Star Conflict 1.4.4с: Return of Sirius

Star Conflict 1.4.4с: Return of Sirius


Cryptogram AAIM20-208402
From: Mercenary Center
To: Strictly secret! Only for executives with AAA access 
Subject: Family business


Analysis of our partners’ operations involving UMC mercenaries and the emergence of new advanced technologies suggest that several new players have appeared in the quarantine worlds. Probably from the hub worlds. This confirms the assumption that the portal storm is weakening or, according to the other hypothesis, changes configuration.


New players have not yet manifested themselves and, for some unknown reason, act through intermediaries or conclude secret agreements with organizations of interest to them. It’s possible that their possibilities of communication and transportation through the portal storm are still limited and such conditions for our guests from the hub worlds are dictated by contacts on our side.


Both assumptions allow one to expect an increase in attempts to reach out to various representatives of the hub worlds in the near future. 

For UMC establishing such contacts should be a priority. The opportunity to enter the hub world markets will raise the organization to a new level and will allow the quarantine worlds to dictate their terms of contact with the Metropolises. It is worth taking into account that fierce competition is expected for the right to occupy the niche of an intermediary between quarantine and hub worlds.


UMC Administration


Cryptogram BBIМ24-208412
From: Mercenary Centre
Subject: Project ‘Sirius’


Pilots! It’s time to strengthen the fleet again with the power of rank 14 destroyers. UMC leadership was able to allocate capacity for construction of the Federation destroyer ‘Sirius’. The ship’s unique special module and its active modules and modifiers will also make a return. The construction of the destroyer ‘Sirius’ will be available for a limited time!


UMC Administration


Children’s Day


Today is a special day. Only on this day our ‘Veterans’ actively help newcomers and get a special achievement for this.
To do this, your squad needs players with a rating 1000 points below yours. Help them in battle!


Do not miss the opportunity to explain to beginners how an ‘adult’ fight should be: if there are players in your squad with a rating 1000 points below yours and you win the battle, then you, as a real defender, will get a unique achievement ‘Child Protector’.


Achievement can be obtained before June 4 inclusive


Federation destroyer Sirius

The first ‘public’ Sirius destroyer was designed and developed in the mega-popular show ‘The Shipyad’, whose ratings broke all records. Thirty engineers competed for six months for the right to be called ‘King of the Shipyard’, the outcome was decided by viewer voting. Military leadership initially could not believe the success of the project, but gave permission to use one of its shipyards, when producers collected the required amount of credits on a crowdfunding platform. To everyone’s surprise, Sirius was not only a high-quality ship, powerful and reliable machine, but at also relatively inexpensive to manufacture. After the show, Sirius was put into service, and its blueprints were submitted to UMC. Currently, the producers are raising money for a second season of the project.


Class: Suppressor Class Destroyer
Allegiance: Federation
Rank: 14


Features of rank 14 Federation destroyers

  • Hull strength of 87 000 points
  • Strong shield with a volume of 36 000 points
  • 20% higher ship speed than destroyers of other factions
  • 7% higher turn speed than destroyers of other factions
  • You can place 3 ‘static shields’ compared to 2 in destroyers of other factions
  • Increased energy capacity and regeneration speed compared to destroyers of other factions
  • Additional bonuses for increasing synergy level
  • Upon reaching level 2: increased resistance to EM damage
  • Upon reaching level 4: reduced time to overheat / reduced spread and increased projectile speed 
  • Upon reaching level 8: an additional set of suppressor class destroyer module upgrades




Special module: ‘Attila’ Targeting Complex
Charge is accumulated at 90% of maximum speed. Full charge allows you to activate the module. Upon activation weapon damage increases by 40% for 5 seconds.
Active module: ‘Destabilizing Field’
Active destroyer module. Deals damage over time to targets in range and destabilizes their engines. While the target flies faster than 20% of max. speed, it receives 1717 DPS.
Active module: ‘Hybrid missile’
Launches a missile with a hybrid warhead. After the detonation, a drone activates at the detonation point and deals damage to enemies in range.
Active module: Repelling Beam
Suppressor class destroyer active module. Produces a special beam of nanoparticles, which pushes enemies away in its direction The closer the target, the stronger the effect. Target’s hull loses 5% of its max value each second. 
Engine modifier ‘Augmented Cooler’
This engine modifier can only be installed on the ship ‘Sirius’. Engine cooling system additionally cools weapons. Weapon heating speed reduced by 30.6%. 


The federation is preparing a retaliatory strike


Leaders of the Federation and UMC are extremely concerned about the increased strength of Ellydium corporation. In retaliation, all pilots are offered the opportunity to obtain the necessary resources to build a rank 14 destroyer ‘Sirius’ in the shortest possible time.


