Star Conflict 1.4.0 Evolution

Star Conflict 1.4.0 Evolution
We congratulate all pilots on the approaching New Year 2017 and present a big winter update Star Conflict - Evolution! It’s time to harness the power of Alien technology for the benefit of mankind!

Cryptogram AAIM50-120600
From : Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To :
Subject: Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! The war against Aliens that treacherously attacked humanity continues. Their purpose is unknown, their objectives unclear. Contact with them is impossible. The war has already claimed billions of lives. Inner metropolis worlds are virtually destroyed. Whole systems are destroyed. 

In this difficult time scientists and engineers of ‘Ellidium’ corporation studying Alien technology were able to make discoveries that give the whole mankind a chance to survive.

Today we are ready to present our findings to all pilots of fringe sectors. These are the first ships of the Evolution project, available to pilots at the new station ‘Ellydium Theta’ — the first outpost of humanity in the Alien world!

_ Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni _

Station ‘Ellydium Theta’

From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. Many important discoveries and technologies based on them will not only enhanced the corporation’s reputation, but also greatly expanded their opportunities. 
With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it. The leading specialists were sent to the area and deployed observation and defence outposts. A month later, it became clear that any new object would always attract Alien attention and would eventually be destroyed.
A new plan was deployed to solve this problem, and Dr. Conrad Dimeni took responsibility for its implementation. Development began with submerging under the surface of the Leviathan and building several compartments inside it. The project took almost half a year, and the result of a risky operation was the assembly of a unique station ‘Ellydium Theta’ on Leviathan. 

Dr. Conrad Dimeni was appointed head of the station. Former legate of the Imperial Security Service Natasha Cortes was appointed head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service.

Starting today, the new station ‘Ellydium Theta’ is available for all pilots of fringe sectors. All pilots were automatically transferred to the new station to get acquainted with all the novelties of ‘Ellydium’ corporation.

Top of the line ships have become one of the corporation’s main developments. Mercenaries first need to build the cockpit of a ship, and then build a crystalline mass around it under the supervision of ‘Ellydium’ corporation experts. To complete further evolution of ship mercenaries will need a special resource — xenocrystals.

Ellydium gun ship ‘Thar’ga’ cabin

The newest ‘Ellydium’ corporation ships are not just manufactured in the shipyards of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station, they are actually grown around a pre-built cabin. 
The cabin is the most important component of the ship. It ensures both pilot safety and comfortable controls as well as access to the incredible possibilities of new ships. 
To manufacture the cabin you are going to need the following components, which can be found or purchased in bundles:
    Alien composite panel
    Alien fighter structure
    Metal blank
    Graphite plate

UMC announces a ‘Tech race’!

The cabin is now available for the production to all pilots. And a bit later all mercenaries will get the opportunity to grow a full ship. This is done in order to even the odds of getting new ships for all pilots. Take part in in all missions of the Centre during the New Year holidays, play in tournaments and leagues. Be one of the first to assemble the new ship’s cabin!

Everyone who participates in the ‘Tech race’ receives special game currency — Xenochips. 
    Xenochips can be obtained by completing missions from Miss Frost and Selena Galo
    Xenochips can be obtained by participating in tournaments
    Xenochips will be removed from the game after January 17

The obtained xenochips can be exchanged for a special ‘Xenocontainer’ bundle where you can find xenocrystals and rare Alien alloy resources. In this bundle pilots will also get one of the special weapons from the Klauss Inc. corporation. 

A particularly valuable ingredient required for construction and modification of ships, weapons and modules created by ‘Ellydium’ corporation.
Xenocrystals can be purchased with Xenochips in the container-bundles during the ‘Tech race’. Xenocrystals were previously known as ‘Living crystal containers’. Pilots traditionally do not like long names, and shortened the name to Xenocrystals in communication with each other. As a result, this name became official.  

‘Ellydium’ gunship ‘Thar’ga’
The ship ‘Thar’ga’ became one of Ellydium’s major breakthroughs. Experiments showed that crystal growth can be controlled, resulting it more than a hundred different versions of the ship for various needs. Such a dangerous and powerful technology, coupled with advanced ‘Ellydium’ projects makes ‘Thar’ga’ one of the strongest weapons of war, and the corporation paid a terrible price for it with the tragedy in block RG7 of station ‘Ellydium Theta’.

To build the ship pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals.  After construction ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to rank 15. For the development of these ships you need a special resource ‘Xenocrystals’.

‘Ellydium’ ship progress tree

Ships made by ‘Ellydium’ scientists with Alien technology may evolve under the influence of ‘Xenocrystals’. 
    Ship rank changes
    External ship appearance changes
    Available modules, weapons and special abilities change

All changes to the ship are made by pilots themselves when they choose the appropriate nodes in the ship tree. 

