Star Conflict 1.3.3

Star Conflict 1.3.3

Pilots! UMC informs you that the current Broker tasks associated with development of ‘Klauss Inc’ technology have been successfully completed. Station conversions for production of rank 11 destroyers are also finished. Pilots can begin to assemble a new generation of destroyers! In the near future the Broker is going to hold additional tests. Completing his tasks will help you become one of the first pilots to put togethera new destroyer. Stay in touch!



With this update Star Conflict pilots gain access to new rank 11 Destroyers. We remind you that Destroyers are a new ship class. They are heavy fire support ships with significant firepower. They can also use additional energy shields and special weapon modules.

All new destroyers belong to Suppressor class

Rank 11 destroyers have 8 modification slots

Destroyers need to be manufactured

A special component Beryllium is required for their production

Beryllium can be found in secret stashes and ore chunks in high-rank Open Space locations

It can be reiceived as a reward from the Broker

It can also be found in special containers

Empire destroyer ‘Brave’


Destroyer ‘Brave’ was developed by a team of talented civil engineers commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of the Empire. The design bureau had initially planned to deal only with projects for peaceful times. Unfortunately, in a state of war the Empire was not ready to allow such spending. Engineers had to resort to various tricks — they combined their civil projects with the development of the new destroyer. This made the Empire reconsider its spending. The project was a success. The new destroyer passed all the tests with flying colours and was swiftly adopted. To the delight of pilots the destroyer had a comfortable cabin, just like civilian ships.

Features of Imperial rank 11 destroyers

Hull durability 108 000 points

Shield volume 16 500 points

7% higher main weapon damage (by Imperial standards)

Additional bonuses with synergy levels

Upon reaching rank 2: Increased resistance to thermal damage

Upon reaching rank 4: Increased hull resistance to one of damage types

Upon reaching rank 8: Additional support class bonuses

Federation destroyer ‘Antares’


‘Antares’ destroyer’s history is tightly linked with the name of Amir Gregory, founder and chief designer of the corporation FME (Federation Mining Equipment). Commonly known as a genius of his time and a staunch pacifist, he created exclusively civil engineering vehicles, adapted to the most extreme conditions. In the early days of the invasion Amir’s family and many workers were rescued by his corporation through the intervention of the Armada. In gratitude, the brilliant designer created his first and only combat machine. Named after Amir’s native system the destroyer ‘Antares’ has become a real pride of the Federation fleet.

Features of Federaton rank 11 destroyers

Hull durability 81 000 points

Shield volume 33 000 points

20% higher speed compared to other factions

15% higher turn speed compared to other factions

Can activate 3 ‘Static Field’ objects instead of 2 like other destroyers

Increased energy base reserves and regeneration speed compated to destroyers of other factions

Additional bonuses with synergy levels

Upon reaching rank 2: Increased resistance to EM damage

Upon reaching rank 4: Increased critical hit chance / critical damage / regular damage

Upon reaching rank 8: Additional support class bonuses

Jericho destroyer ‘Sibyl’


Originally designed for protection of Jericho temples, the destroyer ‘Sibyl’ always had two functions: military and religious. In fact, it can be a place of worship, a religious symbol. All its design meets the strict requirements of the ancient manuscripts on shipbuilding. Perhaps due to Bartle’s divine will, or maybe because of the genius designers of the past, Sibyl still is an effective Jericho combat ship. Many pilots consider its emergence on the battlefield a blessing.

Features of Jericho rank 11 destroyers

Hull durability 75 500 points

Shield volume 44 000 points

Faster shield regeneration (+85 points per second) compared to destroyers of other factions

Reduced energy drain of ‘Static Field’ compared to destroyers of other factions

Additional bonuses with synergy levels

Upon reaching rank 2 уровня: Increased resistance to kinetic damage

Upon reaching rank 4 уровня: Increased shield resistance to one damage type

Upon reaching rank 8 уровня: Additional support class bonuses

Destroyer weapons

New generation destroyers can use rank 8 weapons as well as brand new guns built specifically for rank 11 suppressor class ships.

