Star Conflict 1.4.2

Star Conflict 1.4.2

Cryptogram AIIT12-122458
From: United Mercenary Centre
Subject: Trading of valuable resources and parts

Pilots! Trade Testing is successfully completed. UMC launches a secondary market for sale of valuable resources and components for all pilots. Now all pilots can put up for sale or purchase very valuable resources and ship components. All payments are only in Galactic Standards. Some of the resources available for trade can be obtained in battles. Thus it is now possible for pilots to get Galactic Standards and strengthen their fleet.

UMC Administration


Trading rare resources is now available to all pilots! Trading between players is conducted through a separate trading chat and internal mail. Not all resources are available for trade, but only those that are approved by UMC. 
    All products have a minimum sale price. It will be adjusted individually for each item.
    There is a limit of 20 000 GS per one transaction.
    Trade and sending items to other players isavailable after participating in 200 battles.
    In one deal a pilot can sell up to 3 items.
    In trade chat pilots agree on the sale or purchase of resources.
    The seller can post an offer in chat to sell the allowed resources from storage.
    The buyer needs to right-click on the Seller in chat to initiate trade mode.

[Check out Trade System Guide to learn how to trade!](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33109-guide-to-%E2%80%98trade-system%E2%80%99/)

    The buyer sends a message to the Seller through internal mail saying that he is interested in buying this resource.
    If the buyer and the seller agree on a price for the resource, the seller shall send the buyer in an internal mail with the embedded resource.
    The buyer may reject the letter received from the seller or accept the resources. The amount is automatically deducted from the buyer’s account.
    The message exists for 15 minutes.

    All payments are carried out only in Galactic Standards.
    UMC also takes a 10% tax from each transaction.

Obtaining the items

Components for workshop and goods for trade are now available in trophy search after battle. You do not need to have ships of the maximum synergy level in combat slots
The player can find lost cargo - containers
    The container appears in the appropriate section.
    The container contains up to 5 items. They will be listed in the contents.
    The container can be redeemed for Iridium over 3 hours.
    When buying a container the player always receoves one of the specified items. The chances of getting particular itemss are different.
    After purchase the container disappears.
    The player can continue to get access to purchase of such containers in trophy search after battle.
    On repeated acquisition of a container, which is already available for purchase, the availability timer is updated to 3 hours.

Information about containers available in trophy search and their contents can be found in the news. Stay tuned for updates.

Now you can get iridium in the following activities:
    Spots with rare trophies (purple) in the search trophies after the battle in PvP, PvE and Co-op
    As a reward for owning a location in SecCon
    The final reward for the weekly tournament
    For the top places on the leaderboards

Increased the amount of iridium obtained when dismantling parts
    When disassembling parts for GS, the player can get double the amount of Iridium


Pilots! Testing of extremely important changes in characteristics of Thar’ga is successfully completed. According to testing results we made the final decision on changing the ship’s parameters.
    Speed reduced by 5%
    Turn speed reduced by 5%
    Node ‘Combat reconstructor’ is now worth 25 points
    Node ‘Combat reconstructor’ now drops mines and bombs when activated
    Node ‘R5 Engine Boost’ is now worth 65 points
    Node ‘R15 Engine Boost’ now gives a 5% bonus
    Node ‘R12 Shield Reinforcement’ now gives a 10% bonus
    Node ‘R11 Hull reinforcement’ now gives a 10% bonus

Weapons and modules
We continue to analyze all battles. According to the results of statistical data analysis and testing of Thar’Ga ship parameters on the public test server we decided to make the following changes, which will improve combat balance:

New active module Reflected fury
    Rank: 5-15
    Removes all negative effects and grants invulnerability
    Additional: Damages all enemies, who lock the player as their target, ignoring Shield
    Feature: Large ships get more damage
    Compatibility: Thar’Ga
    Slightly reduced damage from charge accumulation and -5% damage in general
    Reduced damage by 16%
Alien Intuition
    Significantly reduced damage bonus
    Slightly reduced recharge
Crystal drone
    Damage increased by 30%
Combat reconstructor
    Reconstruction is going based on the damage that actually got into the hull of the ship. The shield and hull resistance are not counted.

Generally, to maximize ship speed you need to use 3-5 modifiers. Fighters did not fit into the overall picture by having several unique engine modifiers at their disposal. Using at least one of them provided maximum speed without any significant penalties, while others were almost completely ignored. Therefore, the following changes were made:

Reworked ‘Cruise Engine Modification’ modifier:
     Turn penalty is now 20% (previously 17%)
     Speed bonus is now 10% (previously 17%)
     Increased energy consumption by 15% (previously 20%)
     Power consumption of first boost activation increased by 100%
     Speed bonus during acceleration reduced by about 15% (different for different Mks)

‘Catalyst Injector’ modifier 
     Now gives a much greater increase in speed (different for different Mks)

‘Swiftness Sphere’ modifier
     Added turn penalty (same as regular cruise speed)
     Maximum speed bonus is now 5% (previously 10%)
     Energy consumption per second +10% (previously +5%)
     Reduced speed bonus on acceleration (different for different Mks)


Phoenix and Reaper ship components are no longer available to pilots. It will only be possible to obtain them in special DLC pack in the official store or on Steam.
    The ship ‘Reaper’ has been discontinued
    The ship ‘Phoenix’ has been discontinued
Weapons and modules
    A number of items will now have to be manufactured
        Meson Cannon
        Vacuum-resonance laser
        Thermoactive weapon
        Wormhole projector
        ‘Tempest’ launcher
        Gravitational Lens
        Repelling beam
        Photon Emitter
        Destabilizing field
        Hybrid missile
        Isotope harvester
        Remote minelayer
        Vulnerability scanner
        Warp-stream detector
        Augmented cooler
    Added a number of new resources unique for each item

Biomorph ships

Pilots! Traditionally at the end of March we see the rise of confrontation with the Cybers ??and Biomorphs. And this time Biomorphs were again able to infect some of the technological developments of the side of conflicts. The biggest changes were made to the ships Katana and Styx. We urge our pilots to be extremely careful when using these ships! It seems that this is not the only diversion from Biomorphs. Stay tuned!

Sector Conquest

We continue to improve ‘Sector Conquest’. Important changes have been made based on the analysis of pilot feedback and game statistics:
Duration of location battles increased from 30 to 45 minutes
    Ship replacement and dreadnought movement allows battles for 1 hour 20 minutes
Now all rewards for owning locations are only issued in iridium
Improved ticket output system for control of locations
Now Thar’Ga automatically drops a bomb when using special module ‘Combat reconstructor’
Now using ECM special modules and gunship combat reboot does not affect the limited radar range in combat

    Added the ability to embed an item link in chat (module, ammunition, resources, blueprints)
    Hovering over the link shows the item’s description
    To insert a link you must click on the object while holding the [Shift] key
    Added display of pack availability time
    Reworked blueprint icons

Rare Resources
    Ship part missions are now updated once every three hours.
    Ship parts, neodium and beryllium are no longer available in trophy search after battle.

Bug fixes
Fixed a rare bug with items disappearing from the Store
Fixed a bug with inability to remove a pilot from the list of friends
Fixed description G’Thar’Du
Fixed description of ‘Phaser’ blueprint
Fixed bugs in models of maps, ships, modules
Optimized PvE mission ‘Fire support’

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33234-star-conflict-142-discussion/)


We have found technical problems that affected the stable operation. The cause of the problem is known to us and we are working on fixing it soon. 

Respectfully yours, Star Conflict team