Star Conflict 1.4.10c


Star Conflict 1.4.10b




Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. The changes are related to certain game modes, weapons, modules and implants.


Missions for the time spent in the game remain available for completion. Paint, patterns and stickers are now purchased indefinitely and can be used multiple times at no additional charge.



Attention, mercenaries! Assignments ‘Persistent pilot’, ‘Dependable pilot’ and ‘Veteran’ are now available from Selena Galo. Do not miss the chance to earn monocrystals and Galactic Standards for the time spent in the world of Star Conflict!



Now paint, patterns and stickers are purchased indefinitely and can be applied multiple times without additional payment.


Game Modes

Team Battle, Survival

  • Now the destruction of enemies in arrival zone is yields the same number of points as any other destruction



Thar’kth cannon

  • Damage reduced by 5%

Vacuum resonance laser

  • Now, the effect only applies to opponents around the target


Special modules

Guided torpedo

  • Damage increased by 15%


Active modules


  • Damage reduced by 5%

  • Range reduced by 30%

Combat reconstructor

  • Damage increased by 15%

  • Range changed to 750 m

  • Duration increased by 30%

Spatial Stabilizer

  • Reduced damage bonus from the module

  • Reduced shooting range bonus


_ Developers commentary: _ Equpiment builds for some destroyers made it possible to fire at very long distances, and it was extremely difficult to get to them. Thus the destroyers went beyond  their role in battles. Now the spatial stabilizer gives + 45% damage and + 5% range, instead of 50% and 15%, respectively.


Isotope Harvester

  • Damage increased by 33%.

  • Shield recovery increased by 200%

  • Drone speed reduced by 25%



Neuroconnector  ‘Gigas III’

  • Duration reduced by 50%

Neuroconnector ‘Albatross II’

  • Duration reduced by 50%

Neuroconnector  SR-X

  • Duration reduced by 50%



  • Inactivity in open space now leads to the ship being destroyed and returned to the Hangar

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Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers.


Sector Conquest

  • Improved server stability in Dreadnoughts battles

  • Fixed a connection error when trying to return to battle

Arlette Sokal’s Tasks
Pilots! It’s time to strengthen the fleet again with the power of rank 14 destroyers. UMC leaders allocates capacity for the construction of the latest destroyers Sirius, Tyrant and Vigilant. 


Complete the daily task of Arlette Sokal and get the CPU for Federation, Empire or Jericho destroyers as a reward. Assignments are available for a limited time!



  • Added new currency types in the Steam store

  • Improved game world stability

  • Fixed minor bugs in game client

The update description reflects the key changes in the game and does not contain a list of all fixes. Changes aimed at development of the game world are made regularly and may not require the release of an update.