Star Conflict 1.4.5: Engineer Evolved

Star Conflict 1.4.5: Engineer Evolved


Cryptogram ASDIF54-172267
From : Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: Strictly secret! To Ellydium board of directors
Subject: Revenants?


Dear directors and other superiors who do nothing, I bring to your notice that someone is stirring up water again! I’m losing patience, sense of tact and I can not concentrate on research!


First Blackwood suddenly deviated from Ariadne and started building ships on its rusty shipyards! And not some transports, but Federation destroyers of the latest generation! Federation? Really? Where is the Federation and where is Blackwood? How did the former imperial corporation have such connections? Did the portal storm only cut us off from the central worlds? Of course, our sales have fallen! Everyone wants destroyers! Promise a couple of toys that they like so much to Cybers, let them press them harder!


Competition was bad enough, and now pirates are crawling out of their holes! They fill the market with cheap artifacts, which they call ‘Ellydium prototypes’ to set a higher price. Do I need to explain how this affects the reputation of our products?
I’m not even talking about the fact that the cartel sends threatening letters every ten minutes and ‘favourable offers’ every fifteen. UMC is probably already swimming in the money that it receives from defence contracts!


And to top it all off we have got spies and renegades! Secret prototypes go missing, then undocumented functions appear in the design of ships! Why did you impose this Imperial Cortez on me? She’s useless! I swear, soon I’ll splash into her brash muzzle with a xenocrystal solution and I’ll watch with absolutely non-scientific curiosity how she turns into a spare from the ship! 


In general, usually I’m not inclined to come to hasty conclusions, but naivety to me is inherent in an even lesser degree. Behind all this there is certainly a third force. So I implore you, dear gentlemen directors, send someone more competent to deal with the situation. And organize a couple of events or something to raise the popularity of our products again.


Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni



Cryptogram AIDA27-172345
From : Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
Subject: Project Evolution


To all pilots in fringe sectors! Recently we have been witnessing a frank and undisguised persecution of our employees and scientists. And this is despite the new technologies unique to mankind! Once again we are forced to protest against this unfounded information war. And today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. It’s a new ship from project Evolution available to pilots at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ - humanity’s first outpost in Alien worlds! 


Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got. The first stage of evolution.


The newest state-of-the-art engineering frigate ‘Waz’Got’ is the quintessence of scientific thought and the result of the collective work of all the employees and scientists of the Ellydium Theta station. The frigate’s incredible capabilities will provide its allies with reliable support and will give a chance of victory in battle even over superior enemy forces.


The tech used in special and active modules are a further development of advanced scientific theory, developed under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. A unique feature of the ship allows it to use the wreckages of destroyed ships to enhance its own power.

Currently, the ship is available for modification from rank 5 to 8. 


Debris of Destroyed Ships


unique feature of the new ‘Ellydium’ ship Waz’Got is the ability to process and use the remains of enemy or allied ships. 
Ship wreckages can be used to activate special modules, active modules and special weapons of the frigate.

  • The maximum amount of debris on board a frigate is 4
  • The first 2 fragments can be created under certain conditions directly by the frigate’s crystals
  • The remaining debris can be found in the remains of ships destroyed in battle
    • Fragments are available for a limited time after the ship’s destruction
    • The fragments are only visible and available to the commander of the frigate Waz’Got. 


Ship cabin


The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals. After construction, ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to 8 inclusive. Xenocrystals are required for the ship’s upgrades.


Special ship development nodes
Now, some development nodes o Ellydium ships can increase the permissible limit of evolution of the ship

  • To increase the ship’s rank you need to research such development nodes


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got special modules


Pilots can choose which special module to use for the ship Waz’Got. The ship’s appearance changes with the selected special module. Now the following special module is available for research:


Scavenger drones
Picking up wreckages of destroyed ships, the engineer produces drones, attacking the enemy and repairing the ship. When activated, one of the drones rushes to its target. With the blast, the missile damages the enemies and restores hulls of nearby allies.

Other special modules of the ship will be available at the next stages of the ship’s evolution.


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got weapons


WL13-EL emitter
Type: Beam Weapon
Mounted on: Waz’Got
Regenerates hull and shields of allies it hits. Can lock onto an ally


Type: Kinetic weapon
Mounted on: Waz’Got


Projectiles of this weapon are capable of collecting debris. The debris is picked up if the projectile is within 50 m. from the wreckage.

For a limited time, in post-battle trophy search you can get a container with particularly valuable resources for producing a unique weapon Th’ak’Len for the engineering ship Waz’Got. A special container with a part for Th’ak’Len can be obtained in post-battle trophy search on ships of rank 8. You can open the container with 200 Iridium.


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got modules

Active module: ‘Patron’ active defence
Type: Active module
Group: Engineering modules
Mounted on: Waz’Got
When activated, increases the speed of a single ally. If its durability falls below a specified value, the ally teleports to the ship, restoring 1 resource of the special module to the maximum.


Active module: Protective sphere
Type: Active module
Group: Engineering modules
Mounted on: Waz’Got
Launches a sphere that, when in contact with an ally, gives him a temporary shield.


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got modifiers  


CPU modifier ‘Production optimization’
Type: CPU modifier
Mounted on: Waz’Got
Accelerates production of the special module resource. Additionally reduces the duration of control effects.


Hull modifier: ‘Regenerator shield’
Type: Hull modifier
Mounted on: Waz’Got
When the shield’s charge is above a certain value, the ship’s hull is repaired.


Arlette Sokal tasks


UMC reports that the Center has received a request for new assignments for mercenaries from the head of Ellydium security Arlette Sokal.

Age: 24
Organization: Ellydium
Position: Head of Security
Biography: The only thing known for certain about Ellydium’s current head of security is that before the war with Aliens, she was the lieutenant of the Federation Vanguard. For the time of the war, Arlette Sokal disappeared from all radars, only to appear in the service of Ellydium a few years later.


