Star Conflict 1.4.1

Star Conflict 1.4.1

Cryptogram АIIМ72-151012
From: United Mercenary Centre
To :
Subject : Sector conquest

Pilots! It’s time for new battles for control over fringe sectors! Battle creation system has changed a lot. Now all active pilots wings and corporations will be able to participate in the battles. The system will create battles and distribute all wings, squads, and even solo pilots. Ownership of each location can be contested by several corporations with their own dreadnoughts. Holding multiple locations at the same time is going to become a difficult task that requires serious tactical approach in the planning of dreadnought movements. All the details — in upcoming news items. Do not miss them!

UMC Administration

Happy Universe Defender Day

Pilots! ‘Universe Defender Day’ is coming soon, a holiday that we traditionally celebrate in February. Protect the Universe from the enemy, win and get a reward! 

Holiday achievements
Only during the holidays, you can earn a special achievement ‘Baptism by Fire’! To do this, shoot down 10 enemy ships in PvP battles. The achievement will provide you with ‘Defender of the Motherland’ aerography.

Holiday packs for February 23

During the holidays the following special packs will be available to all pilots:

Protector I for rank 7-9 ships
Guaranteed to contain:
    Proximity Mortar
    Mass Propulsion Inhibitor
    Emergency Shield Boost
    Missile Shield

Protector II for rank 10-12 ships
Guaranteed to contain:
    Gun adapter
    Proximity Mortar
    Mass Propulsion Inhibitor
    Signature masking
    Emergency Shield Boost

Protector III for rank 13-15 ships
Guaranteed to contain:
    Gun adapter
    Proximity Mortar
    Mass Propulsion Inhibitor
    Signature masking
    Emergency Shield Boost

In the coming days, all pilots will see additional festive events. Stay tuned!

New Broker missions

UMC has received new contracts from the Broker. All Broker missions will be available for a limited time on February 22 up until 09-22 MSK on February 27. As a reward pilots will get Phoenix and Reaper ship components. Attention! Starting March 22 Phoenix and Reaper ship components will no longer be available to pilots. It will only be possible to obtain them in special DLC packs in the official store or on Steam.

New SecCon

Sector Conquest mode is getting a global update. The new version of Sector Conquest will preserve the map of locations with regular time windows for battles. Victories in battles are rewarded with loyalty vouchers. All corporation members are also awarded tokens spent on rewards for victories in combat missions.

Corporation CEOs and VPs can build and move dreadnoughts to locations with a level not higher than that of the dreadnought at any time.

Influence Points
Corporations earn influence points for taking part in battles. They accumulate in the location where the corporate dreadnought is located, and remain there when the dreadnought is moved to a different one. Influence points are earned directly in sector battles as follows:

    Depleted durability points of enemy deadnoughts. In this case, if the enemy dreadnought is completely destroyed, half the remaining durability points of the corporation’s own dreadnought are also added to influence points.
    Influence points are divided between players according to their total effectiveness in combat. If a player earned 0 effectiveness, he would not get points.
    Influence points of players in wings and squads are added to the location with the corporate dreadnought of the wing or squad’s leader.
    Location for rewards is ‘stored’ when players queue for battle, and then the dreadnought can be moved further.

At the start of the battle window opening, the owner corporation loses 50% influence points, challengers lose 10% of their influence points. Location battles take 1 hour, then the owner loses part of the challengers’ influence, which depends on the challenger’s place in the location ranking. If the owner’s influence is reduced to 0 — the challenger with the most inflience becomes the new owner.

When the battles end, the free location is taklen by the corporation with the most influence points. 

Battle creation system in sector conquest
Sector Conquest mode is available 4 times in 24 hours, as usual. By clicking on ‘Conquest’ the player joins a queue for dreadnought battles. The system creates a battle for wings, squads and individuals in the queue:
    You can join the queue if the corporation dreadnought is in one of the active locations, and there are 3 ships of the location’s level in slots.
    Players who are not members of any corporation, can not get in the queue.
    Selection of opponents takes place among those whose dreadnoughts are in the same location
    The system significantly reduces waiting time for wings and all players in the queue
    Players in the samecorporation can not fight against each other.

General Changes
    Location technical level on the map is now displayed with a range of ranks
        T3 -> 7-9
        T4 -> 10-12
        T5 -> 13-15
    Display of tech level for dreadnoughts and their modules has been replaced by classes
        T3 -> 3rd class
        T4 -> 2nd class
        T5 -> 1st class

Dreadnought Battle
    Battle time has been reduced to 12 minutes

Attention! Rewoked ‘Sector Conquest’ will be working in test mode for some time.

Guard ships
Pilots! The time has come to strengthen the fleet with modified modules for guard ships! Guard ships are designed to protect your team from enemy missiles, as well as improve allied ship defences. In addition, guard ship active modules can block afterburner engines of enemy ships, and thus make them easier targets for the team. 

    All guard ships are now able to restore hull, if they are not in combat
    And also quickly reach the battlefield with proper use of the special module

Special module Phase Shield
    Now further increases ship speed on activation
Special module ‘Provocateur’ System
    Now further increases ship speed on activation
Special module ‘Bastion’ Shield
    Now further increases ship speed on activation

Also guard ships now have access to new weapons and active modules
New Proximity Mortar weapon
    A powerful short-range gun
    Weapon with explosive projectiles that explode on contact
    Fires consequently with all guns installed on the ship
    The gun does not fire if it is in the dead zone
New Gun Adapter module
    Type: CPU modifier
        Class: Frigates
        Role: Guard
    Increases main weapon damage, depending on the number of nearby enemies

UMC engineers also modified a number of popular modules for Guard ships:
    Now increases resistance to all damage on activation
        Resistance growth depends on the number of opponents in the vicinity of the ship
    Power consumption increased by 25%
Emergency Shield Boost
    Cooldown has been reduced by 55%
    Power consumption increased by 112%
    Now the ship recovers energy in proportion to the number of opponents in the vicinity
Mass Propulsion Inhibitor
    Now continuously slows all enemies near the ship
    When activated, now blocks the opponents from using the afterburner
    Cooldown has been reduced by 24%
    Power consumption reduced by 45%
Signature masking
    Now constantly reduces enemy weapon damage
    When activated, the degree of reduction increases considerably
    Cooldown time significantly increased 
    Now only has one-time energy consumption
‘Spectre’ field
    Recharge time significantly reduced to 35 sec, and the power consumption is increased to 984 pts.
    Shield and hull resistance increased by 40%
    Active range extended to 2 km

We continue analysis of battle statistics from pilots with the first ‘Ellydium’ ships in their fleets. The data shows the need for further changes in ship parameters for ‘Thar’ga’, weapons and modules created with Alien Technology.
Alien Intuition
    Cooldown time increased by 5 seconds
    Combat Reboot no longer affects the cooldown
Crystal hunger
    Module range is now 750 m
Matter Absorber
    Module range is now 750 m

Phoenix and Reaper

Attention to all pilots! UMC Engineers report that starting from March 22 Phoenix Reaper ship components will no longer be available to pilots. It will only be possible to obtain them in special DLC packs in the official store or on Steam.

Added a pre-battle warning on temporary use of pilot bonus matrix
Names of crafted ships are now shown in purple
Improved a number of visual and audio effects
Improved debriefing screen
Improved group interface
    The pilot is always the first in the group list
    Group leader has a special mark

Bug fixes
Fixed an activation bug with already purchased Thar’Ga ship nodes
Improved group invitation mechanics
Fixed starting ship location in ‘Fire Support’

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