‘Halo’ Launcher

EM weapon for suppressor class destroyers. Launches a special charged projectile damaging all targets in its cloud’s range.

Available starting with rank 11

Cloud radius 35 m.

The projectile explodes on impact

Weapon range — 6 254 m.

Rate of fire - 60 rounds per minute

Destroyer modules

Rank 11 destroyers can use modules of the previous generation as well as brand new modules built specifically for rank 11 suppressor class ships.

Photon Emitter


A combat module for suppressor class destroyers that creates a stream of active particles. A compact cloud of these particles can travel up to 10 000 m.

Available starting with rank 11

Its explosion creates an unstable zone in space

The ships that fall into this zone lose hull resistance to EM damage.

The effect stacks

Gravitational Lens


A combat module for suppressor class destroyers. It creates a deadly gravitational anomaly and damages hulls of all ships closer than 1250 m. to the anomaly. This is an extremely powerful combat module, incredibly effective against large concentrations of enemy ships. Has significant power requirements and long recharge times.

Available starting with rank 11

Creates a deadly gravitational anomaly, attracting all the ships in radius

Anomaly damages hulls of all nearby ships bypassing shields

Damage is extremely high in the eye of the anomaly

Blaster turret and Plasma turret

Changes also affect modules designed for destroyers of the previous generations.

Available starting with rank 8

A priority target for turrets is now the target locked by the ship

If the locked target is out of range, turrets pick the target on their own

‘Shield Havoc’ module

‘Shield Havoc’ is now available to all pilots. Previously, the module was available only to those pilots who have successfully completed special tasks from Miranda Del Arte during the Halloween celebrations.

Module fits command fighters of rank 7 and higher

A ‘hot spot’ appears where the target is located. In 4 seconds all the ships in the hot spot’s range start losing 9.1% of their shield charge per second for 7 seconds.

All ships in range are affected

Cloud diameter 0,9 km

While the cloud is charging, shield volume is not depleted

The cloud appears at the target’s position but the cloud itself does not move

Special anti-alien ammunition


Pilots! UMC engineers’ latest project that allows pilots to confront aliens more effectively is now in stores. It’s time to show the invaders who is in charge of fringe sectors!

This ammunition is particularly effective against alien ships

Ammunition for thermal weapons is called ‘Resonating Crystal’

Ammunition for EM weapons is called ‘Resonating Charges’

Ammunition for kinetic weapons is called ‘Resonating Slugs’



Additional tweaks have been made to various modules following extensive combat feedback analysis

Scout ships

These ships no longer have the module effectiveness bonus

They now have a module cooldown bonus instead

Changes affected the following ships:



Dvergr Knight

King Nibelun


Swift Eagle

Phaser’s energy sphere

The slow phaser sphere now takes into account the size of the target and deals more damage to large ships, but less to interceptors, small objects and destroyer modules


After extensive analysis we decided to buff Destructor’s features

Weapon damage increased by 15%

Energy burn rate increased by 25-30%

Energy burn radius increased to 1000 m

Reinforced beams

Effectiveness increased by 3-5% depending on modification

Auxiliary Shield Projector

Effectiveness increased by 15-23% depending on modification

Shield Projection Splitter

Effectiveness increased by 5-7% depending on modification

Metastable field

Activation now removes all negative effects

Also prevents new negative effects

The same happens during preparation for jumps through static Warp gates in open space

Active modules

Modules dealing damage or applying negative effects now also affect various objects:

PvE turrets

open space cargo ships

dreadnought torpedoes

cruiser torpedoes in special operation


Introducing new assignment class: Career

Career assignments inform players of rewards they receive upon reaching new rank with each faction

Current reward for reaching ranks is moved to these assignments

Previous reward for reaching new ranks is cancelled

SC League


Leaderboards have stabilised and the playoffs will feature the top eight teams from the table. We also tested the system of automatic issuance of achievements and titles, which is run when all the ratings are reset. This is not the end of the test season, but one of its stages. The games will remain active until the official end of the season, which we will declare specifically. Before the start of the first season the ratings will also be reset, but without the issuance of titles and achievements.

