Star Conflict 1.4.3 Update #1


Pilots! On our servers set an important update. Limits changing on resources in the storage, some parameters of the modules and weapons are reworked, and fixed several errors in the game client.


The cap on resources, which were used in the game before 1.4.3 update, increased to 10,000. Necessary for the production of Tai’Kin resources, which were introduced in 1.4.3 update, have the following limits:

10 items - Controlling xenobots, Molecular xenoassemblers, Atomic xenoassemblers, Accumulating xenocrystals, Signal nanoreceivers, Tai’kin instruction nanoprojectors, Entangled shards, Crystal cascade, Crystal storage, Unstable crystal

50 items - Tai’kin cabin hull, Tai’kin cabin interior, Tai’kin xenocontrol interface, Light armor plates, Life support system   



“Tai’al” Launcher
Damage increased by 10%

Damage increased by 15%



Plasma web
Now the module works as follows:
It produces a plasma web that deals thermal damage for a certain time. The amount of damage depends on the level of the main weapon mounted on the ship. If the target’s speed is higher than a certain value when the module is activated, the target will additionally receive thermal damage until speed is reduced.

Inhibitor crystal
Damage increased by 20%



PvE сontracts are now can not be completed in Custom battle

Added implants bonuses for active modules and weapons descriptions on ships installed in the slot.