Star Conflict 1.3.9

Star Conflict 1.3.9


Cryptogram BBIM22-578001
From : Mercenary Centre
To : noname@star_conflict
Sent : Thursday, July 7
Subject : RE Crystal Cuckoo

An urgent message to my cousin! The monkey is smarter than we thought. An unwanted guest might be reading the recipes for Dad. I’m sending a friend to the cousin, let her forward the recipes through him.

_ Mercenary Centre Special Investigations Department. Fringe sectors _


‘Ellidium’ continues to produce new and unique weapons, created with Alien technology. The new weapon is designed to be mounted on fighters. You can obtain the new weapon’s blueprint by completing Broker’s missions in the game.

‘Thi’Lith’ Beam
     Deals thermal damage 
     Available from rank 5 
     Mounted on Fighters 
     Launches a separate homing thermal projectile at each enemy on the line of fire! 
     Additional energy is spent on each enemy apart from the locked target 

Premium ships Palom, Kite-E, Ghost and Karud have been significantly enhanced. Appearance has been completely revamped. These ships now also have new modules and weapons. They can now switch between different special modules before the battle. Now, these ships can be assembled from the special ‘ship components’ unique to each vessel. Pilots can receive the required resources during ‘trophy search’ after battles in PvP, PvE and Co-op. As well as for performing UMC tasks within the ‘Star Marathon’. Thus, pilots can assemble them themselves, spending time and effort only to find the necessary resources.

New ships can assembled with a special resource — ‘Ship components’
     For ship assembly you need components of the ship that you want to build
     Ship components can be found in ‘trophy search’ after battles in PvP, PvE and Co-op 
     As well as for completing UMC tasks within the ‘Star Marathon’ 
     Required ship components are available in special container-bundles 
     Container with the details can be purchased instantly. To do this, click on the ‘Buy’ button right under the ship’s icon.

Rules for premium ship components:
     The ship you’re using to fly into battle must be of the same rank as the components being collected 
     Only vessels with maximum level of synergy are taken into account 
     If you launch into battle only on suitable ships, the chance of getting the required components will be the highest 
     If you don’t take any suitable ship, the chance to get a premium ship component is equal to zero 

Premium ship Karud

Long-term testing of the ship ‘Karud’ secured its fame as the most mobile and effective ECM interceptor. For this reason, the leading designer of Saladin family chose a prototype for a new experiment. The engineers wanted to stop the use of metastable field generators in favour of the latest developments in the field of system hacking. This revolutionary change, however, has led to increased power consumption of the ship and, as a consequence, loss of speed. The search for solutions dragged on, and the project was officially closed.
Development of the module received a second push after the release of ‘Systems Hack’. A less ambitious but more stable concept ‘Karud’ successfully passed all flight tests. The reasons for the project being released under the auspices of the Mendes family are not up for discussion.

Affiliation: Jericho 
Class: Interceptor
Role: ECM
Rank: 15
Updated appearance

Weapons and modules for Karud

Special module: ‘Weapon system sabotage’
Karud will receive an extension of special module functionality. Now pilots can assemble an alternative special module for the ship. Special module will need to be assembled from components obtained by completing tasks in the game. Also, you can buy items in special container-bundles When the module is active, it becomes dangerous for the ship’s target to use main weapons. If the target tries to shoot, it receives significant thermal damage.

Overclocked Blaster
A new exclusive weapon. Using the ship’s reactor directly for generation and acceleration of plasma beams gives amazing results. 
     Type: Electromagnetic weapon
     Only fits ‘Karud’ 
     Each shot consumes energy 

‘Thermoreactive Shield’ module
     Shield modifier 
     Increases shield resistance to thermal damage 
     If the ship loses its shield, all enemies in a certain radius can not lock targets 

Shield Seal
     Active module 
     Increases the player’s shield resistance to all types of damage 

Premium ship Palom

Frigate ‘Palom’ has long been considered one of the best, reliable, and most importantly affordable Jericho ships. The ability to withstand heavy loads and its extended infrared scanner functions made it the best choice for mercenaries. However, with development of technology ‘Palom’ could not represent serious competition to the ships of ranks 10-15.
The second life of the ship started with the invasion. When pilots were required to patrol residential colonies, miners and farmers, teachers and builders, many of whom did not have experience with flight equipment volunteered. Then ‘Palom’ once again proved to be a reliable, easy to learn craft and became the basis of the militia fleet. On some planets that survived Alien attacks, decommissioned Paloms stand on central squares as monuments to heroes.

Affiliation: Jericho 
Class: Interceptor
Role: Guard
Rank: 3
Updated appearance

Weapons and modules for Palom

‘Torch’ Launcher
A new exclusive weapon. Launches a special radiating shell. Radiation deals significant damage to the enemy.
     Type: Electromagnetic weapon
     Only fits ‘Palom’ 
     Charge xplodes upon hitting the target 

Pulse Shield
     Shield modifier 
     Increases resistance to all types of damage  
     Deals100 points of damage to all enemies within 500 m. 

