Star Conflict 1.3.8b the contenairs changes

I think isn’t a good move from dev to remove the 5 days rewards contenair .

before this last patch , players get a chance to the great contrebander contenair ( amno , blue print , synergie , duplicator , …) now its only this Lucky contenair .


So there’s no advantage for player for this .

can you really imagine the lucky done a great reward …no

in the best way , if each time player the same parts ships , it’ll take 5x200 days to craft the Archelon


i understand , Dev need more money with micro-transaction but this last move isn’t a solution :frowning:


i stay on star conflict because , devs. have always find a way to balanced the game and not put it on a P2W , so what now …Oo





Though i don’t agree with all of your post, i agree this change wasn’t a good choice. A more random unneeded reason to take away something from the players for a terrible substitute, the 5th day reward isn’t even worth it anymore, the rest of the week rewards are way better in comparison now. Lord knows the reasons they’re gonna come up with for this :fed014:  :005j:

Okay what we have now with this change:


1 item not worth it.

Ship parts take way to long to even count on this(several years…).

If you already own this ship, you get a monocrystal for this.

So in ultimate you got 6 chances on monos.

Not counting the destroyer resources.

For those you need over 200 each. So again several years…

And if you even have those resources, you need monos to even build one.

I agree.

The 5th day’s container is now far worst then the 1st to 4th day’s container.

We used to have a mono + some synergy + some components, and sometimes a r9 mk4.

And now we have at best a single mono.