Star Conflict 1.4.0d

Star Conflict 1.4.0d

Pilots, Star Conflict team wishes you a happy holiday — Valentine’s Day! Let happiness, love and luck always help you in battle! An important update has been installed on our servers. It is designed to further balance battles with destroyers, and it also fixes some bugs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Special holiday offer! Available untill February 20, 06-00 UTC:
    +50% synergy in battle
    +50% credits in battle
    +50% loyalty in battle and for contracts

Festive achievements:
Specifically for this holiday we have prepared unique achievements for all pilots:
    ‘Deadly Kiss’ achievement. Destroy or help destroy one ship by ramming. Achievement is available until 09-00 MSK on February 20.
    ‘Close Contact’. Destroy or help destroy one ship by ramming on a ‘Thar’Ga’ ship. Achievement is available until 09-00 MSK on February 20.


‘Thar’Ga’ starter pack

During these holidays, we are offering a special ‘Thar’Ga’ starter pack to all pilots:  
    Contains a complete ‘Thar’Ga’ ship cabin
    100 Xenocrystals



In order to further balance battles with destroyers, we thoroughly analysed combat statistics and decided to make the following changes based on our analysis: 

    Damage from destruction of modules reduced by 50%
    Damage from destruction of special modules reduced by 50%
    Damage from destruction of engines reduced by 20%
    Shield volume increased by 10%
    Level of damage for charge generation reduced by 17%
    Damage increased by 4%
    Cooldown reduced by 14%
Vacuum resonance laser
    Maximum range reduced by 12%

Battle analysis of pilots with Ellydium ships in their fleets showed the need to change the parameters of Thar’ga, as well as weapons and modules created with Alien technology:

Weakened nodes responsible for hull and shields bonuses at 11 and 13 ranks, from 600 to 500 pts.
Weakened nodes responsible for max speed, strafe speed and rotation speed:
    5 rank - 15%
    13 rank - 25%
    15 rank - 10%
Module 'Alien Intuition’
    Active time reduced by 2 sec.
    Recharge time reduced by 4 sec.
    Slightly reduced charge growing size

New mission ‘Ellydium: Victories’;
Head of the Ellydium Theta station, Dr. Conrad Dimeni offers new missions to corporate pilots:
    Achive 5 victories with ship of maximum available rank of any side of the conflict. 
    Get 50 iridium as reward. All iridium for this mission comes to the corporation.

Federation Dreadnought drones’ DPS increased by 25%
Scatter Gun
    Firing range increased by 8%
    Damage increased by 5%
Improved a number of descriptions
Improved text layout in some parts of the interface
Updated faction icons
Ships on Ellydium Theta now hover a bit closer to landing terminals
Improved descriptions of composite panels and Alien fighter structure

Bug fixes
Returned the missing portraits
Fixed spatial scanner operation
Fixed a number of errors in texts
Fixed several interaction icons
Improved models of some ships
Fixed music track selection in Hangar
Fixed descriptions of some tasks
Fixed several errors in debriefing window display


Pilots! An important update has been installed on the servers. It consists of several bug fixes in the game client.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug with functionality of Coil Mortar


UMC wishes you successful battles!


Yours faithfully,

Star Conflict team

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