‘Ellyidum’ ship development nodes
All development nodes in the new ship tree can be divided into several classes:

‘Special module’ node class. Allows to equip the ship with various special modules, depending on ship rank and its objectives. The ship has 5 special modules in total.

‘Blueprint research’ node class for modules, modifiers and weapons. Required for production of special modules, modifiers and weapons from ‘Ellydium’ corporation. After research the nodes will not be visible in the ship tree.

‘Basic ship characteristics’ node class. Improves guidance. Increases maximum energy reserves and its recovery speed. Increases maximum ship speed. Increases maximum hull durability. Increases maximum shield volume. Improves weapon parameters. 

‘Auxiliary ship slot’ node class. Adds slots for hull, capacitor, active modules, shield modifiers, engine and CPU.

‘Additional bonuses’ node class. Adds bonuses to defence and attack. You can only activate one module at a time.

The pilot must first research his desired node, and then activate it or a group of research nodes. Only after pressing the ‘Apply’ button the selected changes will be activated on your ship.
Each node can be deactivated, thus changing the configuration and capabilities of the ship to fit the specific challenges the pilot faces.
The number of slots on the ship is limited! Carefully review all the possible nodes and activate only the ones that you need. 

Ellydium fighter ‘Thar’ga’ special modules

Pilots will be able to choose which special modules to use with ‘Thar'ga’. The ship's appearance changes with the selected special module. To research a special module, you need to complete special tasks from ‘Ellydium’ and also obtain rare resources:     Alien composite panel     Xenocrystals

You can learn more about all the ‘Ellydium’ special module characteristics after January 3 in the news on the official site of the project. 

Ellydium fighter ‘Thar’ga’ equipment
Pilots will get several unique weapons, active modules and modifiers for installation on ‘Thar’ga’. The ship will have at least two new weapons available, four active modules and 14 unique modifiers. You can learn more about all the ‘Ellydium’ weapons, modules and ship modifiers after January 3 in the news on the official site of the project.

New ships Dart and Gargoyle
Pilots! Only during the New Year holidays from December 20 to January 17 you can get ships with unique characteristics — rank 10 Jericho fighter Dart and rank 10 Empire frigate Gargoyle. These ships have access to unique weapons, active and special modules. Both ships are delivered with unique appearance. 

In order to assemble these ships you need to obtain unique resources — ship components, which can only be found in the ‘Cyber-Santa’ bundle!  The bundle is available only from December 20 to January 17. 

We suggest you keep the found components in storage. They are going to be very much in demand, even after the holidays!

Command fighter Dart

Allegiance: Jericho
Rank: 10

New Jericho command fighter Dart can be equipped with a unique kinetic weapon ‘Quantum Railgun’, not only dealing powerful damage to the enemy, but also accelerating recharge of the ship’s active modules. Special module ‘Frontal shield’, available only on Dart, covers the ship with an additional protective field in combat, making it virtually invulnerable. A unique active module increases critical hit chance, tremendously raising its combat effectiveness, especially when combined with the ‘Valkyrie’. And ship assembly options allow you to adapt the vessel for skirmish, missions or open space conditions.

In order to assemble the unique Dart modules, you are going to need special blueprints and unique resources. Blueprints can be used for trading between players in the future!

Special module: Frontal shield
A unique special module available only to Dart. It covers the front hemisphere of the ship with an additional shield for a few seconds. The shield absorbs all damage, but at the same time consumes energy. If the energy is depleted, the shield disappears.

Weapon: Quantum railgun
A kinetic weapon available only to Dart. Each projectile that inflicts critical damage accelerates command module recharge.

Active module: Harmonic drive
Unique module available only to Dart. The module significantly increases critical hit chance for the host’s weapons and his allies.

Capacitor modifier: Reserve generator
Unique modifier available only to Dart. If energy level falls below a critical value, the module starts generating additional energy. The module can not trigger more than once every few seconds. If the ship has more than one of this module, only one of them is triggered.

Long-range frigate Gargoyle

Allegiance: Empire
Rank: 10

Long-range Empire frigate Gargoyle offers pilots additional options that make the ship a formidable opponent even for ships of higher ranks and enable you to adapt the vessel to conditions of skirmish, missions or open space. The unique special module ‘Synergetic disintegrator’ deals additional thermal damage to frigates and destroyers and the enemy’s rate of fire on hits. ‘Boson Cannon’ deals damage to several enemy ships! Active module ‘Disintegrator modifier’ significantly increases the main weapon’s rate of fire.

In order to assemble the unique Gargoyle modules, you are going to need special blueprints and unique resources. Blueprints can be used for trading between players in the future!