Premium Ship Kite-E

Veteran of the war for Bartle sector. Designers took the existing design as a basis, improving its maneuverability. Interceptors of this model are often involved in exhibition flights and parades.
Like ‘Palom’, it returned to take part in combat missions since the beginning of the invasion. Quickly became one of the most popular vessels for reconnaissance and data transfer between neighbouring colonies to coordinate patrols and blocking detachments.

Affiliation: Federation 
Class: Interceptor
Role: Covert Ops
Rank: 5
Updated appearance

Weapons and modules for Kite-E

Module Cooler
     Capacitor modifier 
     Accelerates active module reloading 
     Reloading acceleration 

‘Avalanche’ Launcher
     Active module 
     Launches a charge that adheres to the enemy and deals damage 
     Several charges can adhere to a single opponent 

Premium Ship Ghost

After the invasion, Imperial Design Bureau took note of the complaints of the pilots on control precision and combat abilities of Hercules series fighters, resulting in a developed an updated version called Ghost. Vessels has proven themselves as a reliable and powerful machines during testing, satisfying the most demanding pilots. The ship has now become rank 5, and received an additional slot for active modules, additional hull modifier and additional slot for energy management modules.

Affiliation: Empire 
Class: Fighter
Role: Gunship
Rank: 5
Updated appearance

Weapons and modules for Ghost

Focusing Laser
A new exclusive weapon. 
     Laser weapon with variable range 
     Impact range grows during firing 

‘Banshee’ System
     Gunship module 
     Deals EM damage 
     The module launches a projectile, generating a cloud of high-energy radiation, which eventually increases its size 

Weapons and modules
Multiphase shield adapter
     Basic efficiency increased by 40% 
     Additional efficiency increased by 120% 

Star Conflict Leagues

The famous pirate Baron decided to restore order in ‘his’ corner of the universe. He requested the Broker to summon the best of the best mercenaries to fringe sectors. Pilots can now receive a percentage of profits from the trade routes. However, first you need to confirm your status as a ‘worthy’ fighter. Baron will hold the first drawing of trade routes among the top teams in a week. Wait for the announcement!

Current SC League has been changed: it now has Baron Elite  (teams, which own the trade routes)  and Challengers
     A new daily task ‘Show of power’ has been added for challenger teams. 
         Objective: Take part in 3 battles in SCL .
         Reward: 4 monocrystals and 30,000 loyalty points from a random faction (excluding bonuses and premium licenses) .
     Owners of trade routes teams will get access to the mission ‘Protection of trade routes’. 
         Objective: Win 2 battles in SCL .
         Reward: 2 monocrystals and 10,000 loyalty points from a random faction (excluding bonuses and premium licenses) .
     Added 14 trade routes. The procedure for capturing trade routes and rewards for their retention are established by Baron and the League Council. This information will be announced later. 
         After each captured trade route, challenger leaderboard is reset 
     Trade route owner teams can play with challenger teams in the automatic ladder 
     Restrictions on League Team invitations: 
         Trade route owner teams: 14 invitations per team 
         Challenger teams: 100 invitations per team 
     Trade route owner teams can only be joined by pilots who were in a similar team 
     All the current invitations are canceled after changing team status 
     After leaving a team of trade route ownersa pilot can’t join any other trade route owner team within 48 hours 

Added bonus display
     Currently shows all bonuses received from buying DLC
     You can find bonuses on the corresponding Bundle store tab 
Pilot profile
Reworked pilot profile window. Much more information is now displayed about the pilot. This should help pilots easier and quicker find friends and partners for playing in squasd, wings and teams.  
     Changed positions of the main elements 
     Added statistics filter by ranks 
         You can now view general statistics and each rank separately 
     Added information about Player League team 
Improved colour scheme of items in storage
Ship slots
     Now to open the ship tree simply click on an empty slot or a slot with a ship 
     The special element previously used to open the ship tree is no longer present 

Daily reward
Now, for days 1-4 of continuously entering the game you receive a special ‘Ciphered container’, containing ship development bonuses
Contains one element from the list:
    Up to 20000 free synergy
    Bonus up to +25% to synergy in battle 
    Bonus up to +25% to credits in battle
    Bonus up to +25% to loyalty from contracts
Bonus active time - 3 hours from the moment of receiving the container.

Refined graphical effects for shooting and hits
Improved difficulty in PvE missions for destroyers
Improved a number of texts and descriptions
Improved location starting points on ‘Threshold’, ‘Dreadnought Debris’

Bug fixes
Synchronized data for pilot stats and pilot leaderboards
Fixed device auto-refill options
Fixed frigate upgrade window error
Fixed damage bug with ‘Pyro Emitter’ and ‘Gravitational Lens’ for some environment objects in PvE
Fixed a bug that prevented players from reading texts of a number of tasks in full [/b]
Fixed a bug with different Fleet strength points in different windows
Fixed context menu for corporate rating
Optimised Spatial scanner
Fixed hacking the anomaly generated by gravitational lens

Ellidium project missions will be available once again tomorrow!

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