Star Conflict 1.4.3: Evolution Factor

Star Conflict 1.4.3: Evolution Factor


Cryptogram AIIF24-121547
From : Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
Subject: Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! Today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. It’s a new ship from project Evolution available to pilots at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ - humanity’s first outpost in Alien worlds! 

Free traders who recently visited the Fringe Sectors bring sad news. The alien invasion has reached and the internal sectors of the Metropolises. The destruction is monstrous. Empire forces suffered huge losses, and the population of entire sectors became refugees. Many transport routes have been destroyed. There is no connection with government agencies. Things are a little bit better in the sectors of the Federation, less affected by the Invasion. There, power has been preserved with the support of Armada, which tries to bring some kind of order with a hard hand. There have not yet been any news from Jericho sectors. 

Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni

Cosmonautics Day

We wish you a happy ‘Cosmonautics Day’! 56 years ago, the first human flight into space took place. In honour of this event we updated the information screens at the space stations, and space satellites replaced drones. Pilots can complete a special achievement ‘Cosmonautics Day’ and use special holiday missiles (available from April 12). 

Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin


The new innovative ship, which Ellydium shipyards presented to all pilots of the fringe sectors, is the scout interceptor Tai’Kin. The ship includes all the latest scientific achievements of Ellydium laboratories, which have reached new heights in the development of Alien technology. The ship turned out incredibly fast and maneuverable. 

The ship and its active modules’ development was conducted by Dr. Matthew Gilmore, head of the mysterious andhighly guarded ‘Science Complex #2’ of the Ellydium Theta station. And it was supervised by Conrad Dimeni himself. Tai’Kin became the first ship that could fully use the unimaginable properties of singlet bosons for changing space-time. 

Ship cabin

The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals. After construction ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to rank 15. Xenocrystals are required for the ship’s upgrades. 
To build Tai’Kin you need special components, cabin and xenocrystals.

Special modules of Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin

Pilots will be able to choose which special modules to use with Tai’Kin. The ship’s appearance changes with the selected special module. The following special modules are currently available for research:

Warp Vortex

When using the special module, the ship teleports a certain distanceforward in a fraction of a second, which allows the pilot to quickly move around the battlefield and suddenly find himself behind the enemy’s back. All nearby allied ships along the jump’s course get a speed bonus.

Return Crystal

A unique special module that allows the pilot to use unusual tactics in combat. A crystal acting as a warp-beacon is separated from the ship. When reactivated, the ship with the surrounding area of ??space and even with enemy ships that fall into this area, moves to the beacon. The beacon is vulnerable to ramming. Damage to the ship from the activation is restored. 

Jump crystals

Uses energy of special crystals’ collapse for teleportation. The pilot can make up to four quick jumps in a row. A cloud is left in the start zone every time, dealing damage. Such unexpected maneuvers allow you to quickly lose a stronger opponent in battle. Jumping crystals are restored after a short time.

Quantum Leap

The special module changes the space-time continuum. When the module is activated, the ship returns to that position in the space where it was some time ago. At the same time the state of the ship is brought to the point of time, in which it returned. Effects applied after the return point are cancelled. If the return spot is occupied, the ship only has a couple of seconds to retreat or it’s destroyed.

Jumping drive

The module is the quintessence of all the unique developments of ‘Ellydium’. When the module is activated, the ship jumps five kilometers forward. An active zone is left the ship’s wake, dealing damage to enemies. The jump point produces a growing cloud, dealing damage to enemy ships.

Weapon of Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin

Type: EM weapon
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Two types of plasma charges: slow homing spheres with a single keypress and rapid projectiles when holding.

Type: Plasma weapon
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Fires two powerful homing missiles, but has a long cool down.

Type: Kinetic weapon
Ship type: Any scout ship
Launches a colony of crystalline pseudo-organisms devouring ship hull. Shields do not stop them.

Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin active modules

Active module ‘Crystal-hologram’
Type: Active module
Group: Scout modules
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Creates the ship’s hologram for a few seconds. During this time the player’s ship becomes invisible.

Active module ‘Crystal destabilization’
Type: Active module
Group: Scout modules
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Upon activation periodically drops explosive crystals, producing a growing cloud dealing damage over time. The cloud dissipates after some time.

Active module ‘Crystal-infiltrator’
Type: Active module
Group: Scout modules
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
After activation the target can’t become invisible. Any damage to target from allies deals additional damage to hull.

Active module ‘Harvest crystal’
Type: Deployable module
Group: Scout modules
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Places a locator, showing all enemy ships on the radar, including invisible ones. It charges the owner’s shield using the enemy ships.

Active module ‘Inhibitor crystal’
Type: Active module
Group: Scout modules
Ship type: Interceptor 
Launches a growing cloud slowing enemies down. If the cloud moves too far or at the press of a button the cloud explodes with maximum damage in its center. Damage depends on cloud size.

Active module ‘Satellite crystal’
Type: Combat Drone
Group: Scout modules
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Originally attached to the ship and accelerates it. In active mode detaches and attacks the target, slowing it down. 

Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin missile weapons

Crystal Mine
Type: Proximity mine
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Places a mine with a wide radius, which also slows down active module recharge during explosion.

Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin modifiers

CPU modifier ‘Warp-guidance’
Type: CPU modifier
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Weapon damage temporarily increases after special module activation.

Capacitor modifier: Camouflage shield refractor
Type: Capacitor modifier
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
Provides invisibility from enemy radars if the ship does not fire, launch missiles or use active modules. Shield charge decreases each second. Camouflage is reset when objects are captured.

Hull modifier: ‘Virtual Particle Condenser’
Type: Hull modifier
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
During warp-jumps hull absorbs virtual particles, repairing itself after each jump.

