Star Conflict 1.3.9 Update #1

Star Conflict 1.3.9 Update #1
Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. Some parameters of weapons “Thi’Lith Beam” and “Anomaly Generator”. Fixed several bugs.
Thi’Lith Beam
Fixed a bug and made some balancing changes:
    Increased weapon damage
    Slightly reduced weapon range
Anomaly Generator
The following significant changes in the operation of the generator were made on the basis of battle statistics:
    Significantly reduced weapon cooldown
    Increased the number of charges in a cassette
    Slightly increased windup time 
    Slightly reduced weapon range
    Slightly reduced weapon damage
Bug fixes
Fixed a bug in “Banshee” Launcher
Fixed a bug with ships sent on Gage’s missions returning with removed modules
Fixed a bug in conditions of “Special Upgrades” related to dealing damage to the captain
    The mission now requires ships of rank 8 and higher