Every day, by completing the Broker’s special mission players will be able to receive 12 units of impure neodium as a reward.

You can get valuable resources for construction of destroyers in post-battle trophy search on ships of the following ranks:

  • Ranks 8-11 — a chance to get Neodium and Beryllium
  • Rank 11 — increased chance to get Beryllium 
  • Ranks 14-15 — a chance to receive Electrum.

Electrum and Beryllium can also be found in Open Space.


New Broker missions


UMC announces the start of special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers. The Broker has contacted UMC. His employers are interested in the speedy strengthening of rank 14 destroyers. 

  • Conditions of the assignment dictate that the pilot must have destroyers
  • As a reward you will get the valuable resource Destroyer activator required to build rank 14 destroyers.


Fleet strengthening


From June 1 to August 31 inclusive you can collect ship parts for the following ships:

  • Brokk
  • Stingray
  • Archelon
  • Kite-E
  • Karud
  • Nightingale


Ship parts can be purchased in special sets right in the ship tree for a special game currency — ‘Xenochips’. Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time and after the end of the event will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. 

We recommend that you  spend xenochips before the end of the event.

  • Xenochips can be obtained by performing special tasks in the game.
  • Xenochips will be withdrawn from the game on September 1.


Everything for Ellydium ships!


‘Ellydium’ corporation announces an increased reward for mission completion. Construction of ‘Ellydium’ ships and their subsequent modification has become even easier!


Increased the number of xenocrystals as a reward for completing Dr. Dimeni’s contracts

  • Now the reward is 10 xenocrystals for six-hour contracts (15 with a premium license)
  • Now the reward is 40 xenocrystals for weekly contracts (60 with a premium license)
  • Now monocrystals can be obtained in post-battle trophy search and in Open Space

Trophy search after SpecOps can give and access to the secret container ‘Tai’Kin node resources’


Blaster Turret now slows down enemies.


Imperial engineers have finalized the destroyer module ‘Blaster Turret’. Now the turret not only automatically shoots at enemies, but in active mode, tempo and damage

increase, and the charges become explosive. But every charge now slows the target for a few seconds

  • Blaster turret 11 slows the enemy by 40%
  • Blaster turret 14 slows the enemy by 45%
  • Blaster turret 15 slows the enemy by 50%


In Sector Conquest, influence of location challengers is now reduced not by 10% per day, but only by 5%.


We continue to make balance changes in key parameters of game modes, weapons and modules. All changes have been made based on analysis of battles and statistics. 



  • Slightly reduced base parameters of shield and hull
  • Slightly reduced parameters of the nodes, accelerating turns and affecting ship speed on ranks 5 and 7 to 12% and to 7.5%
  • Parameters of the module ‘Virtual Particle Condenser’ are reduced by 30%. Duration of the module is increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Reduced the parameters of ‘Tai’al launcher’ by 17%
  • Reduced the parameters of ‘T’Har’Ok Projector’ by 15%
  • Reduced the parameters ‘Tai’thaq Gun’ by 5%
  • Reduced drone durability of ‘Satellite crystal’ by 50%



  • Reduced the parameters of ‘Thar’kth Gun’ by 5%
  • Slightly reduced basic maneuverability of the ship
  • Slightly reduced parameters of the nodes accelerating turns at ranks 5 and 13 ranks
  • Reduced damage of ‘Inhibiting Swarm’ by 20%
  • Reduced parameters of rank 5 node strengthening the hull to 1300
  • Reduced parameters of rank 11 and 15 nodes strengthening the hull by 7.5%
  • Reduced parameters of rank 9 node strengthening the hull by 12%




Palom Mk II
Analogue of Palom ship
To purchase a ship, you need to build it in the Workshop


Weapons and modules
‘Torch’ Launcher

  • Discontinued

‘Torch’ Launcher Mk II

  • Redesigned analogue of the ‘Torch’



  • All ammunition of ranks 1 to 4 sold for GS is discontinued


Passive modules
Pulse Shield

  • Discontinued

Pulse Shield Mk II

  • Redesigned analogue of the module ‘Pulse Shield’


PvE ‘Ariadne’s Thread’

  • Fixed bugs in PvE
  • Changes have been made to mission balance



  • Impact icons are moved to the bottom of the screen
  • Reduced icon size
  • Removed ESC-menu option ‘Leave battle’


Bug fixes
Improved several maps
Fixed beacon model bugs in open space
Improved a number of text strings
Fixed ‘Energy converter’ module icon
Fixed a bug with ‘Tai’Kin’ ship tree display
Fixed bugs in displaying the ranks of some blueprints
Fixed a bug with the unavailable effect of the ‘Satellite Crystal’ module

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