According to a witness who claims to have been acquainted with Mrs. Sokal during her service in the Vanguard, such a career change does not fit her psychological profile. Arlette Sokal showed herself as a dedicated patriot of the Federation and treated the growing power of corporations with great hostility. In the light of a potential conflict with Ellydium in the future, this information, if true, can be the key to acquiring a valuable ally within Ellydium.


The same source said that Arlette Sokal’s last known place of service as Vanguard Lieutenant was one of the restricted systems in the NMS sector, where Vanguard, with the support of a number of corporations, was engaged in the investigation of a heavily damaged Leviathan. This information is curious because it is about the events before the Invasion, but it also needs verification.




Sokal offers all pilots the opportunity to get the necessary resources to build the cabin of the Ellydium engineering frigate Waz’Got in the shortest possible time. For any three tasks completed, you will receive a reward — a container with cabin parts for Waz’Got.


The container “Resources Waz’Got” can also be obtained from the purple spot in trophy search after “Ariadne Thread” mission! For this you need to fly into battle on 6-10 ranks ships.


You will be able to earn bonus Xenochips by completing special tasks. Stay tuned!




Trading system has received a significant upgrade. Now all pilots have a bulletin board for purchase and sale of in-game items. In the updated trading window, players can:

  • Place an ad for the sale of an item. To do this, you need to select the product from the list in the trade window and press the ‘Publish’ button. After that, the advertisement placement window will open. It displays the item for sale and there is a field where you can specify the price for the item.
  • View sale ads. To do this, just select the item you need in the trade window and click the ‘Adverts’button.  You will see a list of players and their prices for them.




Hangar interface has been substantially redesigned. The updated version is simpler and more intuitive, and also has a modern and aesthetic approach to the design and style of the game.


  • The top part of the screen is now occupied by the resource panel, the menu tabs, and the ‘Battle’ button. 
  • The button for changing the appearance and the notification list is in the lower right corner of the screen
  • In the upper right corner of the screen are the player’s portrait, the corporate window buttons, messages and friends list, polls and voting windows
  • A Premium license is now available for purchase in the ‘Store’ window





The order of characters is now changed on the Tasks screen. Now the characters are displayed as follows (from top to bottom in the hangar and from left to right in the Tasks window):

  • The first to show are always the characters giving important tasks in the framework of periodic events
  • Characters giving contracts
  • Assignments of Selena Galo
  • Gage ship tasks
  • Assignments in Open Space
  • Tasks to get rank in the game


Now the time for preparing the destroyer for the next flight is the same as for ships of other classes




We continue to make balance changes in key parameters of game modes, weapons and modules. All changes have been made based on analysis of battles and



10% lower hull base parameters
5% lower Tai’thaq weapon parameters
10% reduced damage and 2% reduced the chance of critical weapon damage for ‘Tai’al’


10% reduced rate of fire for ‘Thar’kth’
Slightly reduced turn speed, especially at higher ranks


Added an additional hull modifier slot 
10% increased ship speed
5.8% increased base hull parameters
Increased damage of ‘Entropy Generator’ module to ordinary ships by 75% and 25% to destroyers


Weapons and modules
10% increased damage for ‘Meson Cannon’
7% increased damage for ‘Ion Emitter’
10% increased damage for Dag’tnith
10% increased damage for Gravi-emitter
Significantly reduced heating of ‘Eclipse’
Sped up engineer gate cooldown by 35 sec.
Sector Conquest
Now you can go to conquest, regardless of the location of the dreadnought.
Influence system

  • Now, if the owner of the location receives the maximum reward from the location, the influence of the challengers does not decrease with time.

Debriefing window

  • Added information about earned influence

Selena Galo offers all pilots a special task in SecCon mode:

  • Gain 250 points of effectiveness in one SecCon battle
  • Quest Reward - 25 Iridium pcs.
  • The task can be performed once a day.
  • The task will be available for a limited time.


Based on feedback from the players and as a result of the analysis of statistical data, we decided to let players perform tasks in more comfortable conditions. As part of this, the Contracts system was significantly revised. 

  • Now the pilots are offered 3 tasks to choose from, differing in complexity for each faction in the game
  • Once a day, a pilot can choose only one task out of three for each faction.

The chosen difficulty affects 

  • Ranks to fulfill the contracts (1-6, 7-11, and the maximum rank of the account)
  • Terms of the assignment
  • Reward size


Added corporate logos

  • Advent Empire
  • Alien Liquidators
  • ApertureScienceLAB
  • Apple 1nc 
  • Ayakashi
  • BORG
  • CORT
  • Evil Space Nyashka
  • NLO
  • New Atlantis
  • Ray of death
  • Rise Of Abyss
  • Romanian Legion
  • Russian imperium
  • Skill and Style
  • TEHb
  • United Nations
  • White Crows
  • Velloop inc

Changed logos

  • Chaotic Legion
  • DNS
  • Dark Dead Space
  • Dead Space
  • Dragon of FIRE
  • Revolt of the VIRUS
  • RussianBears
  • ST0RM
  • Star Storm
  • StarGate Revival
  • XXI Century    

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug in calculating rewards for the referral program
Fixed the disappearance of the purple spot if the first battle occurred in the League

Update #1

  • Improved client stability and the work of the game world.

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all the fixes. Changes for the improvement of the game world are made regularly and may not require an update.

[Discission](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/34194-star-conflict-145-engineer-evolved-discussion/)

Star Conflict 1.4.5 Hotfix #1

  • Increased game world stability;
  • Fixed a bug with Sector Conquest crashes to desktop;

Changes aimed at improvement of the game world are made regularly and may not require a game update.