Hull modifier: ‘Emergency Stasis System’
Type: Hull modifier
Can only be mounted on Alien ships
Completely blocks collision damage, temporarily immobilizing the ship.

Engine modifier ‘Emergency Jump’
Type: Engine modifier
Mounted on: Tai’Kin
When at risk of destruction, the ship jumps forward.


New PvE mission ‘Ariadne’s Thread’

Attention to all pilots! The UMC representative Arthur Gage offers an urgent contract. Blackwood Corporation has requested UMC assistance in protecting experimental shipyards under the control of the infamous AI ‘Ariadne’. This Ariadne AI constantly gets out of control, but representatives of the corporation claim that this time their facilities were subjected to a massive attack from the outside. Cybers are the potential enemy. 

With each new start of the mission the composition of enemy units is updated. Elite enemy ships with unique modules can also join the battle and turn the tide on the battlefield. Each new pass also gives players additional tasks that reward players with additional resources for successful completion!

    All missions are now available from rank 3, except:
        Mission ‘Fire support’ is available from rank 2
        The new mission ‘Ariadne’s thread’ is available from rank 1

    Reduced cost
    The ship was moved to rank 2
        Characteristics of the ship are reduced accordingly
Axe-X S

Bonus from the crew in the description of modules and weapons is not displayed
Beta catalyst ‘SR Mark 3’ (9-3)
    Now the implant helps against effects such as ‘Hull damage’ and the amount of resistance it gives is reduced.

Jericho ships get a new shield modifier that neutralizes some of the Ellydium combat capabilities
Multipurpose shield
    Transfers damage from collisions and hull damage to the shield. Additionally increases shield charge.
    Only suitable forJericho ships.

Heavy Drone
    Now additionally blocks micro-warp and teleportin range
    Active range reduced to 3500m, and damage is increased by 15% 
Guard drone
    Now additionally reduces maneuverability in range by 30%
Inhibitor beam
    Now additionally disables micro-warp and teleport
‘Repelling beam’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Gravitational lens’
    Used to damage hull based on percentages, now have fixed damage values.

New Broker missions
UMC offers all mercenaries new assignments Broker, and completing them will allow pilots to assemble the Tai’Kin cabin among the first! Also, Dimeni provides pilots with unique contracts, that can help them quickly upgrade the ship Tai’Kin.

Complete the missions! Build and upgrade the new ‘Ellydium’ scout interceptor Tai’Kin among the first!

Special offer. DLC ‘Star Conflict: Evolution Factor — Tai’Kin’

Just for the holiday ‘Cosmonautics Day’ and the launch of the new ‘ELlydium’ ship we have prepared a unique offer for all Star Conflict pilots — a festive DLC ‘Star Conflict: Evolution Factor - Tai’Kin’. The DLC will be available only from April 11 to April 27 in the official store and on Steam

This bundle includes
    Ellydium scout interceptor Tai’Kin 
    Unique ship decoration ‘Night Stalker’
    Unique title ‘Apex Predator’
    A set of unique and rare ship stickers:
        ‘Ellydium’ corporation
        Crystalline DNA
        ‘Ellydium’ Skull
    A special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle from April 11 — 90 days of premium license!

Lost Technology. ‘Vulcan’ weapon


‘Vulcan’ is the legendary kinetic weapon from the times of humanity’s stellar expansion. It can be mounted on all frigates of ranks 4 to 15. This is a unique kinetic weapon with outstanding features. Its critical hit chance increases as the weapon heats up.

A transport convoy, carrying cargo from an archaeological site was recently attacked. The discovered ancient object turned out to be a repository of old tech from the times of humanity’s stellar expansion: weapons, vehicles, modules and terabytes of project documentation. 

It is said that the excavation is headed by a special expedition from Erebus System. According to rumours circulating among the mercenaries, the expedition was very difficult and risky, but researchers believe iridium can breathe a new life into these forgotten technologies. The black market already has parts of ‘Vulcan’ weapons from the attacked convoy and, judging by the strong demand, the hopes for ancient technology are justified.

Deciphering all of the data will take some time, but the unique legendary weapon ‘Vulcan’, which can be mounted on all frigates is available to all pilots right now. During decryption of the data obtained in the expedition engineers promise to recreate not only the weapons or active modules, but also the ships themselves,whose blueprints were lost in ancient times. 

Complete special Broker missions, get the legendary weapon “Vulcan”! Assignments are available for a limited time.

    Now buying and selling items to other players is available after participating in 50 battles

Resource restrictions
    Added a limit on the amount of resources for production in storage
        Restrictions for different resources will be different. Information will be reflected in the interface.
    Resources exceeding the limit are lost
        This does not apply to resources purchased with GS as part of the bundle.
        The current surplus of resources that players have at the time of the patch will not expire
    If a player tries to create an item in the workshop and the limit on the created item is already reached, then the item will not be created.

Bonus from the crew in the description of modules and weapons is not displayed
A limit is imposed on the amount of resources a player can have
Description of non-purchased ships now takes into account the default modules
Optimized game client
Improved hangar environment sounds
Improved battle sounds
Now ship components can be obtained only during events 
    Events are in constant rotation.
    All missions for ship components from the tree have been removed

Bug fixes
Fixed errors on several maps
Fixed a bug with Tormentor class ship icon in battle lists
Improved sounds for mines and microlocator
Corrected the behavior of transports in Open Space
Fixed Predator’s ship icon in the list of those who participated in the player destruction assist list
Fixed a bug with damage to environment objects
Eliminated an extra pixel near the combat slot in the Hangar
Fixed a bug with player statistics update lag
Corrected the position of the turret on the Federation dreadnought Liberator
Fixed display of some messages in battle
Fixed lack of ranks in some blueprints
Fixed mismatched ranks in some blueprints