and nothing bad, keep up the good work! Waiting for the dev blog ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

This patch overall is surprisingly nice (I don’t even care about the waz’got stuff tbh, I’m sure some people are hype).


 ++Removal of friendly fire for slow and energy drain missiles means that finally I can use them without screwing over everyone near my target (or just wherever my missiles go).
++Removal of friendly fire for shield havoc means that one f*****g command who havocs someone right next to you won’t be decimating your shields all the time.
++Beacon capture radius buff means it is more difficult to easily deny a beacon completely with the halo launcher or the tai’kin… cloud… thing I can’t remember the name of.

+Tai’kin stuff for composite blocks is okay but 300 composite blocks for one component is a tad bit much in my opinion.
+New waz’got stuff I guess is okay - it doesn’t seem too OP on paper, won’t know till I see it in action myself
+Covert Ops buff seems nice, but it might be pushing the class to the verge of slightly broken from balanced (pls don’t quote me on this).

I would note on the growing respawn timer removal but I’m not sure if that is how I read it or something else as I haven’t touched PvP in a while as the Tai’kin meta is still unhealthy at best.

So far only good things to say about this one, I hope the following updates are just as positive.  ![:012j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/012j.png “:012j:”)

I spoke too soon!


Repair cost for a Tier V destroyer is now increased!

It used to be 140k, now it’s over 192k credits.


There is a brewing shitstorm now.

3 hours ago, Doomb0t said:

All for you!  ![:007_3:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_3.png “:007_3:”)

This must be the beginning of a great friendship.  ![:yes_yes_yes:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/yes_yes_yes.gif “:yes_yes_yes:”)

does anyone have a wreird bug that prevent getting credits after a pve mission after few hours of playing or it’s just me ? i’ve lost 2M already, re-log did not fixed the issue, i’ll make a bug report if more ppl also have the same problem.

Also, the waz’got cpu module “production optimization” isn’t working or i did not figured how does it work, so far the drone production remain the same so the module is quite useless for now.


[@CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/) when will we get the th’ak’len be availble in drop in T4-T5?




Improved a number of text strings

Let’s see if this has been fixed after a year. The most visible place in the game! You shouldS  ![:003:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003.png “:003:”)  see it.


Also, the Trade is still not automatic. ![:007j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007j.png “:007j:”)        Isn’t it automatic in Crossout? How did they manage to do it even though they are a very young game?

One would thinkS its me you’re talkingS about, you gottaS be more precise man xd