Special module: Synergetic disintegrator
Unique special module available only to Gargoyle. Activates the sniper weapon, with every shot dealing additional thermal damage to frigates and destroyers. Additionally, each successive hit damage is increased, provided that there are no misses and there’s no more than a few seconds between hits. Damage depends on the level of the weapons mounted on the ship.

Weapon: Boson cannon
EM weapon, available only to Gargoyle. Hitting an enemy strikes it with a static charge. If the target’s ally with the same charge is in range, both ships receive damage over time.

Active module: Disintegrator modifier
Unique module available only to Gargoyle. The target’s rate of fire decreases after a hit. In addition, the host’s rate of fire increases.

CPU modifier: Dual-channel repeater
Unique modifier available only to Gargoyle. Rate of fire increases after destruction of a target.

‘Klauss Inc.’ corporation weapons

Miss Frost, a representative of corporation Klauss Inc., announces the immediate availability of special weapons intended to effectively combat destroyers. Modified weapons inflicts double damage to destroyers and are 15% more powerful than their conventional counterparts. During the New Year holidays these weapons will be available to mercenaries in the winter form. After the holidays, on January 17, the weapons will be withdrawn from all pilots.

Weapons will be available in a special bundle ‘Xenocontainer’, where you can also get Xenocrystals and rare resources made of Alien composite alloy. The container is available for purchase with Xenochips — a special game currency. Xenochips will be awarded to everyone taking part in the ‘Tech race’.

3 types of new weapons for all nine tech levels are going to be available in total.

Phase Suppressor NY
Long-range weapon with average rate of fire. Deals double damage to destroyers. Hits also reduce the target’s shield and hull regeneration. Available only during the New Year holidays.

Flux phaser NY
EM weapon. Projects a targeting beam. While the trigger is pressed, a plasma charge flies along the beam. Upon the trigger’s release, the charge explodes. Deals double damage to destroyers. Available only during the New Year holidays.

Mass Accelerator NY
Standard kinetic weapon. Projectile speed grows with uninterrupted shooting. Deals double damage to destroyers. Available only during the New Year holidays.

According to analysis of numerous battles and statistics derived from onboard computers in fringe sectors, it was decided to raise some important characteristics of the following ships:

Federation interceptor Superkite
Covert ops premium vessel for surprise attacks on enemy ships
    Added an additional CPU modifier slot
    Increased turn speed by 25%
    Increased weapon damage by 10%

Jericho fighter Dragonfly
Premium Jericho command fighter. Designed to work in a group.
    Bonus to energy consumption reduction is replaced by a bonus which increases range of the ship role modules
    Shield damage resistance increased by 15%

Federation fighter Joker
Premium gunship for sweeping attacks on enemy ships 
    Ship speed increased by 15% and turn speed increased by 20%
    Weapon damage increased by 10%
    Unique bonus to critical hit chance increased from 6% to 20%

Jericho interceptor Nyx
Premium covert ops Jericho interceptor, designed for rapid capture of beacons
    Shield resistance increased by 10 pts.

Jericho interceptor Cutter
Covert ops Jericho interceptor for Special Operations
    Energy recovery rate increased by 30%
    Critical hit chance by 50%

Federation frigate Reaper
Premium Federation guard ship for extra team protection
    Ram damage increased x3

Imperial fighter Loki
Premium empire command fighter
    Command module power increased by 25% (lvl. 4) [/ Space]
    Weapon damage increased by 10%

Jericho fighter Razor
Premium Jericho ship gets additional enhancement of weapons, energy and turn speed
    Increased turn speed by 20%
    Energy recovery rate increased by 30%
    Weapon damage increased by 7%

Jericho fighter Sawtooth
Premium Jericho fighter got a boost to modules, shields and guns
    Tackler module range increased by 50%
    Shield resistance increased by 10 pts.
    Main weapon damage increased by 20%

Changed several parameters of ‘G’Thar’Du’ weapon
    Projectile flight speed increased from 800 to 2000 m./sec.
    Damage increased by 100%
    Time to overheating increased from 9 to 12 sec. [/ Space]

Changes to valuable resource acquisition system

Attention, pilots! Now it’s much easier to acquire valuable resources for construction of destroyers. The following changes have occurred in valuable resource acquisition system:
Neodium and Beryllium can be obtained as a reward at the end of PvP, PvE, Co-Op battles and Special operations
    Ships from rank 8 to 15 can acquire Neodium
    Ships from rank 11 to 15 can acquire Beryllium

Attention! Valuable resource Electrum is temporarily unavailable to pilots due to suspension of rank 14 destroyers production. 

Christmas cheer for the entire holidays!