Schedule of games of the Main Event will be published in the near future. Follow the news!

Added new achievements associated with Star Conflict Leagues

For top 3 spots in the finals

For reaching League’s top 8

For participation in the test season

Team matchmaking

Improved distribution of players on teams taking into account availability of destroyers in combat slots.


Added confirmation when adding pilots to blacklist

Corporation description button now has a unique icon

Titles in player profiles are now sorted alphabetically

Added a unique sound of ‘Halo’ launcher charge explosion when firing at allies

Improved corporate iridium deposit window

Removed maximum wait time value in battle search window

Salvaging trophies now has a confirmation window

You can also see which components you are going to receive for salvaging

Added final tournament window

Slight interface tweaks

Added ‘Refit ship’ button to ship slot context menu

Due to introduction of refitting, salvaging ships is no longer possible

Added effect of destroyed engine to the Cruiser in special operation

Added battle timetable to League window

‘Beryllium panel’ has been renamed into ‘palladium capacitor’

Bug fixes

Pilots! Thanks to your reports we carried out extensive work on fixing bugs in the project. UMC would like to thank all pilots, who found and properly posted bugs on the forums. Active work in this direction will be carried out further. We are looking forward to your reports.

Improved text strings

Fixed speed gauge for negative values

Fixed a rare bug with incorrect shipyard interface display

Fixed a bug with premium ship counter

Fixed a bug with incorrect player profile window position

Fixed sound effects in debriefing

Fixed strings positioning in several achievements

Fixed a bug with display of modules installed on the ship

Fixed a rare bug that could lead to Open Space server crash

Fixed a bug with the Cruiser’s durability indication

Fixed completion conditions for various assignments

Fixed assignment progress bugs when using drones

Fixed a bug with negative credit balance

Fixed a bug with incorrect ship status display

Fixed a bug with trophies and destroyers

Fixed description of Jaguar bonuses

Fixed Systems Hack for NPCs in Open Space

Fixed several medals and achievements

Fixed a bug with self-destructing NPCs

Pilots! Below is a list of locations in Open Space, where you have a chance to locate beryllium required to build 11 destroyers rank. Remember that beryllium can also be obtained by performing the Broker’s jobs in the game or in special containers.


Collapsed Laboratory


Warden Outpost Ruins

Warden Outpost Ruins

 Imperial Transport Hub.

 Онтрегоса Ontregos Drift


Captured Dreadnought

Raider Range

Ice Reef

Complex Alpha-7.

Service Shop.

Barter Zone

Vanguard Outpost.

Research Centers

Cobalt Mines

‘Poseidon’ Complex

Water Harvest

Smugglers Hideout

Destroyed Station

Northern Mining Station

Gas Harvest Station

Pallas Border

Ruined Station

Orange Giant

Solaris Wasteland

Terramorphing Station

Fort Muerto

Abandoned Outpost.

Sorting Facility

Ancient Ruins

Abandoned Complex

Iridium Strand

The Source

Monolith Remains


Star Conflict 1.3.3 Update #1

Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers! Rank 11 destroyers will no longer be matched against rank 8 destroyers. Balance changes are made to ensure the smoothest introduction of the new ship class into existing gameplay.


Rank 11 destroyers will no longer be matched with rank 8 destroyers

If both ships are the highest-ranked ships in combat slots


Fixed a number of sounds in Open Space mode


Fixed incorrect operation of Phaser’s quick charge

Star Conflict 1.3.3 Update #2




Pilots! We have installed an update that changes the game mode selection window.



Changed mode selection window

Now all the popular game modes are clearly presented in the mode selection window

Changes have been made to game mode selection buttons ‘PvP’, ‘PvE’ and ‘CO-OP’