Star Conflict 1.3.5

Star Conflict 1.3.5

Pilots! Congratulations on ‘Cosmonautics Day"! 55 years ago, the first human launched into space. In honour of this event we have updated information screens on space stations, also space satellites will be flying in space instead of drones, and pilots can get a special achievement ‘Cosmonautics Day’. In this update we are also adding three very original premium ships. New ships use distinct special modules. And the most important difference of these new ships from all the others is that pilots can assemble these ships from special ‘Ship components’ — resources unique to each vessel! Pilots will be able to get the required resources during ‘Trophy search’ after battles in PvP, PvE and Co-op. Thus, pilots can not only buy the new ships for premium currency, but also assemble them themselves, spending time and effort only on finding the necessary resources.



Added new premium ships. New ships have unique design and special modules.

New ships can be built from a special resource — ship components

Assembly requires original components of the ship you want to build

Ship components can be obtained in PvP, PvE as well as CO-OP through ‘Trophy search’ after battles

Required components can be found in special bundle containers

New premium ships are also available to all pilots for GS

Rules for obtaining components of new premium ships:

The ship you’re using in battle hsa to be the same rank as the ship you’re building

Only ships with maximum synergy level count

The more fitting ships you take into battle, the higher your chance to get ship components after the battle

If you don’t take a single fitting ship into battle, there is no chance of obtaining a premium ship component



Brokk is a project of the Shipyards of Earth, one of the top-3 engineering frigates of the century. The project’s lead designer was able to create an Engineering vessel just as effective as its Federation peers, and at the same time maintaining high firepower traditional for imperial ships. According to rumours, the renowned ship designer started the project’s development ‘on a dare’ having heard unflattering remarks about the effectiveness of Garm and Minotaur from his Federation colleagues. To confirm this theory many cite the name of the ship, similar to the name of a dwarf, who according to an ancient legend, won a bet and sewed a god’s mouth.

Role: Engineering

Allegiance: Empire

Rank: 13

Special module: ‘Gremlin’ Drones

Special ship module launching drones that protect and repair the ship. Drones can also restore ally shields in the direction of the crosshairs not further than 3500 m. from the ship. All enemy devices are also destroyed in this zone.

When activated, the drone fires a beam in the direction of the crosshairs

This beam destroys all enemy devices (drones, stations, etc.) and restores ally hulls and shields

Weapon: WL13 Emitter

Beam weapon. Deals thermal damage. If the beam hits allies, restores their shield and hull.

Significant energy drain in ally repair mode

Fits: Brokk

Faction: Legion



Even before the Quarantine Memorandum, Federation military captured a ship committing sabotage of a strategic warehouse in Erebus system. The investigation was unable to establish the identity of either the pilot or the shipyard-manufacturer of his unique attack aircraft. The military passed the ship to Scott en Cott Corporation for design analysis and further production. For elegance and high efficiency in battle this ship has been named Stingray, in honour of Earth’s rare animals — stingrays that can kill with lightning-fast strikes of their tail.

Role: Gunship

Allegiance: Federation

Rank: 10

Special module: Overdrive type ‘Sting’

Special module generates a plasma arc dealing EM damage. Also increases rate of fire, energy regeneration, maximum speed, strafe and rotation speed.

Overcharges all ship systems

Deals damage to enemies with a plasma arc

Active module: Entropy Generator

Launches a wave of spacetime distortion. Affected ships lose hull durability

Destroyers lose a fixed amount of hull durability

Other ship roles lose a percentage of hull durability

The module can ignore ship shields

Fits: Stingray

Faction: Armada



The idea of creating a guard frigate had been on the minds of Federation engineers for a long time. The best specialists spent days in laboratories and test sites around the clock to find a solution. During research by General Reactors corporation the engineers managed to develop a unique power distribution system for the ship’s shields. However, a new concept called for a fundamentally different design and characteristics of the ship. All the little pieces of the project finally came together when the leading designer of Dry Lab corporation joined the team.

Role: Guard

Allegiance: Federation

Rank: 7

Special module: ‘Provocateur’

Forcibly makes your ship the target of all enemies in a certain radius. Increases resistance to all types of damage.

Upon activation the ship becomes the target of all nearby enemies in a 3 000 m. radius

Resistance to all types of damage increases by 250 pts.

Active module: Radiation Converter

In active state all incoming EM damage is used to restore shields

Ship does not receive damage

Fits: Archelon

Faction: Armada

Changed parameters of several ships


Hull durability increased by 5%

Destroyer Weapons

‘Halo’ Launcher

Can now be mounted on rank 8 destroyers. ‘Halo’ launcher is an electromagnetic destroyer weapon. Launches a special projectile surrounded by a cloud, dealing damage to all objects in range.

The weapon is available from rank 8

Radiation radius: 35 m.

Explodes upon hitting the target

Increased radiation damage

Firing range equals 3 700 m.

Rate of fire: 65 rounds per minute

Gravitational Lens

Changed active module parameters for rank 11 destroyers.

Percentage-based damage is now dealt to all ships

Fixed damage is dealt to destroyers and large ships in PvE


From now on you can encounter more varied enemies under AI control in some PvE missions

In PvE missions ‘Defence Contract’ and ‘Fire Support’ you can encounter enemies on AI-controlled destroyers



Reworked bundle purchase window

Some bundles can now be purchased straight from the ship tree

Added notification for receiving location tax

Improved descriptions of fully-levelled ships


You can now sell a group of items of the selected category from storage with the help of filters

All items fitting the filters will be sold

Items mounted on any of your ships will not be automatically sold if you press ‘Sell all’

You can select multiple items one by one by pressing Ctrl

Corporation icons

Added new corporation icons. Those corporations that would like to add their logo to the game have to leave a request in a special thread on the game’s official forums.



The Evil Dragon




Neon Genesis Eva

United Nations

Digital Space


Dead Space

Only the Best

My Little Pony FIM



Star Storm




Warp Gopnik

Dragon of FIRE

The Scourge


Star Forge

Overlord Sanctum


Stellar Marines

The Viking Knights

The Vanguard

Polaris Inc




Soul Side

Other Side



Planetary Dynamics





Russian Federation

Red Cross

Bug fixes

Fixed a rare bug with disappearing pier lighting in hangar

Fixed a number of bugs on battlegrounds

Improved various texts

In order to give our players an opportunity to assess all the recent changes, the discussion of this topic will be opened tomorrow.

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