Star Conflict 1.4.5b: Vigilant Returns

Star Conflict 1.4.5b: Vigilant Returns


Cryptogram AAIM20-208402
To: Strictly secret! Only for executives with AAA access 
Cc: Empire Security. Archive 
Subject: Power of the Empire


As you know from previous reports, as part of Operation Confrontation, our staff and myself personally organized and successfully held an operational meeting with the so-called ‘Guests’ who arrived from Metropolis. The meeting was held in a remote system SY3176-GIII-A4.   The meeting was attended by emissaries of all interested parties, and, as always virtually, the infamous ‘Lady’ was present. 

Even against the background of catastrophic news from the Metropolises, our problem with the activity of the Ellydium Corporation looks very serious. And it requires an immediate solution. The main concerns of all interested parties are still caused not only by new technologies that threaten our financial interests in the region, but also their extreme instability and unpredictability. We assume that Ellydium engineers are deliberately creating something that can get out of control at any time. 

As a response, it was decided to strengthen the fleets of rank 14 destroyers, as well as to conduct global work on modernization and strengthening of the entire fleet of ships. Since the systems of Jericho destroyers are still being tested for unauthorized access by third parties and are not ready for production, the Empire is ready to give all pilots access to the documentation of their rank 14 destroyers.


Eric Holst, Centurion of Imperial Spacefleet


Cryptogram BBIМ24-208412
Subject: Project ‘Vigilant’


Pilots! It’s time to strengthen the fleet again with the power of rank 14 destroyers. UMC leadership was able to allocate capacity for construction of the Empire destroyer ‘Vigilant’. The ship’s unique special module and its active modules and modifiers will also make a return. The construction of the destroyer ‘Vigilant’ will be available for a limited time!


UMC Administration



With this update the rank 14 Empire destroyer becomes available to all pilots once again. We remind you that destroyers are a new class of fire support ships with significant fire power that can use additional energy shields and special weapons. 
All new destroyers are of the Suppressor class.
    Rank 14 destroyers have 9 modification slots
    To build 14 destroyers you need a special ingredient — Electrum.
        Electrum can be obtained in special container bundles.
        Electrum can be obtained as a reward during post-battle trophy search.
    You also need a unique component — Empire destroyer activators


Empire Destroyer Vigilant


Class: Suppressor Class Dest
Allegiance: Empire
Rank: 14
A beautiful example of imperial ship production, the destroyer Vigilant was developed by order of the Inquisition, as a response to sharply increased activity of the Revenant cult. The project was personally supervised by special agent Miranda del Arte. The Inquisition is well acquainted with the activities of the Order. The two organizations that since have undergone a huge metamorphosis, faced each other in the days of the old Direktoriua. Despite the initially narrow specification, Vigilant proved to be a versatile combat machine. It was soon adopted and the blueprints have been presented to UMC.

Features of rank 14 Empire destroyers
    Accumulates 5% free synergy
    Hull strength 127 600 points
    Shield volume 18 000 points
    Energy reserve 3 400 points
    Weapon damage increased by 7%
    Additional bonuses for increasing synergy level
        Upon reaching level 2: increased resistance to thermal damage
        Upon reaching level 4: choose one of three during assembly
        Upon reaching level 8: choose one of three during assembly


Special module: Beam destructor
Deals damage increasing over time. The target also loses 167 energy units per second. The module stops working if the distance to the target increase by more than 600 m.


Weapons: Vacuum resonance laser
Unique weapon available only to Vigilant destroyer. If you keep the beam on the target for more than 1 sec., the target and all enemies within a 500 m. radius receive additional damage for 5 seconds.


Active module: Remote minelayer

A unique active module available only to the Vigilant ship. It produces a self-propelled mine activated with a collision or on a timer. After activation the mine is invisible. Triggers if the target is moving away from it within a detonation radius of 500 meters or after 120 seconds.


CPU modifier: Vulnerability Detector
Unique modifier available only to the Vigilant ship. Decreases resistance to damage by 30 pts. for all enemies within a radius of 2200 meters. 
    You can install only one modifier of this type on the destroyer


New Broker missions


UMC announces the start of special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers. The Broker offers new tasks for all pilots. His employers are interested in the speedy strengthening of rank 14 destroyers.

  • Every day, new tasks from the Broker will be added.
  • Tasks will be available from 13.07 to 26.07 inclusive.
  • As a reward you will get valuable resource Electrum required to build rank 14 destroyers.


Sokal tasks

Pilots! Once again, his is head of the security at Ellydium Corporation, Arlette Sokal. We still offer a reward to those who are ready to confirm their loyalty in battle. For any three tasks completed, you will receive a reward — a container with cabin parts for Waz’Got. You will be able to earn bonus credits and free synergy by completing my special assignments:

  • Reward for completing assignments — 60 000 credits
  • For any three tasks completed, you will receive a reward — a container with cabin parts for Waz’Got.

Based on feedback from the players and as a result of the analysis of statistical data, we decided to let players perform tasks in more comfortable conditions. As part of this, the system for obtaining xenocrystals was reworked. Now xenocrystals can be obtained as follows:
Completing Dimeni’s tasks with difficulty selection: 

  • Ellydium. Ship destruction, 
  • Ellydium. Dealing damage, 
  • Ellydium. Effectiveness

Difficulty reward:

  • Ranks 1-6: pilots will receive 10 (with a premium account — 15) xenocrystals 
  • Ranks 7-11: pilots will receive 14 (with a premium account — 21) xenocrystals
  • At the maximum account level, pilots will receive 24 (with a premium account — 36) xenocrystals

Completing Dimeni’s weekly tasks
Completing Dimeni’s Teamwork mission




We continue to make balance changes in key parameters of game modes, weapons and modules. All changes have been made based on analysis of battles and statistics.


Increased Warp-vortex recharge time from 35 sec. to 40 sec.
Increased Jump drive recharge time from 30 sec. to 35 sec.
Increased Jump crystals charge time from 15 sec. to 20 sec.
All modifications of the module ‘Camouflage shield refractor’ are now charged for a longer time

  • From 6.5 sec. to 7.5 sec. on lower ranks
  • From 5.4 sec. to 7 sec. on higher ranks

Changed parameters of some ship tree nodes 

  • Rank 9 hull reinforcement is now 8% (previously 10)
  • Rank 11 hull reinforcement is now 6% (previously 7.5)
  • Rank 15 hull reinforcement is now 7% (previously 7.5)


Improved server stability
Improved and optimized a number of graphic effects
Players with a premium license received a special background for the avatar
Improved hangar interface
Tweaked conditions for obtaining achievements related to the ships that have been discontinued
Tweaked xenocrystals description
Changed SecCon location rewards


Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with corporation applicants showing up in corporation leaderboards
Fixed a bug with Waz’Got drones behaviour in open space
Fixed scrolling with the mouse wheel in the bulletin board
Fixed a bug when purchasing Stingray
Fixed a bug with chat lines
Fixed a bug with the trade window

Star Conflict 1.4.5b Hotfix #1


Pilots! An important technical update has been installed on our servers.

  • Changed fonts in hangar interface

  • Fixed bugs in mission descriptions

  • Improved client stability and the work of the game world

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all the fixes. Changes for the improvement of the game world are made regularly and may not require an update.

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