We congratulate all pilots with the upcoming holidays: Christmas and New Year 2017! We wish you good luck, health, happiness and success in life and Star Conflict! 
To create a festive atmosphere, we have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for you:
    Christmas decorations in hangars 
    Christmas trees in place of beacons! And drones have become Christmas toys!/space]
    Holiday missiles are now on sale
    Some members of UMC staff as well as intelligence agencies of various races and corporations actively working with the mercenaries, have been looking very elegant and festive the last few days!

Special holiday bundles are now available to pilots too. ‘Cyber-Santa’ bundle and ‘Elite smuggler bundle’ will be available to all pilots only during the holidays: from December 20 to January 17. Colouring schemes, stickers and ships made from components will stay with you forever! Check the in-game store!

Just for these holidays, we have prepared a unique offer for all Star Conflict pilots — a holiday DLC ‘Star Conflict: Alien Winter’. The DLC will only be available from December 20 to January 17 in the official store and on Steam This bundle includes: 2 months of premium license, exclusive colouring scheme for Ellydium ships, a set of unique and rare colouring schemes for ships, an exclusive title for pilots  
You can learn more about all the special Christmas offers in the news on the official site of the project. 

Changes to blueprint acquisition system

December 20 starts the preparatory stage for the beginning of a new era — trading opportunities between pilots! First of all, trading will be applied to blueprints of weapons and modules for rank 7 to 15 ships. Now you have time to stockpile goods for future use. Until January 17, the blueprints will be available only in special container-bundles for iridium. 
Make sure to replenish your strategic reserves!


During the holidays, and until January 17 tournaments will take place every day. The time of the daily tournaments Monday to Saturday is: 01-00, 18-00 GMT. On Sundays the tournaments are held under the regular conditions. To participate in the tournament, you’ll need ships of certain ranks. For winning the tournament, pilots will get xenochips. You can find out more about the rules of the holiday tournaments in the news on the official site of the project. 

Attention! Sector Conquest time has been changed only for the holidays
    SecCon now takes place at 17-00 GMT

Added new corporate logos
    Gr33dy B4st4rds
    CZech Ravagers
    Gwiezdna Eskadra
    PL Space Academy
    Stellar Marines
    Dead Space
    Dark Dead Space
    Rider of Apocalypse
    Galaxy fighters
    Umbrella Corps
    Ravens Kronos

Added new flags:
[Space = 40]Slovakia
    St. George’s Cross (England)
Еhe description of ‘Adaptive Shield’ module now correctly changes when you install multiple copies of the module
Changed entry points on a number of maps: reduced approach time for key map spots
Improved lighting system on several maps
Refined descriptions of some containers
Added new taunts
Improved tutorial mission texts for ‘Open Space’ mode
Changed the cruise ship speed system. Ships now accelerate, maneuver and decelerate a bit faster.
Added a new mission at ‘Ellydium Theta’ station as a contract tutorial

Bug fixes[/b]
Fixed several map bugs
Fixed a bug with ‘Reaper’ critical hit bonus
Fixed an issue with a ‘mysterious container’ appearing in Iridium Strand
Fixed display of Plasma Web effects
Fixed display of aerography on Tyrant
Fixed an error that occurred during destruction of a hologram
Fixed a bug with ‘Open Space’ tasks, their completion no longer depends on the last visited station
Fixed a bug with destruction of an Autonomous charging station. The first station is no longer removed upon placing another one. But only one of them can be active.
Fixed contracts in Survival mode
Changed entry points at Dreadnought Debris
Fixed an error in descriptions of several containers where ship components can be replaced with Graphite resource
Fixed display of damage from a weapon installed on a particular ship
Fixed incorrect operation of ‘Tempest’ module
Fixed incorrect operation of recon interceptor special module
Fixed a bug with many medals awarded for shooting down a captain in one battle
Fixed implants ‘Neuroconnector Ant II’ and ‘Neuroconnector WPN-F70’ in the presence of holograms
Fixed handling of a captain’s death
Fixed conflicting messages about trophies and Station Protection in Open Space
Fixed behaviour of Gravi-Beamer in hangar
Fixed ‘Beacon Hunt’ description
Fixed contracts in ‘Survival’
Fixed potential client crashes
Fixed missing icon for a long-range ship effect
Fixed a bug with Brave ship model
Removed discontinued items from trophies
Fixed a problem with incorrect display of some achievements
Corrected the description of Vigilant ship
Fixed spontaneous destruction of Autonomous stations
Adjusted position of some containers in Open Space

The discussion is going [Here!](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32197-star-conflict-140-evolution-discussion/)



Pilots! On our servers set an important update. It consists of several bug fixes in the game client.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of earned xenochips.

  • Fixed a bug with missing achievement menu in the game profile window.

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect bonuses’ boosts from containers.

  • Fixed text description in the Galaxy map menu.


UMC wishes you successful battles!


Yours faithfully,

Star Conflict team