Star Conflict 1.3.8

Star Conflict 1.3.8

Cryptogram NN00-562134
From : Shrike
To : mercenary_centre@star_conflict
Sent : Thursday, June 2 
Subject : Crystal Cuckoo

Reporting that the person of interest is in good health. The move took place easily and without delay. Officer Nose helped get into residential housing. Promises to deliver news at the earliest convenience.

Cryptogram BBIМ22-577957
From : Mercenary Centre
To : noname@star_conflict
Sent : Thursday, June 2
Subject : RE: Crystal Cuckoo

Glad about the news of the cousin’s health. We received the news that the band ‘Gentlemen in Hats’ has offered the vocalist spot to the notorious *. We recommend the cousin to visit the event. The event will be covered in all the media, it can draw attention of the Japanese.

_ Mercenary Centre Special Investigations Department. Fringe sectors _

Alien Tech
Corporation ‘Ellydium’ has achieved remarkable success in the study of Aliens. Now they are starting an ambitious new project to develop a weapon based on technology of so-called Crystallids. To complete the prototypes they need field data. UMC has received new contracts from the ‘Broker’. Pilots will receive unique weaponry created with Crystallid tech for completing special tasks! Pilots will also learn many secrets of Aliens, previously hidden in the secret archives of the Empire, Federation, and Jericho.

Alien Tech: Special Ammunition

Not so long ago corporation ‘Ellydium’ made a breakthrough in the study of so-called ‘live crystals’ that Aliens are using to grow… create almost all of their designs. This is an extremely valuable material and participation in ‘Ellydium’ project will give you the opportunity to create more complex devices based on it. In the meantime, use the ‘live crystals’ to create resonating ammunition.

Broker’s mission:
Pilots need to manufacture one of the types of resonating ammunition in the Workshop.
Resonating crystal
Resonating charges
Resonating slugs

Resonating ammunition
Special ammunition from Ellydium corporation developed with data obtained from Crystallid tech research.
Increases damage to Alien ships by 100%
Increases damage to other ships by 3%

Alien Tech: Weapon system research

The organization ‘Ellydium’ is known for its interest in Alien tech. The first practical result of this interest is resonant ammunition that’s very effective against the Aliens. But to jump from ‘inventing gunpowder’ to building a machine gun, my employer requires statistical data on the use of resonant weapons on heavy weapon platforms.

Broker mission:
Eliminate 3 enemy ships in PvP using destroyer weapons equipped with resonating ammunition
Destroyer weapon selection depends on the day:
Day 1. You need to use Meson Cannon
Day 2. You need to use Coilgun
Day 3. You need to use ‘Halo’ launcher

Alien Tech: Weapon platform upgrade

‘Ellydium’ corporation — is interested in science. And weapons. One of the corporation’s latest projects is dedicated to unification of human and Alien technology. For this reason, we need not only statistical data on the use of Alien tech, but also the data on our own technology.

Broker mission:
Eliminate 4 destroyers in PvP

Ellydium research progress
Ellydium corporation divided its research of Crystallid technology into stages. All Broker missions are directly related to research of the current Ellydium project. You can estimate its status with the special project progress-bar, shown to all pilots in the hangar.
Pilots see current project name in the hangar
Pilots can see the active project’s number in the hangar
Active project research status can be estimated with the help of a progress bar around the icon
When the bar is full, project completion is imminent, along with rewards for all participants


Improved display of missions divided into smaller tasks
You can now see current task progress
Improved weapon positioning on several ships
Several AI-controlled ships in PvE missions now have unguided missiles

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug in ‘Bastion’ shield description
Fixed a bug in Help window
Fixed a bug with missing loyalty icons

In order to give our players an opportunity to assess all the recent changes, the discussion of this topic will be opened tomorrow.

Tomorrow begins today. Welcome to Discussion!

Star Conflict 1.3.8 Update #1

Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers!
It has improvements for matchmaking system and small bug fixes  :012j: